Reddit, go home, you’re fucking drunk!

Oh boy, this one is one of dumbest things I’ve experienced and I’ve stared at the suspension message in disbelief for few minutes for sure. Because I know what I watched, I know what I wrote and some dumbass moderator or whoever the fuck issues these suspensions decided I “threatened someone” (who the fuck did I threaten anyways!?) and suspended my account.


So, here is the link to the video:

So, I must have done something horribly awful, right?

Well, this was my comment that got me suspended:


Not only getting suspended for the given message makes no sense as it is, it makes even less sense because I referred to the disabled person defending the right to be parked in a disabled spot as “man”. I watched the video at work during lunch break and there were other people in the dinning room and I didn’t want to disturb them, so I watched it without sound and there were subtitles anyway so I didn’t know the disabled person was actually an older lady. The disabled “man” I was referring to was a disabled old lady.

Which makes the suspension even more fucking confusing. Like, what the fuck, none of it makes any kind of sense. Not the original and even less the fact I referred the wrong gender, meaning there was no fucking male present anywhere in the video. And somehow I “threatened violence” with my comment lmao. To fucking whom?! I didn’t even reply to anyone, I replied to the video post.

Yeah, I was waiting the entire time the old disabled lady would detach her prosthetic leg and beat the fucking shit out of the whiny cunt that was harassing her about the disabled parking spot. Because that “violence” would be the most fucking ironic thing ever. I guess dumb Reddit mods didn’t get the very same joke and somehow managed to see it as a threat to someone instead and banned me. Fucking hell what an absolute idiocy.

Sent an appeal, given the nature of Reddit they’ll take as long to reply as the ban stands and reply that it wasn’t a mistake in the end so I’ll have to wait the entire fucking ban time anyways. One of dumb things I hate Reddit for so much. One is dumb cuntulicious mods with god complex on individual subreddits and another is entirely useless Reddit support when something needs a “Higher up” attention. Get your shit together Reddit, for fucks sake.

EDIT: Some 4 days into the ban…

Got a reply from Reddit support and to my shock, they lifted the suspension stating the ban was not justified. Reddit, you surprise me sometimes by doing the right thing.

Hey NVIDIA, your magical new DLDSR is broken and performs worse than old DSR…

Few days ago NVIDIA announced new DLDSR feature or Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution. And I was waiting in excitement to try it out today with new driver they released for it. Just to be confused. A lot.

This is what NVIDIA was promising…


Basically no framerate change despite actually running at higher resolution. Cool, right? Well, not quite… Examples below are just main menu of DX:MD running on RTX 3080. Framerate captured with ReShade, was the same when done with feature on my monitor instead of ReShade, but I can’t screenshot that.

NATIVE 1440p (167 fps)
Legacy DSR 2.25x (2160p > 1440p @ 85fps)
New DLDSR 2.25x (2160p > 1440p @ 83fps)

Spot the freaking problem? Old brute DSR that just renders at higher resolution and downscales to native monitor resolution is faster by a tiny bit than “2x more efficient” DLDSR.

What the hell NVIDIA? Sure, I’m not using 1080p but 1440p instead, but still, there is literally no difference in performance between old DSR and new DLDSR. Not only that, they both perform SIGNIFICANTLY worse than native 1440p. I mean like it literally halves the framerate. What’s up with that? Or is Prey some game that just happens to scale so bizarrely well with DLDSR, but Deus Ex:Mankind Divided that I just happen to play right now somehow doesn’t at all?

And to make matters worse, new DLDSR is plagued by same stupid refresh rate issues original “legacy” DSR had and I experience them back on GTX 980. Freaking Maxwell 2 card. Fast forward to 2022 with RTX 3080 and the same nonsense is still present. What I’m talking about is refresh rate being stuck at 60Hz if game doesn’t support adjustment of refresh rate within the game. DX:MD does, but most games don’t. Stupid DSR/DLDSR function just assumes you can only run 4K at 60Hz and will run at that even though the physical monitor is actually 144Hz. WHY?! But if the game supports framerate adjustment, you can set it to 144Hz and it’ll happily run at 4K 144Hz. WHY?!? WHY NVIDIA!? Use the freaking refresh rate of the physical display automatically. You’re scaling it virtually, there is no refresh rate limitation there. Playing at 60Hz on 144Hz monitor is literally painful to watch.

