Why people think antifeminism is bad?

I’ve noticed an interesting trend among feminists or reactions from general public when you openly admit you’re an antifeminist. Why does “antifeminist” have such a bad connotation? Why do people connect word “antifeminist” as misogynist? As someone who seemingly rejects women and their rights, is a women hater and doesn’t want women to have equal rights?

Well, here is a brief explanation on why being an antifeminist is not really a bad thing and shouldn’t ever be taken as such in this time and age (after all, we are talking about modern western world here). In fact, it’s why I think anyone should be encouraged to reject feminism and embrace egalitarianism.

Feminism in its core defends women rights. All fine and well. But it has one big problem. It only goes one way, for women only. While I admit it had a noble goal in the distant past when women were actually oppressed and mistreated, it’s actually doing damage today. And this is becoming embedded so deeply inside our consciousness, we aren’t even aware of the issue anymore. And this is what is really counter productive towards equality. It’s making women the dominant gender, because modern governments are constantly enforcing women rights in the laws and we are continuously brainwashing our youth excessively to respect women, help them, never to hit them no matter what, worship them literally. What about men? Don’t they deserve the same respect, treatment and rights as women (when we are not talking about absolute gender specific issues that simply can’t be applied equally)? Seems like no one really cares about men anymore. After all, feminists continuously pretend they are fighting for equality, but they way too often forget (or intentionally ignore) they have already passed the equality mark…

true_equalityI’ve taken great care aligning those two arrows to the pixel accurately, so no one will be hunting pixels and saying aha, you’ve placed blue arrow 1 pixel ahead of the red one, you’re not really egalitarian, you’re really just a coward misogynist!

This simple graph is a representation of why I think feminism is bad, toxic and damaging to our modern society. I could go on for a lot longer making this post a massive block of text, but I’ll not go there, because I think the above brief description explains it perfectly well on its own. I might provide more detailed insight on this in the future or you can do a bit of research on your own regarding this matter.

So, when can you label yourself openly as antifeminist and get away with it? Well, by being antifeminist and egalitarian at the same time. It’s a very simple concept. You reject extremist feminism ideas, but still support equality of all genders. True equality. It’s when you look at the issues from more than just one perspective and try to resolve them in benefit of everyone involved, not just one side. Isn’t that what we really want? Or is it just me? Tell me, what do you think?

New Sound Blaster Z drivers 1.00.28 released!

I’ve just noticed Creative released new drivers for Sound Blaster Z soundcards today. It’s now version 1.00.28 and they are WHQL certified.

Creative is being very secretive regarding included enhancements and fixes, but hey, they are new drivers and new is always better than old.



Just pick your Sound Blaster Z model through their menus and download the latest version.

GTA5 banned in Australia

Oh my god. Aussies are doing it again. I frankly don’t really know if I should facepalm myself to death or do something else. I’ll for starters try to educate people a bit and maybe facepalm myself to death then, committing self-misandry. Yeah…

I have 3 fundamental questions here:

  1. Why ban the game only now when it has been released out there for more than 1 whole year (17th September 2013 for PS3 and X360)?
  2. Why has Australia historically banned and then UNBANNED all GTA games so far?
  3. Where is a single proof of correlation between in-game violence and manifestation of the same violence in the real world as the result?

So, lets just start at the beginning. Where were these so-called activists when GTA5 was released back in September 2013? It was the exact same game, but it somehow slipped under their radars. Why was that? Because it wasn’t released on PC and now it will be? Are they being discriminatory towards PS4/Xbox One and PC gamers, but not towards PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers? What is it?

Secondly, after checking the historical data, Australia has banned and then unbanned every single Grand Theft Auto game that has ever been released. This includes GTA3, Vice City, San Andreas, GTA4 and now GTA5. I frankly don’t know why they even bother. I just have a recommendation for lobbies in Australia that make dumb decisions like this. Grow a pair of balls you lot! Don’t just ban every single game idiotic activists suggest you should ban. Say fuck off when they walk in with petitions like this and demand unbiased research that proves violent games like this actually are the source of all the misogyny and hatred towards women. Because that was the reason for banning the game. Of course they entirely disregarded the fact that game allows absolutely the same misandry toward male in-game characters (NPC’s). You can literally walk through GTA cities and exclusively and only kill male NPC’s. And no one will ever get bothered by that fact or ability given to the player. Shoot one virtual hooker and all hell breaks loose, just because you shot a female NPC. Dafaq people!? How more full retard can you go?

