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WeSendit, is this a fucking joke?

Welcome to 2018 everyone. And it’s not even April 1st…


How can services just outright arrogantly BLOCK Opera browser (basically a Chrome clone!) from even interacting with webpage at all? They just fucking not support it at all so fuck you user. Well, fuck you WeSendit, I’m not gonna use other shit browsers. Chrome is Google’s pile of spying shit and it’s still useless sack of shit with their fancy ass “modern” design, Edge and Vivaldi are too primitive and useless, Firefox still has absolutely no concept of touch control for my hybrid netbook with touch screen and fucking no support for any password managers on Android, not even under god damn Android Oreo with native Autofill support. Firefox Focus does, but has no Sync feature so fuck that useless shit as well. And there is Opera which for some fucking illogical reason is only used by tiny minority of people and has it all and makes other browsers look like a sad joke from interface and usability standpoint. It’s loaded with really good features out of the box, has stuff logically laid out, has excellent touch support, runs on Chromium engine so it’s as fucking advanced as Chrome, supports password managers on Android and has Sync, but services like this want me to switch. Fuck off. I’m not gonna. But I will drag you through bull feces for being fucking lazy fucks.