Portable Adobe Flash Player

Ever wanted to carry a fully functional browser with Adobe Flash Player on your USB thumb drive or using Firefox Portable on non-admin accounts, but still have the Adobe Flash player which is obviously not installed on the system you’re about to use? Look no further, because here is the solution!

What you need is a portable browser like Firefox Portable (works with others as well):

Unpack 7z archive to a desired location…

Download one of these two Adobe Flash plugins (if unsure, download both):
Adobe Flash Player Portable Plugin Download (32bit and 64bit)

Version available for download:

Open Firefox Portable folder and browse to the folder:

Drop Adobe Flash plugin files (unpack the 7z archive first!) in it and restart it, if it’s running at the moment. Voila, you now have a fully portable Adobe Flash capable browser that can work even on non-admin user accounts (like Limited or Guest).

Test if Adobe Flash is working properly here (use to check which is the latest version):

Be aware that such stand-alone portable version of Adobe Flash DOES NOT auto update itself, so make sure you have the latest possible version! Luckily Firefox will warn you once plugin is too outdated. Gap between plugin update by Adobe and me updating the download on my page is usually less than 24 hours. If I forget to upload latest version in this timeframe, let me know and I’ll update it.

The binaries are NOT modified in any way! I have only unpacked them from the Adobe Flash installers so they can be used for portable apps. To be sure, check the files digital signature which has to be issued by the “Adobe Systems Incorporated”. If the signature is not there, broken or invalid, please delete these files immediately and notify me here!

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