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Good riddance Twitter

After the bullshit for which they locked my account and having to bitch for days for fuckers to unlock it without giving them my phone number to “verify” me, I’ve decided I’m done with bullshit “social” platforms like Twitter. I was basically waiting to get access back to my own damn account so I can terminate it on my terms and not just leaving it “locked”. I didn’t miss it for several days or was it 2 weeks already, I don’t know or care, but I have no wish sticking around platform that’s clearly biased leftist muslim loving fuckery. Good riddance Twitter, you won’t be missed and your stupid spineless practices led me to dumping it.

I’m returning back to good old e-mail communication and Gab.ai. A free speech Twitter alternative where you are in control over what you see and what you don’t want to see, not some blue haired latte sipping idiot who gets offended on your or someone else’s behalf. On Gab I don’t have to worry about getting my account locked because I expressed an opinion someone found “problematic”.

I’ll write more about Gab in the future…

Twitter, stop the censoring madness!

Twitter is slowly but consistently spiraling down into a dumpster fire it’s apparently meant to be. Their new addition is this garbage…


This Tweet was suppose to have 3 replies. Of which I can see NONE. And whole Twitter is riddled with this nonsense now. Yesterday, some guy was asking about one function of a Swiss Army knife and what it is meant for, he apparently got the answer from one of 12 replies of which I could only see his reply. In the end it looked like he was talking to himself… It’s fucking monumentally retarded. Twitter, get your shit together and STOP censoring shit on my behalf. I don’t want some dumb retarded automated system removing tweets/replies because it thinks I’m not suppose to see them for god knows what reason. Stop fucking up the platform, like it’s not bad enough as it is, you have to keep on adding this bullshit and when it breaks everything, they just call it a “glitch”. Fuck off.

Make a god damn per-user censoring system so anyone who wants this nonsense can have it, but leave the rest of us the fuck alone. There is literally nothing that can offend me on Twitter so much that it needs to be entirely removed from my timeline or replies. NOTHING! If I see something I don’t like, I’ll just fucking scroll past it. It’s not a fucking hard concept you know!

Twitter doesn’t understand its own features

Not sure what I’m on about? The story surrounds a journalist Milo Yiannopoulos of Breitbart London. He’s a faggot (hey, his words, not mine) with a sharp tongue and fabulous hair. He’s not afraid to say whatever he wants to say and he’s been quite a celebrity lately for involvement with the #GamerGate, his character and the fact that while he’s incredibly cheeky fella, he also keeps his facts in check. Which is a very rare thing these days in journalistic branch. And as every important person, he had “Verified” status on Twitter. You know, a feature that lets others know that person you see is the real one and not someone pretending to be them.

Apparently, Twitter itself, or shall I say people behind it don’t understand what “Verified” thing even means on social media (on their own frigging platform!), because they have removed this status from Milo. Which is hilarious. You can’t “unverify” a person unless it was proven that his identity was false. Which it wasn’t. They just removed his Verified status because these assholes are obsessed with control and censorship.

“Verified” doesn’t mean “obedient” user or a “good puppy”. verified status doesn’t carry any other function other than confirming identity of a certain person with some sort of celebrity status. Apparently that’s not the case for Twitter, because they just make shit up as they go.

Which is just an extra mark on how corrupt and politically biased social media is these days (Orwell is probably grinning like mad just now). Particularly Twitter with it’s constant peddling to the progressive left stack, helping their buddies reinstate accounts and ignore harassment when done by their buddies, censoring stuff they dislike or disagree with, shadowbanning users (censoring them without letting users know) fiddling with the trendings of hashtags they don’t want to trend etc.

Apparently Twitter people think unverifying Milo will somehow silence him. Oh boy they are mistaken. You don’t mess with Milo, darling. You just don’t… 😀 #JeSuisMilo


Twitter fucking up with 10.000 characters limit

If you haven’t heard yet, Twitter is planning to increase character limit from current 140 to 10.000 (ten thousand). While I’d sometimes appreciate more space to write, going OVER 9000 (hehe) is a bit crazy idea.

