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Don’t turn off System Restore!

There is this common misconception about System Restore people still have that it’s not useful and just eats drive space. I think that’s still from Windows XP days when System Restore never really worked when you needed it the most, but for the rest of the time it was just eating tons of drive space.

The first thing people do when they install Windows is to head into settings and disable it. Ok, sure, it saves you few gigabytes, but it can really save you tons of time when things go wrong. And it has worked great since Windows 8.1. Whenever I had to fix something that I broke by tweaking it too much, System Restore fixed it.

You don’t need to give it 50GB of space to work with. 10GB is plenty, hell I think sacrificing 5GB should do the trick as well. It should be enough for few latest checkpoints, meaning when something goes wrong and system refuses to load Windows, you can recover it by waiting for Windows to boot into recovery mode by itself and then going through Troubleshooting section where you can fire up System Restore and fix the issue by going “back in time” before the issue happened. Whole process takes like 5 minutes. You know how long it takes to re-install Windows, even latest Windows 10 which installs the fastest.

So, don’t be stupid and leave System Restore enabled.