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Waiting in lines for toilets is sexist

I’m not even sure if feminists are serious or their entire lives are one big parody. Clearly, something with Leslie Nielsen springs to my mind when reading this load of nonsense…

Linky: http://time.com/3653871/womens-bathroom-lines-sexist-potty-parity/

It’s too long to quote in here, so click it over and entertain yourself. I’ll try to summarize it here though…

In an essence, men are yet again to be blamed for their share of every day sexism. Particularly for women who have to stand in lines to use a toilet. I was like, no way, I must be misreading this. Just to find out I wasn’t. They actually blame it on the men. Again. So, a museum has 6 toilets for men and 6 toilets for women. Architects usually do the symmetry magic, so chances are, that’s the case. You don’t mention how things stand, so I made these numbers up to portray the idiocy.

50 women were waiting in line for the lady toilet and the one for men was shockingly entirely empty (was it a dildo museum or something?). Now, how exactly is that anyone’s issue, especially men’s issue? No, the fact that women had to wait there in line was nothing short of sexist. Except, it just wasn’t.

I can’t grasp at how tough everyday life must be for feminists. It’s not just life filled with every day annoyances, no, their lives are not filled with obstacles either, judging by their constant whining and bitching, it must be a freaking battlefield for survival. And it’s not a battle against being disallowed to vote, disallowed to drive a car, disallowed to get a proper education, disallowed to leave a home without men’s permission, you know, those really serious violations of human rights that some women still don’t have in this time and age, no, the top modern western world women issues is freaking waiting in lines for a toilet and they are blaming it on us, sexist pigs, men. And I’ve just planted a palm of my hand through my forehead…

I know women tend to use toilet more often than men do, but for god sake, do we really have to install 6 toilets for men and 50 for women to satisfy these crazy feminists? Or is it that women somehow have this extrasensory bio proximity pee detection and when they sense another women who has to pee and in that moment, they also get the urge to pee as well? Can’t really find any other logical explanation for 50 women to clutter up together for a toilet at the exact same moment while being in a museum. Nightclub, maybe I’d understand it considering they are usually crowded and you probably drink a lot more than usual, but in a freaking museum? C’mon?!

I’m a man obviously, so I clearly don’t understand it, but would love to hear it from women, how these things work on their end. Because curiosity is just killing me right now… especially that extrasensory pee detection theory. Is it for real?