I agree 140 is a bit small sometimes, especially since all @, # and attached images count towards the 140 characters limit. But there is an easy solution for that.

Keep 140 characters limit, but take out all the above. So, no matter how many people you address or how many hashtags you include, you’ll always have 140 characters to write.

I don’t get it how Twitter didn’t think of this and I’ve been talking about this several months ago. This way you’d keep things compact, but give people actual 140 characters to use.

I’ve actually been in situations where so many people were included in a Tweet I was unable to write anything at all. When I wanted to make a reply, character count was already showing a minus value. It’s rare but no less dumb and just shows a bigger problem within Twitter structure itself.

What do you think? What is better, my idea of actual usable 140 characters or Twitter’s 10.000 characters?

Help, someone disagreed with me on Twitter!


And archive.is link to be sure: https://archive.is/jkOaW

When you think Batshitinsane (TM) levels have already reached critical mass, someone manages to disprove that claim. This time it’s Twitter.

They actually and with all seriousness added option to report users who, wait for it… disagree with you on Twitter. Nope, I’m not kidding. You have a screen capture above as well as archive.is link.

Are you people at Twitter fucking insane? Your whole platform is based on communications where people disagree on microsecond basis (daily basis would be an understatement) and you add this to your reporting system. How fucking dumb you have to be to do such a thing!? Now lets just wait for 10 seconds before your whole system implodes because everyone will report everyone for disagreeing with them. I mean LMAO XD

Twitter, your notifications bar is broken!


I don’t know what happened, but since yesterday evening (or this morning), notifications count just keeps increasing on Twitter and even when I read them, they stay the same and increasing further. Guys in #GamerGate, I think you broke Twitter with the #OpSKYNET lol. Either this or a conspiracy and sabotage from the Anti-GamerGate nutters.

Twitter, get this fixed!

Twitter Blocking feature is dumb as brick

I’ve just noticed something utterly moronic about Blocking in Twitter. If someone blocks you, you cannot block them back, because you cannot access their profile anymore. What does this mean?

This means that if you for whatever reason don’t want the person who is blocking you to see your tweets anymore, you simply can’t do that (unless you initiate the block first). However, they can still see your tweets if they wants so. They just have to click a button “I still want to see the tweets” and voila, they can browse your timeline.

Now, I know you can simply logout and view someone’s timeline that way, but why not complicate their sorry lives if I can. But dumb Twitter doesn’t even give me that option. How dumb is that? Or am I missing something here? The way I tested it, Twitter behaves exactly like that. Googling around only yields stupid FAQ from Twitter which doesn’t explain why I can’t block that person back and make them unable to read my timeline at all.

Can someone enlighten me on this one if there is an undocumented workaround that I haven’t found yet?


Ok, haha XD Now, that was a massive self pwn. I don’t know how, but for some really weird reason, I was unable to find that gear button before, but 10 seconds after I’ve posted this blog post, there it was. Just one of those “how the F” moments I guess…

Twitter is a funny creature

Twitter_Funny_CreatureSince I was constantly bombarded by hashtag this and hashtag that, I went and registered an account. After half an hour of battling for a username I could actually use and wasn’t absolutely ridiculous, I finally soared into the world of tweets.

Needles to say, the experience was somewhat confusing if not just straight weird. It’s really more like a modern version of IRC where everything gets tossed into a single channel. Imagine 5 million people on a single channel all talking one over another. That’s what Twitter is and I was following just a handful of people. Everyone bombarding everyone with strings and snippets of information, when you reply to someone, you hardly ever get a reply back, with message characters limit you can hardly type anything meaningful, video content is stuffed inside messages as a link, images are cropped in the main page display until you click them, constant replying to wrong people because I forgot to remove the @person tags from the reply etc, total absolute chaos.

While I do like the fact that Twitter doesn’t insist on gathering all the info about you like Facebook does and that it’s fairly anonymous system, I still just don’t get it. Either I’m too old, too stupid or simply too used to forums and blogs to be able to constantly create content within 144 characters limit. And spam it like mad to stay relevant.

I’ll keep the account, but I’m not sure I’ll be participating much on it. I’ll just stick with good old forums and this blog…