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Microsoft reinventing hot water. Again.

Why they have to first dumb down the OS so they can then “improve” it later? WHY!? Why not evolutionize stuff that works instead of reinventing hot water about stupid features we already had years ago?

Start menu is back
So, they placed back the button. And that’s it. You didn’t fuckin solve anything Microsoft. We can use 3rd party apps for that. The dumb start menu still covers up ENTIRE screen and ALL the currently running apps. In Win7 you could still see pretty much entire screen and all the apps below when you clicked Start. So, the movie you were playing on top in the bottom corner of the screen remained there and you could watch it while doing other stuff like lets say browsing through Start menu. I do this all the time so i know that. Now? You click Start and bam, everything goes out the fuckin window.
I said this before and I’ll do it again. Why the fuck don’t you use docking panels instead of this god awful single task piece of crap you call “revolutionary Start menu”. But then again i know why. Fucking touch screen devices. Which PC’s totally aren’t…

Tiles resizing
This really shows they are trying to force mobile phone GUI on a freakin PC platform. IT JUST DOESN’T FUCKIN WORK. You need big fat buttons for touch screens so you can hit something half accurately with a toothpick. On a PC with a mice as an accurate way of pointing at things, it’s unnecessary, dumb and just takes up space that could be used for something else. Anything else.

Here i am, sitting in front of a computer in a year 2013 and I’m wondering when I’ll finally be able to experience multitasking. Because I’ve been wanting it for so long. Wait, what the F…? We had multitasking ever since what, Windows 3.1 ? And now they bring it out as some fat new feature!? Of course you have to brag about multitasking, you fuckin killed it with Windows 8 and its retarded over the whole fuckin screen Start menu. Microsoft, if you forgot, Alt+Tab or even better, that taskbar at the bottom of the screen. It’s a definition of fuckin multitasking. Fuck me. Again another bullshit brought back to PC’s from phones that got proper multitasking with the boom of smartphones (unless you use an iPhone aye? 😀 ). But the PC’s had it ever since i can remember. Why first go two steps back so you can go one forward and then brag about it? It just makes no fuckin sense.

You can view images AND mail now!
No fuckin way. Awesome. Except that I’ve been doing that for the last fuckin 6 or so years using GMail in my browser. Or just the Windows Photo Viewer with the mail panel side by side. Remember, we already had multitasking before Windows 8 came along…

Microsoft, stop selling us BS and make some crazy ass fancy presentations about new features you’ve thrown out in the last Windows version. It seems like they run out of ideas on how to make good new products. Just look at what crap they made out of Xbox One. Like they sit at the table every morning and make plans on how to fuck up things. And then they do all that. And next day they try to find even more ways to fuck shit up. Damn.