Thirdly, studies through they years have repeatedly and continuously proven that there is absolutely NO correlation between increasing consumption of “realistic” games and violence manifested as a result in real world. In fact, the crimes have and are continuously decreasing through the years while games sales are soaring. Here are some very colorful examples that will prove a point even for those who aren’t interested in reading very long in-depth studies. You know, the ones done by actual experts and not some douchey activists that got offended by something.

US Department of Justice report on crime per 1000 citizens from 1972 till 2004 and the release years of one of the most violent games in existence correlating to real-world crimes

Image courtesy of wired.com
Image courtesy of wired.com

I’ll exclude Doom games because they are as fictional as the Bible and I see absolutely no correlation between shooting monsters from hell and committing violence in real world. However, there are games released in the same time period that allowed you to commit torture and murdering of hundreds and thousands of innocent virtual characters, including women. Both Postal games, Grand Theft Auto 1, 2, 3, Vice City and San Andreas. All released prior year 2004. There was also game Soldier of Fortune released in 2000/2001. One of the most gory and realistic human body deformation games available at that time which got even further upgraded with second installment of Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix in 2002 which pushed its simulation of body deformation using weapons to even higher level pretty much exceeding what really happens to human body when attacked by lethal weapons. Manhunt, another super gory and cruel game released in 2003 and so on and so forth… And yet, the crime levels have just kept on dropping. Why? Frankly I don’t care. It just proves that games aren’t the cause, because if they were, crime levels should be dramatically increasing, because games are becoming even more realistic visual vise as well as with options to do more and more violent things in games. But it just doesn’t reflect that in real world apparently.

Another chart from FBI’s data from 1990 till 2008…

Image courtesy of gamesbrief.com
Image courtesy of gamesbrief.com

Again, violence is declining where games sales are absolutely soaring.

And the study performed by Dr. Christopher J. Ferguson, an associate professor with Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Stetson University in Florida (data includes years from 1996 till 2011, time period in which games dramatically gained in visual and interactivity realism).

Image courtesy of mindofthegeek.com
Image courtesy of mindofthegeek.com

Again, games consumption continuous to rise, but the violence in youth keeps on declining. Again, I’m not going to say that games are the cause for the decline, but then again no one can say games are the cause for increase either.

In fact, if I look at myself as a gamer and a regular consumer of incredibly violent games, I sort of steam out all the need or urge for any sort of aggression in games and I don’t really feel any need to do it in real life what so ever. I mean, why bother beating, stabbing or shooting someone in real life and face criminal charges from justice system, if I can do it in games without any legal consequences or anyone actually getting hurt. Psychologically or physically. It’s just bunch of pixels that have no feelings, no senses, no self-awareness that goes beyond scripted data feed into the game by the programmers. It’s again the damn separation of fiction from reality that I’ve continuously ranted about in the past. You can’t judge majority of gamers who are perfectly able to separate one from another just because of few very rare cases of crazy people who committed mass shootings or violence against women and they just happened to play the games. Every single damn time, media brings this crap up and fails to provide a single piece of evidence that the games were actually the cause for those individuals to go mad.

Which also includes misogyny accusations that are being plastered all over the place by nazi feminists lately and which was also the major reason for the Australian ban of the GTA5. Stop cherry picking examples from games and entirely ignoring the fact that in the exact same game you can exclusively torture/kill male NPC’s. So you’re basically killing pretty much exclusively male NPC’s. But this somehow doesn’t bother feminists. Why? What makes mass killing of male NPC’s acceptable, but killing just few female NPC’s creates such massive hatred towards games. And it’s not even encouraged, because committing any sort of crime in GTA results in more and more law enforcement breathing behind your neck.

Killing prostitutes is not even encouraged in GTA5!

Contrary to media nonsense feeding us on every corner lately regarding this particular matter in GTA5, the health increase past 100% is NOT a reward for killing a prostitute in a GTA game, it’s just an end result of player deciding to do so AFTER he has ALREADY gained the bonus from the sexual activity. Because game DOESN’T care what gender a character is in the game. It’s violence permissive towards ANY character. Imagine how moronic it would be if only female characters were somehow excluded from any ability to commit violence towards them. Besides, it’s not like the game brings up interactive option right after sexual activity where you could pick between “Kill a prostitute” or “Don’t kill a prostitute”. It’s not there at all. But when the sexual sequence ends, you return in the general interactive free roam world where you are indeed allowed to do such a thing. But is not encouraged and doesn’t give you any bonus. In fact only thing it does give you is 1 extra star to the felony meter (which, the more you have, the more aggressive law enforcement will be towards you). Which is associated with a bad thing and not something you’re encouraged to do, because police will arrest or shoot you for that.