It’s also weird DSR/DLDSR resolutions are screenshotted at 4K as you can see from examples above. Which is also weird. I thought DSR’s downscaling is done with the driver before being actually sent to the physical display output so that it can apply smoothing filter. But from the looks of it it just sends 4K image to the actual physical output. Monitor displays at 1440p because it’s what it is and can’t do 4K, but if I screenshot it, it’s 2160p (4K) because that’s the rendered resolution. Woot? This makes me believe the DSR smoothing slider literally does nothing at default 33% if it doesn’t actually scale anything and monitor does that instead. This doesn’t make any sense, but explains why framerate drops the same with DSR and DLDSR. It’s rendering over 2x as much pixels as native. And framerate is halved as a result.

Either this is just straight up broken or I’m missing something. I know how to use DSR and this doesn’t make any sense.

Oh and as side note, Marty McFly’s effects are nowhere to be found when i tried enabling them with NVIDIA Experience in DX:MD. They just weren’t there. Back to ReShade it is. What an underwhelming and disappointing “feature” driver update…

Microsoft, kindly fuck off with your stupid “Taskbar Corner Overflow” feature

What absolutely annoys me is the new “Taskbar corner overflow” garbage introduced with Windows 11. Windows 10 had this tray icon hiding nonsense, but with a flip of a switch you could permanently set ALL tray icons to be visible at all times. Do it once and never be bothered by it ever again. But because “progress” happened in between, I now have to enable every single fucking app by hand to appear in tray bar. And to make matters worse, it’s not just for “new” apps installed on system. Every time I update NVIDIA Forceware, the fucking NVIDIA eye icon gets hidden in the stupid overflow nonsense. What an absolute pile of shit. Who thought this was a great idea? I absolutely hate hiding shit in there so you don’t know what’s even running. It makes even less sense when stupid Windows 11 compacts fucking everything so hard I have 90% of taskbar empty 99% of the time on my 27″ 1440p monitor. Start icon is tiny, all the apps and folders are now tiny and to make matters worse, it stacks EVERYTHING. If you have 15 folders open and it’ll display them as single icon in taskbar. I’d have to have 50 different apps open to actually fill the taskbar. And that’s with all icons enabled in the overflow! So why the fuck is there a need to further hide shit into the “overflow” by default? Just WHY?!

Oh my god what an absolute asshole design in Deus Ex Mankind Divided

It’s been few years since release of Deus Ex Mankind Divided. And I actually started playing it on launch, but had bizarre crashing issues between missions. After clearing Dubai mission, game always crashed so I gave up. Finally revisited it since I have entire new system running all new OS and this time it worked. Still crashes sometimes out of the blue, but not every single time anymore between missions. Aaaaanyways, I have other issues to whine about…

I’m actually really digging the game. It’s my jam of hoarding stuff and sneaking my way around. And first annoying thing that still drives me insane is how you get stuck on EVERY single 2cm high edge on the ground. Ledge in the doorway? Getting stuck. Ledge leading into vent that’s leveled with ground? Getting stuck. Door that split opens up and down? Yeah, you get stuck on the bottom part poking out of the floor for 2cm. My god, who made this and cleared it after playtest? The amount of time I made myself visible because I had to fucking jump because of this? Or I made noise. Or it fucked up my stealth in 500 fucked up creative ways.

Then there is this stupid game ruining bug that fucks up music in game randomly in Prague so that there is NO music at all anymore. I’ve walked into Prague’s Red Queen strip club and all I could hear was some weird clicking noise. I can’t describe how weird it was knowing all the clubs in all Deus Ex games had awesome music. Found online it’s a known bug they never bothered to fix and you can fix it by going down to sewers and returning back up and the music will be fixed. Returned to Red Queen and behold, it actually has music again.

Then they further fucked up game by forcing you to choose between saving a crazy aug god chick or do a bank heist. For some stupid reason some idiot during game design thought it would be cool to force player to make a decision where they can’t finish both missions in same playthrough. Because being forced to replay same game just to experience it fully is so much better than willingly doing it because it’s so cool you just want more. Doing either wouldn’t change the continuity of the game, but they decided you can only do one or the other. Stupid.

