Pathetic state of web browsers on Apple’s iOS even in year 2019

When I was deciding to go with iPhone I only checked if browsers I like are available on iOS. Not knowing the browsers that were available are just a faint shadow of themselves on other platforms like Android or Windows.

There are 3 massive and critical issues I have with state of web browsers on iOS.

No default browser option

You can have 10 browsers installed and dumb ass iOS will ALWAYS open all links in Safari with absolutely no way of having one browser as default that would handle everything. Android had this for so long I don’t even remember when it was first introduced. Hey Apple, year 1995 wants your stupid ass logic back. Not even Microsoft was this bad when shilling Internet Explorer and here we are in 2019 with you pulling shit like this. It makes even less sense given point 2 I’m about to make…

Web browsers are forced to use Safari rendering engine (Webkit)

Now, in a nutshell, that’s not a bad thing since Webkit is generally a good web rendering engine and is basically used by most browsers today except Firefox. Which is a problem. Firefox’s engine is also really good and the Firefox you use on iOS isn’t actually Firefox. It’s just few extra Firefox features bolted on top of what’s essentially a Safari browser. I know Apple wants to control everything on their platform, but this is just idiocy and is killing the progress and functionality. Same web browsers on Android are infinitely more advanced, with more features and just better browsing experience in general.

Next to useless web browsers on iOS

I learned that Apple has a “no 3rd party extensions” policy, fine, whatever. Rip that out of Firefox for Android and call it a day. Nope. Firefox on iOS is so damn limited and missing so many features and settings found on Android it’s not even funny. Opera didn’t even bother doing Opera for iOS the same way it is on Android. They just offer Opera Mini and that’s it. Thanks Apple for absolutely fucking up progress of browsers on your platform and dumb people are apparently just fine with it. Well, I’m not because browsing experience is absolute shit on iPhone and no one tells you about that when you’re deciding for iPhone. You have this expensive, the fastest hardware in the world and then you’re limited by garbage web browsers because of stupid Apple’s policies.

Come the fuck on Apple, it’s 2019 (yes, hashtag current year), you don’t need to resort to such dumb ass shit just because you’re “Apple” and that’s kinda synonym with your brand. Do better and for start to at least offer ability to set a desired browser of user choice as a default web browser so everything opens up in that. And then work from there to allow web browser makers to include more functionality, even if they can’t use addons/extensions like Firefox does on Android. Because the state browsers currently are on iOS is absolutely shitty.


You’re a nationalist, you must be a white supremacist Nazi!

This is the sort of stuff I’m seeing more and more these days almost every time you defend nationalism or people who are nationalists. Or not even defend, just talk about them without straight pissing on them and people immediately jump to conclusion you must be a racist Nazi if you’re not actively pissing on them.

People have this fixed idea that nationalism is national socialism aka Nationalsozialismus or in short Nazism. Ok. But is it really in the same form as it used to be?

Sure, you have real Nazis, the ones who still praise Hitler and sleep with Mein Kampf under their pillow, with Swastikas tattooed on their forehead and Nazi saluting around (fun fact, Bellamy salute was used in late 19 century America before Nazi Germany and resembles almost identical hand gesture) attacking black people and Jews. That’s the national socialism of the 1940’s Germany…

What most people who call themselves nationalist today align themselves with? Well, the people I’ve seen and who are being called “a fucking nazi”, they mostly believe that people of own country, own nation should always come first, get help by the government first and they believe in preservation of own nation, own identity, own traditions and this is especially predominant in Europe where we have vastly different nations, languages, traditions, the unique identities etc. Some are also vocal how whites shouldn’t be treated like shit just because they are white and that’s inherently bad because of white supremacists and slavery, but that varies between nationalists. Generally I support their belief, because the amount of dumb white motherfuckers shitting on their own race is just astounding these days. I’m Caucasian and I absolutely hate it when idiots attack us solely for being “white” and try to associate us with white supremacists and slavery based on that. I never owned slaves, my parents never owned them, my grandparents never owned them, my grand grandparents never owned them and we never owned them for as far as our known family tree goes in the past. Treating me like shit just for being “white” is just as racists as treating blacks like shit because of their skin color. Racism doesn’t have one side that’s always the good one. All racism is bad and it doesn’t matter from who it comes. Even blacks can be racists, they don’t get the immunity card for what happened to them in the past. And no one ever should. Just to get that part out of the way because people with agenda tend to twist these words and turn them into white supremacists bullshit.

I come from Slovenia, small country in Europe and while I’m not a fan of our traditional music, our poetry and literature or some traditions, I prefer English over my own language, but I want to preserve them because they are our unique identity, it represents us as a nation. I guess that makes me a nationalist then, right?