Just like you can punch a police officer who is walking down the street in GTA world. Or you can decide not to. It’s not freaking mandatory. It’s just an option in the game like billion others and still expanding with every new GTA release. Inclusion of option doesn’t mean you strictly have to do it. Just like ability to commit mass shooting in real world doesn’t encourage or force me to actually do it. I prefer not to because I’m aware of the consequences and because I’m not a freaking psycho.


On that bombshell, the above image perfectly summarizes my feelings toward hatred against gamers. We are not a bunch of psychopathic killers and misogynistic bastards. We are just gamers who like to play any kind of games, be it violent or non-violent and actions in those games do not reflect our behavior in real world. How hard is it to comprehend that?

Huawei Ascend P7 review


So, here it is. I’m well aware that this phone has been on the market for very long time now (since May 2014), but I still feel the need to write a review for it in case some people are still considering it as an option. After all, it’s a really amazing pocket rocket smartphone for a very affordable price. And I’ll also tell you how it is to actually live with this phone after having it for few weeks now. I have the white version. Lets begin with the review shall we…

Huawei decided for a similar construction and design as it was used on Apple’s iPhone 4 or some Sony’s Xperia Z models. A two sided glass sandwich with metal sides. Some may say Huawei copied those phones in a way, but I don’t care because they took it to a whole new level. The phone is ridiculously thin, but feels very strong and sleek while having very little weight to it. It’s incredibly light. Might be tiny bit difficult to pick it up from a desk, but I personally don’t really have great problems with that. Maybe I have more feminine fingers or something :) It’s Gorilla Glass 3 on both sides and on the back, there is this very subtle, but very amazing texture underneath the glass that creates sort of shimmer when you move it around in the light. If looks are what you’re after, you’ll certainly enjoy this device. It was really one of the top reasons I’ve decided for this smartphone. And I actually feel kinda sad hearing Huawei is planning to drop this design for Ascend P8. Why drop something this gorgeous?

As far as external connectivity goes, it has a standard microUSB port for data and charging on the bottom, 3,5mm audio output on the top and volume rocker and power button on the right side along with microSIM and microSD slot which requires a “can opener” tool to push both out. After all, this phone doesn’t have an interchangeable battery, so that is a design requirement.

The heart
Inside of this device, there is a Huawei’s own HiSilicon Kirin 910T chipset powered by a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor beating at 1,8GHz, supplemented by Mali-450MP4 graphics processing unit and 2GB of DDR3 RAM. Data is stored on 16GB of internal storage that can be expanded through microSD expansion slot. It’s not crazy fast in synthetic tests, but when it comes to real world usage, it’s butter smooth at anything I’ve thrown at it. Be aware that I’m not a mobile phone gamer so I can’t comment on how super latest 3D games run on it. I only play some basic 2D games here and there…

Screen is a traditional IPS with resolution of 1080×1920 which at only 5 inches gives a very high pixel density (441 ppi). The resolution is so high there is no way you can notice any distortions at super thin elements like icons and letters even when you look at it from ridiculously small distance. Colors are very nice and it seems that Huawei has fixed the default cool screen color temperature, because at least in my phone, display appears very neutral and not on the cold side like it was criticized in many bigger reviews. Only slight downside is that image does get a bit dimmer when you look at it from very extreme angles. But colors remain exactly the same, so it’s not really annoying or anything. Maybe that’s normal for IPS screens, but the one I had before was SuperAMOLED, so I might have lost a touch for screen viewing angles a bit with it… Outdoor visibility is very decent thanks to zero gap design (no gap between actual panel and the protective glass on the top). Just make sure you have auto brightness enabled, the phone will boost it to improve visibility in strong sun conditions. And it also comes with a nice feature called “Gloves mode” that boosts sensitivity of the touch screen, so it can be used even with regular gloves. Be aware that this mode drains a bit more battery…

Talking using this phone is always great as sound is always crisp and clear and others will also hear you great thanks to integrated additional noise cancellation microphone that filters out the noises from the surrounding environment. Mono loudspeaker is super loud and has quite some bass to it, however, Huawei made a slight design hash of it because if you place the phone on its back, the speaker will get significantly less loud. You can still hear it alright, but it’s nowhere near the loudness of phone being lifted or on its screen. So, if you want to be sure of hearing the alarm clock or listening to loud music, keep it with the screen facing the table…

As far as sound goes, it also has features that I’ve missed since owning HTC Wildfire. That is automatic ringing volume lowering when you pick up the phone and silencing of the phone by flipping it over. On CyanogenMod I needed extra apps and that was really annoying. But now I have them out of the box again :)

Still Camera
One of the major highlights of this phone are the cameras on it. Main camera is powered by a 13 Mpix Sony Exmor back illuminated sensor which in combination with very conservative noise filtering algorithm creates amazingly detailed photos. Some may dislike the lack of extreme image processing and at first it does feel a bit weird, but once you get used to it, it’s really great. Can’t really complain over image quality as it’s really good and up with the best smartphone cameras on the market. Camera is complimented with single LED flash which might not be the most powerful one, but does a decent job when it’s needed. Settings and controls are well laid out and offer fast and easy control without the crappy Google’s original “pie” button which I found to be rather clumsy. Here, controls are more like on traditional compact cameras.

