Adobe Flash Player direct installer download

If you are one of those who hate crappy Adobe Flash installers on their official webpage which are often also outdated, look below here. Here are direct download links for Adobe Flash Player which download only actual Adobe Flash Player (no stupid toolbars or add-ons) and they are also always up to date.


General Adobe Flash download page:

Adobe Flash Test Webpage:

Release notes:

Recommended downloads

Direct Adobe Flash Player downloads:
Windows | Firefox, Safari, Opera 12.x

Windows | Internet Explorer

Direct Adobe Flash Player PPAPI download:
Windows | Chromium based browsers

Optional download

Direct Download Web Installer (Stub Installer*):
Windows | Firefox, Safari, Opera 12.x
*Downloads the latest version and deletes itself after successful installation. Can install 3rd party promotional apps 😦

Uninstaller download

Uninstall tool download:
Adobe Flash Uninstall Tool

As of version 11.3.300.265, Adobe is packing 32-bit and 64-bit version into a single installer, making things a lot easier.


15 thoughts on “Adobe Flash Player direct installer download

      1. clean Chromium + forks (“better” clone) / Opera 24 (or above).

        However, not all web browsers detect it after the installation of restarting the web browser.


      2. @krystian3w most clone Chromium they want have beta version flash pappi.
        That’s the reason why they do not see stablinej version.


  1. I’m updating them by hand because stupid Adobe uses version specific file names (currently it has number 18 in the file name, next will be 19 etc.

    Only one defying this is the Stub installer which is my prefered Adobe Flash update method now. It’s tiny and deletes itself after update so it’s all nice and tidy. The Stub installer is hosted by me and it then automatically downloads the actual installer from Adobe servers.

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    1. Stub is good if u have normal net connection .
      If you have 3g dongle then the offline installer link can be put in a web proxy and then download a lot faster.


      1. Yeah, for really slow lines, ability to use downloder with resuming support is a necessity. Aaaah, the 56k days and lenghty downloading of tiny things… 🙂


  2. What’s the difference between the offline misi installer and exe installer ?
    Someone said offline msi installers are better.


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