And I don’t limit myself to “Uh oh, you must be white and born in Slovenia to belong to our nation”. If you come to my country legally, you try very hard to learn our rather difficult language, you try your best to integrate into our society, you get a job, obey our laws, stay out of trouble and don’t do anything criminal, you respect and follow our traditions, then you’re as much of a fellow countrymen as anyone else born here. It doesn’t matter if you’re of Germanic, Norse, Arabic, Asian, American or African origin, it doesn’t matter of what race you are even. Be good and treat us with respect and we’ll treat you the same back.

But come to my country illegally, then try to extort welfare from us, try to forcefully spread your whatever religion, do criminal shit all the time and try to convert our country into shithole you came from and sure as hell I don’t fucking want you here.

That’s the kind of nationalism I’m advocating for. But calling me a white supremacist or a Nazi for this, then you can fuck off this very moment. And this is what people are doing. They don’t want to even hear what you have to say, they’ll just relentlessly attack and try to silence you because they think they can just call everyone “a Nazi” and no one can say anything back afterwards. It worked for a while, but they were throwing word “Nazi” around so much it basically lost its meaning entirely. If everyone is a Nazi, then no one really is in the end. They live in this bubble of self righteousness and fight against the Nazis they themselves start to behave like the Nazis of the 1940’s Germany. But they are too dumb to even notice it unfortunately.

So, yeah, I can proudly say I’m a nationalist then because I believe in what I wrote above. Call me a Nazi all you want, but I know what I am and what I stand by. You can be a nationalist and not be a racist white supremacist. But for some people this is a very hard concept to grasp and they’ll just continue to bark with their fucking Hitler and Nazis bullshit. This ain’t the 1940’s anymore, this is 2019. Things have changed and so have definitions of words and mindsets. Being a nationalist today doesn’t have much to do with being a nationalist socialist in Germany almost a century ago, so stop attacking people like sperging lunatics just because they want to see their nation and its identity preserved and not absorbed into a globalist blob without any identity.

Bizarre drive buttons placement in electric cars

Since electric cars are all the rage these days I’ve noticed a particularly bizarre design decision when it comes to electric cars. In nearly all electric cars they have this really bizarre and illogical placement of drive buttons (Drive, Reverse, Neutral, Park etc).

Here is an example from Hyundai Ioniq Electric (2017, but they haven’t changed it for 2019 models either)…


You can argue that they are meaningfully ordered and designed so you have palm/wrist resting on the leather pad and you have access to all buttons at once…

But why is DRIVE button on the left, REVERSE button on the right, PARK “in the front” and NEUTRAL “in the back”?


Wouldn’t linear placement in the direction of car driving and position make more sense? DRIVE in the front facing the hood, because that’s the direction you’ll be driving. Forward. NEUTRAL still in the front because it’s used to just roll forward with no resistance. PARK to the rear and REVERSE all the way in the back facing boot, because that’s the direction you’ll be going if selected. It’s a natural order with directions you’ll be going when selected.

Hell, even such placement would make more sense…


Same arrangement, with different button placement. Drive and Reverse in front and back and Park and Neutral on the sides with Park on driver side because you’ll be using it more and Neutral to the right because you’ll be using it less.

I know you can argue that it doesn’t matter and it’s a petty thing, but I’ve seen a new Peugeot 208 Electric having shifter lever almost like in petrol cars with old sequential shifter, but with drive modes INVERTED! Drive was pulling lever to the back of the car. Reverse was pushing the lever to the front. WHY? I see people getting confused with pedals and gears in petrol cars, ramming them through store fronts and into pools and you’d expect they’d strive for simplicity and natural logical order with EV’s, but they instead opted for this illogical unnatural order.

The palm rest in Hyundai is silly, electric cars don’t require you to hold the hand over shifter, because they don’t have any gears. You don’t need arrangement around the palm rest. So why not do it linearly or even with same arrangement, but with drive direction placement of buttons instead of just tossing them in there?

I’m not hating on Hyundai in particular, I actually really like Hyundai as a brand because they have really good unpretentious cars, but this really bothered me and I’ve noticed other EV’s do the same weird thing…

Gigabyte, do you even test your broken AORUS Engine software?

I wanted to install AORUS Engine for my AORUS GTX 1080Ti and after installation, it just doesn’t run. At all.

