Be responsible, because women can’t be


Someone posted a photo of this propaganda on my Twitter timeline and expressed a disgust over its message. And I’ll take that a bit further, because I think it needs to be addressed and 140 characters on Twitter just aren’t enough for that. It’s beyond stupid and whoever has authorized and allowed posting of this crap on public areas should be hanged by the balls on the street lamp. Even if she has none.

Propaganda analysis

Jake is drunk. Josie is drunk. They go to some place and have sex. Jake is now a rapist because while they were both drunk the same, Josie was unable to consent.

Ok, am I the only who sees a huge problem with the message presented by the poster? Why do these idiots automatically assume a man has ill intentions and is automatically treated as rapist just because a woman was unable to consent? Anyone forgot that both were drunk, meaning Jake was unable to consent as well?

Why are they assuming only woman can’t consent in such situations? Why are they assuming only woman needs to consent and no one else? Why are they treating women like they are these irresponsible stupid creatures who can’t answer for their own actions in their lives? It again has to be a man’s job to do the right thing even though they are both in the exact same situation and exact same condition.

And before someone walks in here and starts screaming “rape apologist!” at me, I am well aware that some men and women deliberately make other party drunk or drugged in order to take advantage of them. But we are not talking about this here and I will not go into that direction. I’m analyzing this particular poster and situation. Leave it at that.

Men always have to take responsibility. Somehow.

I’m just surprised that whoever spread these posters did not take into consideration that woman can penetrate herself without man’s consent. Erection comes in two types. Voluntary and involuntary. Voluntary is when male is knowingly ready and prepared to have sex with a mind which causes voluntary erection. Involuntary erection can and does happen even if you do not want to have sex. With enough stimulation, erection can and in most cases will happen either way. Meaning even if both Jake and Josie were unable to clearly declare consent to each other, Jake will get an erection after Josie stimulates him enough and she can then penetrate herself with his penis even if Jake doesn’t exactly want to in his incapacitated state. It’s out of his control at that point and these propagandists just assume he still has to take responsibility for it. Somehow. It’s just out of this world stupid assumption.

Both did something stupid. Leave it at that.

If Jake and Josie had sex in such state, they BOTH have to take responsibility for their actions and both simply take this experience as something stupid they did in their life. There is no one who did wrong and no one who did right in this situation. They were both irresponsible. And that’s it. It should be left at that. Being a responsible person afterwards means you’ll deal with consequences appropriately. Talk with the girl you had sex with and help her deal with the unwanted pregnancy (if it was unprotected sex). And same goes for the girl. Don’t just assume the guy raped you just because you regret it the next day. You are just as involved in this as the guy is, blaming him alone for it just makes you a massive hypocrite.

Rape as defined by law

And here comes the fun part, the legal definition of rape. Even today, in 2015, there are tons of countries where men by a letter of law cannot be raped, because laws on rape define that a sexual intercourse becomes rape when there is a forced penetration involved (a penetration without consent). Knowing human anatomy and you quickly realize men cannot be penetrated by a woman, at least not with their sex organs. Because it has to involve penetration, men by the definition of law cannot be raped. And while some countries have changed that, it is still very hard to prove, because at the end of the process, woman will be the one who has man’s genetic material inside of her and she can easily say he raped her and use this as a leverage even though in reality it was the other way around (assuming it’s a situation where woman gets penetrated upon man’s penis). There are other methods that along with genetic material sampling tell forensic experts if it was a forced intercourse or not (tears, bruises etc), but I have no clue how reliable that is and how much weight it has in courts as well as if there are possibilities for a woman to fabricate such self body damage using other objects to skew evidence in her favor. There are a lot of variables in which men by default fall short of providing clear evidence simply because of our body anatomy. I just hope there will be or already are reliable methods that can prove man’s innocence and correctly convict female perpetrators. I’m not a forensic scientists so I only speak about what I’ve read online and what my own prediction can come up with.

My personal thoughts on this

I’m heavily against consumption of alcohol, I’ve never been in a state where I was unable to know what I’m doing. Tipsy yes, being in a state where others have to tell you what stupid shit you’ve done last night, nope. Never. Call me boring or whatever, but that’s who I am. I want to know what’s happening around me and be in full control of myself. Is it too much to expect the same from others? Also, where is the point where woman is “too drunk”? How can you tell the exact point of that? Surely you can tell when she’s dead drunk, but what about everything prior to that point? Should we just entirely avoid any intimate interactions when ANY amount of alcohol is involved? I would prefer intimate experience where both have feelings and sensations unimpaired by alcohol (or any other substances) and would never get into contact with a drunk girl to begin with because of that. But you know, I’m that boring guy who never gets drunk and never has any “fun” in life…

Shit like this genuinely scares me from having sex with any girl, because you cannot ever know when one will fuck up your life forever just because she will regret it the next day. I always want to think the best of women, but you just can’t shake off the thought of having a (mutual) good time with a girl and next day you get a police visit with rape charges. It’s a terrifying thought that I’m most probably equating with experience of actually getting raped. And rightfully so. It’s equally devastating, especially on a mental level if not so much on physical…

Think about it! Be responsible.

