Portable Adobe Flash Player

Ever wanted to carry a fully functional browser with Adobe Flash Player on your USB thumb drive or using Firefox Portable on non-admin accounts, but still have the Adobe Flash player which is obviously not installed on the system you’re about to use? Look no further, because here is the solution!

Only Firefox 70 and older register Adobe Flash player installed inside Firefox folder (which is required for portable use). It will not work in portable Firefox 71 and newer.

Adobe Flash Player is officially being discontinued on 31st December 2020!

Unpack 7z archive to a desired location…

Download one of these two Adobe Flash plugins (if unsure, download both):
Adobe Flash Player Portable Plugin Download (32bit and 64bit)

Latest and very last version available for download:

Open Firefox Portable folder and browse to the folder:

Drop Adobe Flash plugin files (unpack the 7z archive first!) in it and restart it, if it’s running at the moment. Voila, you now have a fully portable Adobe Flash capable browser that can work even on non-admin user accounts (like Limited or Guest).

Test if Adobe Flash is working properly here (use to check which is the latest version):

The binaries are NOT modified in any way! I have only unpacked them from the Adobe Flash installers so they can be used for portable apps. To be sure, check the files digital signature which has to be issued by the “Adobe Systems Incorporated”. If the signature is not there, broken or invalid, please delete these files immediately and notify me here!

259 thoughts on “Portable Adobe Flash Player

  1. Hi all,

    For more recent versions of FF, there is something else that should be configured? I’m using the latest version of FF that is available on PA (v72.x), and despite I’ve followed the instructions, it seems that it’s not recognizing the plug-in.

    Thanks in advance, kind regards.


      1. Well, I have tried with both versions (x86, x64) to no avail. None of these packages is recognized on the Plugins section.

        According to “About” menu, the version downloaded from PA is “73.0 (64-bit)” (it was updated recently).

        As a workaround I’m using an old version of FF, and there it just work fine.


      2. Hi!

        Well, I made a quick test, I downloaded each version from current, 73.0, down to 70.0 and it seems that the last version where it worked was 70.0.1 (all running on x64).

        Starting from version 71.0 (released on 2019-12-05, according to PA) it doesn’t recognize the plugin… So, it’s safe to assume that they changed something on that version that it’s causing that the plugin isn’t recognized anymore.


      3. Apparently, Mozilla sacked support for loading plugins from app folders with Firefox 71 and above. Meaning Portable Adobe Flash is now essentially a dead project. Using outdated browser is a bad idea so using old browser version just so you can load Portable Adobe Flash doesn’t really make sense.


      4. Thank you for the replies.

        It’s a shame that Mozilla decided to remove the functionality that allowed to have Flash in a portable way :/

        Anyway, although using an old browser doesn’t make (much) sense, I’m guessing that there will be some folks (like myself) that will continue to use it in that way, as there are some old websites that refuse to upgrade their pages.

        Thank you for all the help!


      5. ESR is not exactly old. ESR versions just progress slower function wise, but they patch up security issues like it’s a regular version. I haven’t had time to test it myself if ESR version and Portable Adobe Flash work, but since it’s pre Firefox 71, it should.


      6. Hi!

        I can confirm that it woks on the current ESR (68.5.0esr 64-bit). And yeah, you’re right regarding about ESR, I had in mind the “normal” version of FF in my mind when wrote the comment. My bad.

        Kind regards.


  2. Updated the plugin to version !

    I’ve also updated additional info with how Firefox interacts with plugins and which version needs to be used in order for it to function correctly.


  3. sometimes I wonder why would anyone still need this dangerous propreitary software when we can use HTML5. All games seem to be ported to HTML5 now as well as video players. I would use desktop flash player if i wanted to open swf file but using flash in browser is just a big security hole


  4. I have followed your instructions and they work! One question: how can I force an earlier version of Flash that is dropped into the portable folder (e.g., to override a later version that is installed on the computer (e.g.,


    1. Hello i found it, you have to delete these keys : (znd portable version will overide the installed version)

      reg delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MozillaPlugins\@adobe.com/FlashPlayer /f

      reg delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\MozillaPlugins\@adobe.com/FlashPlayer /f

      reg delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MozillaPlugins\@adobe.com/FlashPlayer /f

      reg delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\MozillaPlugins\@adobe.com/FlashPlayer /f


  5. I’ve updated the page for the latest and also last Portable Adobe Flash Player. Version is the latest there will ever be. I’ve also included last Adobe Flash player installer in case someone might need it in a distant future.

    Adobe Flash Player is officially getting discontinued on 31st December 2020.


  6. Thank you very much for your work, this portable flash is very interesting, but if you change the date of the computer to January 13, 2021 it stops working, will it not by chance have the old versions of the plugin? maybe they don’t have this restriction than


    1. I run/ran a Flash game site and my FAQ has .371, including archive.org links to adobe.com, if you have security concerns and want to download the “original”.


  7. how can I install these old version in to the portable firefox? do u have the installer of some of these versions? Im doing something wrong, I just copy the dll to the Data\plugins but is not installed… 😦


  8. Hello, i have the last flash version installed on my PC and i have an old flash version on my portable esr in .\data\plugins.
    If i start like that i see all 2 versions in options/plugins and the flash used is the C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash\NPSWF32_32_0_0_465.dll

    If i uninstall Flash, this is the old flash is used (the good one in .\data\plugins)

    How can i set up ESR portable to use only the old when Flash is installed plz ?

    I need both the installed and the old portable 😦

    PS: maybe setup pref.js ? idk



  9. Unfortunately the flash plugin has now timed out (as of 12th Jan 2021) and refuses to work any longer. Does anyone know of any binary patch that would remove this date check?


    1. Not quite sure if that’s possible to begin with, I think that the best bet is to use a previous version (those can be found on the same location as the current one, but on the “Old Versions” folder)


  10. Hi!

    I did everything as you said, but Flash first asks “Run Adobe Flash”, I click yes, then the question “Alow Flash” appears, I click Allow… After Flash, it seems to launch, but in the middle of the screen there is a letter F with an “i” sign and that’s it. I tried different versions – the same thing. What should I do?



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