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Opera Next 15 released!

Not much is known yet, but this is a new Opera browser, a technological preview of version 15 which should already sport a new rendering engine Blink (Webkit fork from Google) instead of old Presto. There is also refreshed interface, but the rest seems pretty standard for Opera. If you want to take it for a spin, grab it at the link below…

Opera Next:

New Webkit Opera Mobile for Android released!

After few months of being in beta, Opera Software finally released a final version of Webkit based Opera Mobile for Android. The most important new features are brand new interface and of course a brand new rendering core, now based on Webkit instead of Presto. All in all i think it looks great and Webkit promises good compatibility and speed. However as soon as i tried it, there was one mega big problem which i totally hate. There is no EXIT button anymore. You can’t even enable it in settings like in older versions. I don’t get it why the hell they do this!? I don’t want a freakin’ browser running in my memory eating battery which already goes flat way too fast after an 4.1.2 update. So you have to kill it constantly and that’s even more idiotic. I know how Android works but last time i closed Chrome and Firefox the way it was designed, it was stuck in the background, eating my battery at even faster rate. unacceptable nd unwanted.

Seriously Opera, you make loads of awesome changes and fuck everything up with such moronic decision. How hard is it to keep browser in memory if you use Back button and fully exit if you use Exit button (which is now missing)? That’s how older Opera versions worked and that’s how Firefox works once you install ExitNow extension. Firefox has a luxury of extensions, Opera doesn’t and that makes it a bit of a minger and I can’t see myself using it until they add Exit button back again. Great potential horribly wasted…