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Create bootable Windows USB drives

There are two tools (that I’m aware of and are worth using), one that I use for years and another one that was sent to me by a reader. The reason for these tools is that fast USB drives are usually A LOT faster than DVD drive for installing Widnows. Besides, more and more laptops these days don’t even have optical drives. I had such “problem” with ACER Aspire One years ago and that’s when I started using WinToFlash. And continued to do so with the use of Lexar Lightining II USB drive which is really fast and makes Windows installation a breeze. Lets start…

This one is the one which I’ve been using for ages. It might look complex at first glance, but it’s actually very simple to use. It is ad supported, so make sure you read screens properly during first startup.

Link: http://wintoflash.com

This one has been sent to me by a reader. It’s a ZOTAC branded program, but doesn’t come with any ads and is also a much better looking program with nice GUI. It’s also made with drag&drop design in mind, so you have to drag all the drives and elements selected to make a bootable USB drive by dragging them inside the GUI window.

Link: http://joshcellsoftwares.com/products/zotacwinusbmaker/