So I checked event viewer and the damn thing is crashing because of itself. I thought my months old Windows install was getting dirty so I just installed it clean. Guess what, exact same result. It used to work fine, but now it’s just broken to a point it won’t even start anymore lmao. Get your shit together Gigabyte…

Full details:

Faulting application name: AORUS.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5c94a430
Faulting module name: GLedApi.DLL, version:, time stamp: 0x5b2215bf
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Faulting process id: 0xfe8
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\GIGABYTE\AORUS ENGINE\AORUS.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Program Files (x86)\GIGABYTE\AORUS ENGINE\GLedApi.DLL

EDIT 2019-04-08:

Tried version 1.60 that was just released. Same thing. Wouldn’t even start. Lets play a game how long it’ll take for Gigabyte to fix this shit…

Alcon AOSept Plus with HydraGlide lens solution causing foggy vision

I can’t believe Alcon hasn’t addressed this for years now. I’ve heard some reports from users ages ago that peroxide solution AOSept Plus with HydraGlide causes foggy vision. And I said, maybe it’s just in their case. Until I tried it anyway myself and I got exactly the same results. Foggy vision no matter what lenses I was using. Gave it to a relative to try and got the same results.

Read about it some more and even more people were reporting same thing. And what has Alcon done? Nothing. The damn thing is still selling like all is fine. The version without HydraGlide was fine, but it’s next to impossible to get now because everyone is selling the HydraGlide version. Only peroxide solution sold where I live is EasySept from Bausch & Lomb, but it costs 5€ more per bottle for same amount which is very annoying and very significant. But it doesn’t cause foggy vision so that’s what I’m forced to use now.

I’d like to hear more about this from users and would be also nice to hear what Alcon has to say about it. If they even have anything to say at all…

CryEngine real-time ray tracing tech demo capable of running on any graphic card!

CryTek recently shocked gaming community with a jaw dropping tech demo showcasing real-time ray tracing running on mid range AMD Vega 56 graphic card, but they say it can run on any graphic card from AMD or NVIDIA without any need for dedicated ray tracing hardware. Yes, CryTek is saying that for their ray tracing, you don’t need GeForce RTX graphic card.

If you think I’m exaggerating when I say it’s jaw dropping, have a look for yourself…

I really wish we had an executable tech demo that we could run ourselves on graphic cards we already have, but if CryTek is not fooling us in any way and this was indeed running in real-time using AMD Vega 56 graphic card and all the reflections, lighting and shadowing is in fact ray traced method, then NVIDIA is in for a shock. And so is almost entire gaming industry. Just imagine what a huge breakthrough this is for the graphics, we are talking Pixel Shader level of shock that happened back in 2001 with DirectX 8 that brought programmable shader effects including beautiful simulated reflections that were basically impossible with earlier DirectX versions. Realistic reflections that can be used on any graphic card without having to drop almost 1000€ for a graphic card and you still get playable framerate. It’s insane. We could finally see use of reflections as a game mechanic. Just imagine multiplayer games where using reflections to have an advantage. For example looking at windows or reflective objects to see if someone is hiding in the room, or using reflections to create more scary environment. Or even just to boost immersion. I always loved games that render player’s own shadow, because it gives a feeling that your player character physically exists in the game and it’s not just floating hands and gun, but a real person that casts a shadow of its own. Now imagine also seeing real reflections of yourself in everything that is reflective.

I don’t know what kind of witchcraft CryTek is doing, but it seems to be working and I really hope developers will jump on it. CryEngine has always been visually amazing, but always stumbling in the shadow of Unreal Engine. I hope this will help them out. Crysis 4 maybe? I sure hope and with ray tracing please. 🙂

Overwatch playerbase is fucking depressive

I did met few cool people that I have as friends now and few absolute randoms that we joked with how we use hax and shit (really just calling abilities hax, like Soldier 76 Tactical Visor which is an aimbot or Widows’s Infra Vision that’s essentially a wallhack) or joked how Sombra is a hacker. We also call each other stupid shit or you just, you know, fucking rant when dumb stupid shit happens.

And there, apparently in the core of the Overwatch playerbase is this specific set of retards that keep reporting people because they purposely disable nasty words filter and then report people, they can’t take a joke, rant or I don’t know fucking what. I never said to anyone “yo faggot X, fuck off this game”. Not a single time. If I did it was at a character, like “fucking Genji again”. Which means a game fucking character and his annoying ass abilities, not at the player of the Genji. How fucking hard is that to understand?  If I directed an insult at you, I’d call you by fucking name, not by game character name. So, because of dumb motherfuckers like this, game is bitching again about “abusive chat”. Go fuck yourselves, dumb fuckers. The moment I got that warning everything fucking dropped for me. Lost almost all wish to even play this shit anymore if my account is being threatened by weak snowflakes that can’t stop being offended. If I’m so fucking annoying, mute my chat or whatever, but reporting me for shit that mostly gets half censored and not directed at anyone but per situation rants, fuck off.

I’ve played many games the same way as this one and not once I got threatened to stop being “abusive”. Coz apparently, only in Overwatch it’s all fucking sunny days, bunnies and butterflies and everyone singing Kumbaya around fucking Zenyatta. This fucking world and people being unable to take a fucking insult. If it was at least fucking directed at them…