And with current selfies craze, Huawei went big and integrated a massive 8 Mpix sensor camera on the front. I’m apparently already very old since I don’t like doing selfies, but some might and this can be an interesting factor. It also has interesting software support in terms of image filtering using beauty filter which smooths out your skin and imperfections so you look prettier.

There is one another really great feature only found on Ascend P7 as far as I’m aware of it. An “Ultra Snapshot” feature that takes a photo from a turned off display to a snapped photo in ~1,2 seconds. All you have to do is to configure this feature in camera settings. Then you just point the phone at thing you want to capture and double press the volume down button. The phone will instantly wake up, auto-focus, snap the photo and show it to you. In a bit over 1 second time! Brilliant feature to capture those special moments where every millisecond counts.

Video capture
Ascend P7 might slightly disappoint in this regard as it only shoots at 1080p @ 30fps, but it does well when it comes to that, so it’s not really that bad if you don’t need more than 1080p. I do have a 4K LCD TV and it would be nice to record stuff like that, but do I really need it? Frankly, I don’t. So far I’ve only made 2 Youtube recordings with a phone and I feel like 1080p is plenty. My upload isn’t fast enough to work with 4K anyway so 1080p feels like plenty for me. Good thing is that it records audio in stereo mode, so at least that’s pretty decent.

Like I said in the design segment, the battery is non user replaceable, but packs a 2500mA Li-poly unit, which at least for my usage can last to record 6 days and 8 hours and I still had 14% left. I’m not a super power user, but I quite regularly check e-mails, this blog using the app and browse internet. And I’m using a 4G network so that’s quite surprising considering I could never reach such long periods without charging with Samsung Galaxy S2 (even with CyanogenMod). There is also Ultra power saving mode available which disables all the features apart from calls and texting. Even the interface switches to a minimalistic mode with low brightness which should supposedly give you another full day out of just 10% of remaining battery!

OS and software
Phone arrived with KitKat 4.4.2 which is not the latest KitKat and getting to know Huawei a bit more, there is not much hope for Lollipop update. Still holding fingers crossed though, as I’d really like to see at least lollipop 5.0.1 on it sometime soon. And this phone, like so many others comes with heavily modified custom GUI which Huawei calls “Emotion UI”. It’s a really drastic modification which might not be liked by everyone, but I personally love it. It packs nearly everything you’ll ever expect from a phone out of the box. It also has no app drawer, so it works more like Apple’s iOS with everything placed on main screens. You can tweak so many things out of the box, including themes, icons, lock screens etc I didn’t really feel a single need to download customizations or power tools and tweaks. It’s all already there and Huawei went even as far as to provide you with tools otherwise only found on rooted phones. Like “low level” integrated task killer which ensures nasty power hungry apps never drain your battery, but also never kills apps that you want them to be running. Or a software firewall where you can control what apps are allowed to connect to 3G/4G, WiFi or neither. I only had that using avast! Mobile Security on a rooted phone and now I have it available by default on a factory phone. How cool is that. As much as I generally dislike heavy modifications, I actually really like Emotion UI. Took a day or two to get the hang of it from CyanogenMod and Apex launcher, but now I wouldn’t want to replace it with anything. It’s just pretty, smooth, super configurable and simply pleasurable to use. Can’t really ask for more.

While some will argue that it’s not really a proper flagship considering few shortcomings, it’s still an amazing device packed with really awesome goodies and price that is hard to beat. If you’re looking for a phone that oozes style and still delivers pretty much everything others do, for basically half the price, Ascend P7 is what you want to have.

- beautiful slim design
– very good display
– very good main and front camera
– quick Ultra Snapshot photo capture
– very loud loudspeaker
– heavily modified OS is actually very good
– very decent battery
– extra apps/features usually only found on rooted phones

- non replaceable battery
– quiet loudspeaker when phone is on its back
– only records 1080p videos
– might not get Lollipop update

If you have any other more specific questions about it, feel free to ask. I’ll try to answer all of them as detailed as possible.

