Philips DVD player default “Disc Lock” code

Have you ever locked yourself out of your own Philips DVD player? I just did in store where I work lol. The feature is designed in the most ridiculous way. You just set Disc Lock feature to enabled and voila. You’re locked out. It doesn’t give you ANY option to pick your own password first, it doesn’t offer ANY default code in the instructions manual, nothing. Also finding this code on the net is a real pain in the ass.
So here it is…

Philips “Disc Lock” default unlock code: 136900

Just type this in as a code and press OK. The locked disc will then be unlocked and playable again.
Don’t forget to disable “Disc Lock” feature in settings after you unlock it.
Hope this will come in handy to all those who locked themself out unintentionally.

19 thoughts on “Philips DVD player default “Disc Lock” code

  1. Ahh thank you! I had guessed “123456” but I should have assumed the default would be the perfect square of 370. What was I thinking? So glad to be spared from guessing all million possibilities.


  2. Thank you for this information. I just did this last night March 7, 2016 and it work. Me and my daughter didn’t have a clue what the password was. we have a 2yr that loves and his Elmo dvd movie and that was the one that was in lock mode. Thanks you save us from dealing with a toddler frustration lol.


  3. Cheers mate! The password crap hit me after using the DVD player for about 10 years. And it was a kids show DVD.


  4. Men you’re such a help! I’m goin nuts for days tryin to unlock disc on my phillips player until I found you. THANK YOUUUUUU!!!


  5. thanks a ton!!
    What a silly feature..
    I had this Philips DVD player for say 10 years and was tinkering to get sound (don’t know why the HDMI does not dispense any sound)…

    Any idea?


  6. Can you tell me what to do after I put in the password after putting in the disk? Because I can’t seem to get it to unlock after I put in the password because the “Disk Lock” Button is dark and won’t let me press on it and this is really stressing me out right now.


  7. God bless you it’s unlocked that happened to me yesterday and I lost the manual as well au was thinking to buy a new DVD player lol


  8. Well that would be good advice if my stupid remote actually had a way to enter numbers on the keypad. It’s nothing but play buttons and such.


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