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Tomb Raider: Legend NextGen Crash Fix

It has been ages since Tomb Raider: Legend was released and basically since day one we had to deal with random game crashes because of NextGen content that never got fixed by original developers. One moment you’re playing the game, next moment game crashes to desktop without any warnings. NextGen content enables quite neat graphics that still impress me even today, 12 years after game release, but these crashes were super annoying.

Until I found a fix for it. Decided to complete all “modern” Tomb Raider games, so naturally I had to start with Tomb Raider: Legend. And crashes annoyed me so hard I started digging. And found a fix by total chance which was apparently released in 2014 by user “if(TickRate==64){shot.Miss();} ” (yeah, stupid name lol).

But it seems to work perfectly. I was getting crashes in Nepal almost every few minutes, but after replacing the binary, no crashes in exact same spots.

Just download the EXE file below and replace the original in game folder. Patch is meant for Steam version of the game. I’ve checked it with Kaspersky and it seems clean.


Tomb Raider Legend NextGen Crash Fix

Tomb Raider: Legend crash fix

I was playing Tomb Raider: Legend again after a long time and after finishing Japan mission, the game was continuously crashing when i tried resuming the gameplay.

It was constantly crashing with error (message on desktop, not BSOD):
Exception code: Access violation (c0000005): (Read of address: 0x00000058)
Exception address: 0x004561c4

It’s an original game that apparently arrived pre-patched (official 1.2 patch refused to install) and it already says 1.2 out of the box, but the game seems to have problems still. However the fix for this bug is a bit strange really. Despite the fact that my hardware is far more capable to run the game i had to lower all the graphics settings and then it worked. I don’t really expect another patch to address this bug after all this years so you have to use this workaround.

How to fix this crash:
Lower or turn off all the graphics settings. Resume the game and it should now load the level without crashing. When you are in the game, enable all the graphics settings back and enjoy this wonderful game.
In my case this worked and i think it will for you as well.

This seems to be a very common crash for this game but not many forums or boards address this issue.

I hope this will help 🙂