And lastly, as far as I’ve come anyways, the G.A.R.M. research facility in Swiss Alps, depending who you chose to contact, Vega or Miller right in the beginning of it, apparently that causes game to just randomly trigger alarms through entire fucking G.A.R.M. base if you pick Miller. Whose brilliant idea was it to randomly and without any notice fuck up entire gameplay to a point I now need to replay entire fucking mission from start just so I can do it in peace and quiet without fucking everyone being trigger happy and angry the entire time. Thank god I made a fucking save, but wasted some 3 hours of gameplay. They’re all going to fucking die from lead poisoning that’s for sure. Quietly. If you haven’t played it yet, contact Vega and save you the trouble. Or you’ll have entire mission fucked up. Well, unless you go guns blazing without silencer, in which case, carry on.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have great experience with the game, it’s the good old Deus Ex I love, but my god this really ruined it badly and it’s all entirely unnecessary.

Seedr, a Bittorrent P2P client in the cloud

Service called “Seedr” has actually been around for quite some time now, but I never thought I quite have the need for it, so I never actually tried it. Until few months ago when I needed to download something through P2P using my phone and using P2P clients on mobile devices with finite battery power and data plans is really crappy. And that’s where Seedr is a cool option. But can also come in handy if you have limited data plan at home or you simply can’t or don’t want to use P2P bittorrent client on your device.


It’s essentially a Bittorrent client, but you don’t install it on your phone or PC. Instead you just login to their webpage, copy & paste a Magnet link or upload a torrent file of files you want to download and voila, they get downloaded to your Seedr storage pool. Then you click the Download button and it downloads it in a single go to your computer or mobile device like a regular download. The file is still being uploaded to others (being seeded) so you’re not leeching, but you don’t waste a single megabyte of data on your end.

There is a free plan that gives you 2GB storage pool and you can extend that by signing up to Seedr using my referral link:

I’d greatly appreciate if you use the link above because you’ll get extra 500MB and I’ll get extra 500MB too. Win win. It’s not much by itself, but helps a lot because 2GB for free plan is not huge amount, so every extra half a gig helps quite a bit. They also offer larger paid plans from 30GB up to 1TB if you need more storage pool to download more and larger files and they come with extra features like antivirus scan with Kaspersky, faster downloading, longer seeding of files, private trackers support and even FTP access to files and HD streaming directly from Seedr which can even be connected to Kodi or Plex. For easier management of downloads, you can use Seedr browser extensions so you don’t have to manually copy & paste Magnet links.

There is no mobile or smart TV app yet, but you can do it all using browser. Technically, you can download stuff on pretty much any device for as long as it can open and run Seedr’s webpage. Might try on my 8 years old SmartTV that’s not that smart anymore, but has a browser… Quite curious if it’ll be able to do it 🙂

Only mild annoyance is working with .torrent files. At first I was wondering what to do when downloads come in shape of a Torrent file and not a magnet link. For example, the LibreOffice above in the screenshot only comes as Torrent file and not Magnet link. Same when I checked Manjaro Linux distro. Only Torrent, no Magnet. And there is a lot of stuff that only comes as Torrent file. Well, as it turns out, you can, but it’s a bit cryptic in the web interface. You need to click the “Upload file” right of the field for Magnet links. That one doesn’t upload a file to the “storage pool” from your computer, it’s actually meant for uploading Torrent files that link to the stuff you want to actually download. I wish they’d made this more clear by calling that button “Download using .torrent file” or something more obvious. There is no such issue when using browser extension which drops Magnet links and Torrent files to your Seedr account directly and start the downloading.

I think it’s pretty interesting concept that can be pretty useful if you’re very limited with data plans or you just don’t want to deal with Bittorrent clients. Another use case can be that your ISP or network doesn’t allow or throttles Bittorrent traffic heavily to which Seedr is entirely immune since it doesn’t really use your connection to do downloads on their servers. Basic 30GB plan is 7€ a month which can be cheaper than buying a higher tier data plan for your mobile device to compensate for larger traffic when using P2P client on your (local) device itself.

In case you don’t want to use my referral link above, you can just check Seedr service here:

Let me know what you think of it and if you have any even more exotic use case than I had for P2P downloads on mobile device…

System Shock remake delayed for whole frigging year to December 2022

Months ago I’ve pre-ordered System Shock remake because despite having a certain attitude towards pre-orders, I thought fuck it, I’m getting System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition as bonus and I want System Shock remake anyway.

