Secure Folders Free files and folders protection

I’ve come across program called Secure Folders (official webpage no longer exists) on Wilders Security forums. But this one is a bit different from the usual bunch of programs that lock folders with password. This one doesn’t. This one protects files and folders in a different way. It makes files or folders invisible to unauthorized apps, it makes files non-executable, it makes them read-only, or it can lock them entirely. They will be visible, but you won’t be able to read or modify them unless you’re using a trusted specified application. The number of options to protect files is quite extensive and will give you ability to protect nearly any kind of files/folders without making it difficult for every day use.

Ok, what can I use this program for you may ask?

Well, it’s quite simple actually. Program has few limitations that I’ll discuss with the developers (like missing strict per rule trusted applications for even tougher, more detailed protection), but in a nutshell, I see it as an amazing tool to protect your important files and documents from getting stolen or encrypted (ransomware malware) by unauthorized applications. I see it as a great way to protect your browser user data folders so malware can’t simply read your locally stored bookmarks and passwords and send the data to a remote server. And just these two abilities give this tool an incredible value (yeah, even though it’s free!).

A simple example on how you can protect your music and photos from ransomware…



What does this mean? This means ONLY explorer.exe, musicbee.exe and paintdotnet.exe can modify the specified file types. All 3 apps are essential to use those protected files without any problems, but no other app will be able to modify protected files. It’ll still be able to read them, but not modify, which is crucial to defend from ransomware. You can even make it fully global using * so it doesn’t really matter where it is located. Just be careful so you don’t lock yourself out of the system by hiding system files or anything similar, making system unbootable!

Too bad I haven’t found this app sooner, but I’m glad I know it now. Kudos to the developer, it’s a really well made app with superb interface, something you rarely see with such “indie” programs.


Download Link

Btw, if you want to protect something and you don’t know how exactly, just ask me down below and I’ll try to explain what goes into what list 🙂

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