Yeah, more and more men will just say fuck all that and go MGTOW (I might even fall in that category even though I’ve never labeled myself as such or even thought of it in that way). And I don’t blame them for doing that, because society is going absolutely crazy with all the slandering of masculinity and all the absolutely ridiculous crap involving rape these days. I’m no rape apologist and I’ll always criticize sexual assaults with highest regard, but sometimes you just have to stop and be realistic for a second. Blaming men for everything is just idiotic. Feminists constantly point out how women are independent and how they can think for themselves. Well, apparently they can’t if they are still always treated like children and if propaganda like this is being spread around without any criticism. Talking of hypocrisy…

11 thoughts on “Be responsible, because women can’t be

      1. Well propaganda, meme, it really means the same thing. The point of propaganda is to establish a meme. This particular one is interesting because they are actually saying women have no agency, which is a bizarre idea. Whereas a drunk man can apparently be expected to control himself, a drunk women has no idea what she’s doing. So I guess women just can’t handle alcohol and should be banned from drinking for their own protection?


  1. This happen to my son and they were under aged drinkers at that (supplied by a parent). What’s more disturbing is that the DA has the opportunity to throw this out based on these exact circumstances and no one batted an eye at the parents actions. Good luck for any man fighting this charge:( Sad but true!


    1. Even if he’s drunk in a coma and she’s stone sober, finds him lying, opens his pants, masturbates him to erection, impales her vagina on his erection and humps him to ejaculation, HE’S THE RAPIST, doncha unnastan?
      And if she gets knocked up and gives birth to a little bastard, THE GUY PAYS child support!


  2. “insanitybytes22,” July 12
    “…women have no agency, which is a bizarre idea. Whereas a drunk man can apparently be expected to control himself, a drunk women has no idea what she’s doing. So I guess women just can’t handle alcohol and should be banned from drinking for their own protection?”
    What is so bizarre about it? Have you ever been around women? Good grief. Psychologists (“rent-a-friends”) and psychiatrists (“rent-a-friends” + drugs) make most of their money off women. For most of the last 10,000 or so years women have been OWNED by men. Both to keep them from driving men nutz and to protect them from themselves when they are having PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome), PMS (Post-Menstrual Syndrome) or PMS (Para-Menstrual Syndrome).
    When women are allowed to have Rights, the civilization’s days are numbered – and few. Feminized cultures soon are supplanted by Masculine cultures. When a Masculine culture invades and conquers a feminized culture, the men who do not escape or die are castrated (feminized men don’t need theirs anyway), the boys raised as members of the conquering culture, and the girls and women are sold as maidservants (slaves).


    1. Women should be banned from drinking alcohol?? The alternative is beating them until they lie back and spread their thighs. If a woman doesn’t have to be forced or gotten drunk, it doesn’t matter whether she is drunk or not. She is a rare prize. Be kind but firm with her. Make sure she understands who is boss, then she will do what she really would want to do if she wasn’t afraid of getting pregnant.


  3. ALL sexual arousal is INvoluntary. There is NO direct conscious control over the erectile muscles that control:
    + penis or clitoris (& labia majora & minora) getting firm and stiff
    + ejaculatory muscles that cause semen to be ejected (orgasm/climax)
    + vagina to open, “tent,” expand and lengthen
    + breasts to swell, areolas to bulge, nipples to erect – small effect in males, major effect in females
    + pre-ejaculatory fluid in males, vaginal lubrication in females
    + seminal fluids – produced by lining of seminal ducts from testicles to base of penis, lining of seminal vesicles and the glandular cell clusters in the prostate
    We can influence the “mini-brain” control neuron cluster at the base of the spinal cord, consciously contract sphincters around the base of the urethra and the anus, contract the testicular lifting muscles (cremaster) (male), and the vaginal sphincter that contracts the outer 1″-2″ of the vagina. These consciously contracted muscles are primarily controlled autonomically. If they are contracted autonomically they cannot be fully relaxed consciously.
    Any man should know that if he has begun to ejaculate and she says, “No! No! Don’t come in me!” you can pull out (with difficulty, sheer force of will) but ejaculation will continue to cycle while you are doing the “Onan” thing, pulling out. It may empty virtually all of the seminal fluid that carries most of the number of sperms into her vagina on the way out. The first one or two squirts contain most of the sperms of this ejaculatory cycle.


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