Months have passed and I just remembered System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition was scheduled for end of this year so I checked how it’s going coz I got a bit nostalgic. Just to realize System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition is not even listed on GOG anymore. It was just entirely delisted. Ok, wtf. So I check the System Shock page if the bonus is still on so they won’t magically forget about it, just to realize it says release date for System Shock remake is now December 2022. It was December 2021. WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCK!?!?!?

This whole thing has so many issues I don’t even know what to think of it at this point. Ok, so System Shock remake was not ready yet. Fair enough. I don’t mind waiting some more if it means good experience. But for whole fucking year? How fucking broken and unfinished was it that you came to conclusion it needs to be postponed for a whole extra year? I’ll have to wait for another YEAR to experience System Shock 1 in modern interpretation of it (mind you, I never played SS1, but loved SS2). But ok, it had to be delayed. Alright, do your thing to really make it best game possible on release.

What I don’t understand is why was System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition delayed for whole year too? It’s just an enhanced version of game that already exists in a full form and they aren’t doing a remaster with newly sculpted world, models and textures like Black Mesa did to original Half-Life. It’s just tweaks and improvements on existing original game. How much god damn work do you need on that one to also postpone it for whole year too?

If SS2 Enhanced Edition is done, but you don’t want to release it as reward for System Shock remake pre-order before that game is out, why? Why not give us SOMETHING to play with during whole year we wait for System Shock remake to appear? It would be a small act of good faith and as small apology. It didn’t happen.

And what I despise the most is how they’ve quietly done all this. No notification, no message, no e-mail about unfortunate delay because of X and Y. Nothing. I had to remember it myself and learn the disappointment myself. If GOG or the developers just sent all who pre-ordered an e-mail letting us know what’s happening, I’d be far less angry and disappointed. Coz you know, shit happens and it’s stupid COVID and development issues, I get it. Just own it and let your fans know. But nope, nothing.

Shell Infrastructure Host eating CPU in Windows 11 after using Photos app

I’ve noticed Windows 11 has a really nasty stupid bug that happens every single time on two different systems running Windows 11 which didn’t happen in Windows 10 under exact same conditions.

If you work with folders that have huge number of very high quality photos and use Windows Photos app to view them for a while, after some time, you’ll spot a sluggishness of system or in case of my main desktop system, I can clearly hear my fans ramping up a bit on Windows desktop, something they only do when I put some sort of load on CPU. But it’s not Photos app that’s causing this, somehow, the Photos app seems to invoke Shell Infrastructure Host process to start eating a lot of CPU time for absolutely no good fucking reason. And only way to fix it is to reboot the system. You can’t kill the process because OS wants to shut down then.

I’ve then replaced Photos app with IrfanView to view the exact same folder and exact same photos and Shell Infrastructure Host never started eating the CPU. So, the issue is not the fact folder has hundreds of very high (big) quality photos, it’s the broken Photos app that somehow causes Shell Infrastructure Host to eat all the CPU. I have no clue why would Photos app invoke Shell Infrastructure Host and make it do that or what the fuck it is even doing there eating so much CPU. I mean on my ultra thin laptop with Pentium N6000 (quad core) it was eating 50% of CPU and you could clearly sense things got less responsive because of it. On my main system with Ryzen 5800X it wasn’t noticeable and was eating around 25-30%, but I could hear the CPU cooler fans to spin up slightly and they never do when I’m on desktop and not doing any actual work of any kind.

I’ve searched online and found other people have the same problem and only response on Microsoft community forums was “use different app to view photos”. Yeah, well, that’s not a solution, especially since most other apps just feel so clumsy and not as smooth as Photos app that comes with Windows 11, particularly when it comes to scrolling and zooming of photos using trackpad on laptop.

Microsoft, fix this dumb shit already. Jesus, you managed to make almost everything about Windows 11 worse than it was in Windows 10. Even viewing fucking photos. Ugh?!

Halo is overhyped garbage

I’ve complained before about Halo. A lot. Especially what an absolutely lazy level design it had back when it was released in 2001. There were segments of maps that were literally copy & pasted around. Most obvious were the bridges segment around beginning of the game where you had to fight across same frigging bridges over and over and over. And then the dreaded idiotic dull copy & pasted Library level. And then for the finale, same copy and pasted space ship, they just applied burned textures and some fire.

So, many years have passed and when Halo Master Chief Collection was released I thought, ok, maybe I was wrong and somehow just didn’t understand the game or I remember it wrong.

