avast! Cleanup Tool

I’ve been validating official uninstall utility for quite a while and decided it is finally doing a good enough job that there is no need to provide an updated version of my tool for the new avast! 2015. There will be no avast! Cleanup Tool update for version 2015. Please use avast!’s official utility and do not use my tool for 2015 and later versions because it will not clean things properly and entirely. You can still use my tool for older versions if you still happen to use them.

avast! Cleanup Tool is a small program that will clean the remaining registry entries and files still left behind by avast! Antivirus uninstaller.

Use official avast! Uninstall Utility whenever possible:

However, when everything else fails and you really need to start from scratch, use my tool as it will remove everything related to avast!. Make sure you don’t have other avast! programs installed as it will remove them as well!

Due to nature and behavior of this tool, certain security programs may detect it as malicious/suspicious! Make sure to exclude it from such programs before using it.

Package has to be a SFX self-extracting, self-executing archive stuffed with BAT and EXE files for easier usage and in order to ask for administrator rights. If anyone questions my honesty, feel free to unpack this package using WinRAR or 7zip and inspect its contents!

Designed for:
– Windows Vista/Win7/Win8 32bit and 64bit
– avast! Antivirus 7.x Free/Professional/Internet Security
– avast! Antivirus 8.x Free/Professional/Internet Security/Premier
– avast! Antivirus 2014 Free/Professional/Internet Security/Premier

Version history:
1.3 (released 2013-09-12)
– Added support for avast! 2014

1.2 (released 2013-02-01)
– Added cleanup support for all avast! v8 editions
– Added Windows 8 support

This cleaup tool contains PsExec.exe made by Mark Russinovich to access higher system access rights.


27 thoughts on “avast! Cleanup Tool

  1. I have just downloaded and run your avast utility, but it seems it did not work. I still have 7 avast drivers on my machine as well as aswBoot.exe.

    My machine is a VAIO SVF1521A1EB and I am running Win 8.1. The Avast version I was using before I uninstalled was the latest 2014.

    Am I doing something wrong?


    1. My tool only works AFTER you have uninstalled avast! (or cleaned it with their tool). My tool doesn’t bypass their self-defense protection, that’s why it will not do anything unless you firts uninstall avast! the normal way first.


      1. Sorry I did not explain myself properly. I did first use the avast uninstall tool, but via IObit uninstaller. I also used the ‘powerful scan’ option on the same IObit uninstaller and hoped this would remove everything, as advertised. When it did not, I then used your tool, but the drivers are still there.


  2. I rarely leave comments but I had to thank you for your program. The Avast removal tool didn’t work on its own but yours did. Thanks for curing my headache! You sir are the best!


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  4. Any answer to Anne Wilson’s query, will it work with XP ? Avast support suggested this tool knowing I was running XP so I can’t just assume it will work. Just for info, my problem was every new attempt to instal avast free after using avastclear resulted in new installation detecting previous registration expired version with no possibility of renewing. Taken me weeks to persuade avast that remaining registry entries are likely cause of problem. Really hope this works with XP.


      1. Many thanks satpierrepet. For others, your comment says “Works on XP to be done in safe mode PC”. FYI and others, I was finally able to convince avast support that the remaining registry entries were the cause of the problem and they suggested using Registrar Home which like avastcleanuptool, overcomes most registry permissions. Registrar found around 150 avast entries left over after using avastclear which, when removed, cleared the problem for a clean instal of avast free. I suggested to avast that they modify avastclear to remove all their entries. It has cost me 3 months of correspondence with avast, not good. Thanks again.


  5. Can you add comments on how to use/run….eg, launch in Normal or Safe mode, etc. There is some confusion on Avast Forum between this and the Avast Clear so putting those specifics will help clarify.


  6. Your tool will not remove the “Device Desc – avast! Asynchronous Virus Monitor” from my old XP Pro machine’s registry. It will also not remove “Device Desc – avast! VM HardwareID from the registry of my Windows & Ultimate 32 bit laptop. I’d say back to the drawing boards and that people should think twice about installing ANY Avast product on their computer. Avast is our invasive malware enemy, not an anti-virus company. Warn everyone you can.


    1. Are you complaining? “Back to the drawing boards?” I’d say thanks for the time this guy has put it. It is not as if he asks any money but a lot of people nowadays seem to feel they are entitled to anything. If you had to pay for it then you can feel entitled but never when it is a gift. Anyway thanks for this tool that has helped many I assume.


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