NVIDIA ForceWare 368.39 drivers causing problems

I’ve been having hard times figuring out random “The stub received bad data” errors as well as random failing of Task Scheduler service.


Event Viewer was also getting filled with “Faulting application name: svchost.exe_wuauserv” in connection to NVIDIA’s “nvwgf2umx.dll”.

With more digging I’ve uncovered that ForceWare 368.39 drivers are indeed bugged (probably entire 368.xx series), but didn’t know what exactly.

With more Googling and later testing myself, I can confirm it’s caused by “MFAA” setting. If you leave it off (default state when drivers are installed clean) everything will be fine. But if you change it, it will corrupt the settings and cause all these problems.

NVIDIA is already aware if it and they are working on it, till they release a fix, best way to get this stupid crap resolved is to disable MFAA. If that doesn’t help, reinstall drivers, use reset settings to default during installation and never turn it on (for now at least). You can adjust everything else, just leave MFAA alone.

I’ll keep you posted about the updated driver which includes an actual fix for this mess.

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