Ellen Pao was not driven off Reddit because of misogyny

EllenPaoResignation“Misogynist tantrum officially drives Ellen Pao from Reddit”. Officially? Really Gawker? Offcially? It’s the same stupid nonsense happening again as it did with Tauriq Moosa, the Polygon “journalist”. Tauriq Moosa made some incredibly stupid comments on Twitter, pretty much destroying his own credibility and media quickly spinned it into harassment narrative because he was not white. They instantly turned it into a racial thing even though people calling him out didn’t do it because of his skin color, instead it was because of his own incompetence, stupidity and ignorance. This is getting so far out of control I’m calling it the “Tauriq Moosa Syndrome”.

And Tauriq Moosa Syndrome is happening again… All the portrayals of Ellen Pao like this…


…had NOTHING to do with her ethnicity or gender. Calling her out for resignation had nothing to do with any of it. There is no racism and no misogyny here. People were using these to carry a rather strong message (hint: dictatorship, totalitarianism etc). The censorship, the ignorance of voices of those who work on Reddit, all the idiotic decisions that only punished users and people below her on Reddit. That’s what it was all about. It was not because of her race, it wasn’t because she’s a woman, it was entirely because she is clearly incompetent for the given job. And like in every normal job, when there is such massive dissatisfaction as here, people demand resignation of such people. It doesn’t matter if people in question are male, female, white, black, Asian or whatever. People demand their resignation because they are not fit for the given job. It’s as simple as that. Or have you all forgot about all the sacked “privileged” white men in the entire history of human existence when they fucked up and had to resign or were forcibly removed? Everyone so obsessed with races and genders these days you’re all missing the real message…

Stop being such racists sexist bigots and look at why people demand their resignation. Stop reading stupid media that only cares about clicks and not about the truth.

The sooner you become your own journalist who actually does proper research on given topic, the better.

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