SimCity 2000 SE for free!

ea-origin-logoGood morning everyone (unless if you’re not from Central Europe, in which case, happy Easter!). Today, nice people at EA are giving away yet another classic, this time around it is Simcity 2000 Special Edition. I don’t think it needs any further description except that it is a grand daddy of all city construction games in which you can make towns, cities, make them successful or burn them down to the ground with tornados, fires, riots and aliens. Aliens! :D

You can grab the game here:

I can’t find the end date for this giveaway, so grab it before it’s too late!


AMD Catalyst Omega 14.12 WHQL released!

So, the highly anticipated AMD Catalyst Omega drivers have finally landed. And yes, they actually have Omega in the name and no, they are not in any way related to the old community modded Omega drivers. They feature several interesting features like…

VSR (Virtual Super Resolution)

AMD_VSR_SLIDE1Basically this is the same as NVIDIA’s DSR. It renders the image at 4K and downscales it to 1080p on the output. It convinces games that your display can render higher resolution than it actually supports, so the game has to offer you option for 4K. All fine and well, except it only works with R9 290 cards. Srsly? Where is that “all GCN cards will get the same treatment” from the past?. HD7900 series are GCN powered. And yet we got screwed. It’s good that in the future I’ll get this feature if I decide to buy another Radeon, but why screw the existing HD7900 users? Which also includes R9-280 users because it is based upon HD7900 series. I’ve been with AMD for the last several generations of GPU’s. Do you think I’d not buy another Radeon if I get VSR now on my HD7950? If that was the case, I’d already have GTX 970 in my box. But I don’t, because I’ve decided to wait for AMD’s response with R9-300 series when it gets out. Maybe HD7900 doesn’t have the 4K grunt for modern games, but there are older games that we play and that would greatly benefit from VSR. Anyway…

Improved Frame Pacing

AMD_FP_SLIDE2Supposedly only for multi card configurations, improving many games smoothness. They list Tomb Raider, Metro series, Batman Arkham Origins, Sniper Elite 3 and more. We’ll see if it makes any difference on single GPU…

AMD Fluid Motion Video

AMD_FLUIDMV_SLIDE3This feature is basically what high end LCD TV’s do, interpolate missing frames and make videos super smooth and sharp during motion. Something like Philips Perfect Natural Motion or LG’s TruMotion. Only downside is that it only works in Cyberlink PowerDVD 14. Which makes it kinda useless considering I never used that thing and never will. Media Player Classic Home Theater (MPC HC) or VLC support would make tons more sense…

Video filtering and 1080p Detail Enhancement

AMD_CR_SLIDE4AMD_1080PENH_SLIDE5These features enhance video quality and are available for regular common media players that use DXVA and also work on HD7900 series. Which is nice.

4K Ultra HD Upscaling

AMD_UHD_SLIDE6It gives ability to upscale 1080p video into 4K, enhance it and display it on your 4K monitor or 4K TV. I have a 4K Philips LCD, but since I’m on HD7900, I’m out of luck yet again…

Performance Enhancements

AMD claims 19% average framerate improvements which sounds like a lot, but TechPowerUp tests proved a bit differently. You can check it out here: Synthetic tests Game tests

While the differences aren’t all that big I’m still going to use it since I use latest drivers all the time. It has worked well so far so why not. I just wish they’d focus less on R9 only. I get it, it’s their current high end, but by supporting your older userbase, you’re showing them your long term commitment. Showing that you care. And it means a lot to me and is a great factor when I’m considering my next upgrade. If I’m being treated well as a customer even when I don’t have the latest and most expensive graphic card, I sure will buy a new high end card from the same company when I’ll consider my next upgrade. So far AMD showed decent support, but I’d wish  for a bit more…



Google account name changing hell…

Seriously, why the hell, every single fucking time I try to change something I just HAVE to hit a fuckin wall. My Youtube name “rejzor” was annoying me seeing how others use lower and upper case letters. So naturally I wanted to change my name to “RejZoR” to align with everything else I use.

I go to the account dashboard, change my name and for last name I use period. Because I only use single name.

And I get slammed with this shit in my face:

The nickname you’ve chosen appears to violate the Google+ Names Policy.

So Google, where in the fucking policy it says I’m not allowed to use period instead of my last name. Even your god damn policy says I can:

Why it won’t work: Our system expects you to have two names.

The solution: When you add or edit your name:

  1. Enter your name as your first name.
  2. Enter a dot (“.”) as your last name.

Yeah sure, first you say I can and then you slam a door at me saying no, you can’t. Make up your god damn mind will ya? And so I’m stuck with the fucked up name… ugh…