Bought the Master Chief Collection and decided to re-experience it fully with refreshed visuals. Maybe I’ll change my opinion…


Just to be greeted with this. I was in such disbelief what I’m seeing I actually asked on r/Halo if my game is glitching out. Turns out, this is in fact not a glitch, it’s a normal display of how game looks. For a game released in late 2019. I had to mark it with circles because I’m sure there would be people saying “hey dummy, there is nothing wrong with this image”. And while I was preparing it I realized it’s not just on player and NPC models. It’s the entire fucking scene. Look at all the beams. Fucking checkerboard pattern everywhere!

If you’re still confused what I’m whining about, it’s the shading and shadowing. These motherfuckers are literally using checkerboard dithered shading and shadowing of objects and scene. I faked shading in MS Paint using spray tool this way. 25 years ago. Holy fucking shit, I haven’t seen that in games from mid 90’s and they release a game in late 2019 with this. And not only this, it’s a fucking remaster. A REMASTER that has shadows and shading looking worse than original game from 19 years ago.

How can you be that frigging lazy or just plain incompetent? Slapping fucking alpha blending over this and it would make the god damn checkerboard disappear and everything look billion times better. And cost modern graphic card 0.0001% of GPU resources. God damn. It would be still incredibly low resolution for 2021, but I’d be able to digest it. This, I just couldn’t. Sorry, the checkerboard shadows are just so painful to look at I just couldn’t bring myself to play this lazy ass trash game that’s so fucking overhyped by fucking everyone. I don’t care how amazing it is when first game, Halo Combat Evolved was such disappointment I can’t bring myself to play any later Halo game. And with remaster, they fucked it up visually to a degree that I just can’t enjoy it in any way. I mean, I’ll be seeing this shit literally 100% of the time. Just no. Nope.

Disagree with me all you want, I don’t give a shit. Halo is overhyped, overrated, lazy ass garbage and I can’t grasp how people’s minds work to consider this game as “one of most iconic games of all times”. It’s just shit.

Microsoft, fix the fucked up Night Light feature already

My god, what the fuck are you doing Microsoft? Night Light function that adds warmer color to display for low light or evening use has been broken in Windows 10 for a long time now. Broken to a degree that setting toggle isn’t consistent between menus. Toggle it in quick actions in task bar isn’t synced to its main settings toggle in Control Panel. And when you enter the actual settings for it there, it’s not synced with either quick actions or Control Panel toggle switch. What the fuck Microsoft!? How can you make a setting that doesn’t seem to connect to a single variable that would dictate a state of the setting? Jesus. And to make matters worse, even if you have scheduling for Night Light disabled, it would just seemingly randomly turn off or be set somewhere in between. I often notice on both Windows 10 and Windows 11 that display color isn’t as warm as I have it set. And after disabling and enabling it, it goes to really cold white to super warm white after. It was just at some arbitrary random value in between for no fucking reason. Stop it. You’re a fucking multi-billion corporation and you can’t make something as simple as fucking display color temperature setting right? Comer the fuck on, what is this amateurish shit Microsoft?

Samsung, you cheap bastards!

Just bought a new 14″ ACER Swift 1 laptop and this model in particular comes with eMMC storage on its main board, but has an empty M.2 NVMe slot available. So I thought, eMMC is notoriously slow, I’m just gonna stick M.2 SSD in it and call it a day.

So I grabbed Samsung 980 250GB M.2 SSD. I open up the laptop (props to ACER for making this laptop that opens up easily with zero screws hidden under rubber feet!) and start opening up the Samsung 980 SSD box and realize, there is no screw to mount the SSD. Laptop didn’t have one in an empty slot and SSD didn’t have one in the box either. For some reason Samsung assumed we already have the screws for SSD somehow. Or in other words, they are so cheap they couldn’t include super specific, super tiny screw to mount M.2 in the frigging box. WHY?! Would that screw make whole SSD cost 1€ more? And I was ridiculously generous here. It probably would cost Samsung 0,001€ and they’d still make profit on it.

To my luck I dived into my boxes of many cables and screws for computers and managed to find just one that screws in well, but my god I was angry that I had the laptop shipped, had the SSD shipped and wouldn’t be able to merge both because of a god damn screw that I’d have to order again because hardware stores don’t exactly hold such tiny computer oriented screws. Hell, most computer stores probably don’t have them.

So Samsung, don’t be cheap and just include the fucking one screw with the SSD. Please.