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New Sound Blaster Z drivers released!

Been quite a while since last driver release of drivers for Sound Blaster Z. And Creative just released a new update. The changelog is as cryptic as the one ASUS releases for their devices…

Changes for version

  • Bug fixes and general improvements for Windows® 10


New Sound Blaster Z drivers released!

It has been almost a year since last Sound Blaster Z driver release and despite being totally problem free, new drivers are always welcome. I love hoarding fresh drivers 😀

Anyway, Creative hasn’t released anything specific, just “bug fixes and general improvements” for this new drivers release version Which basically means these drivers give you 300% more framerate 😀 Just kidding. 🙂



New Sound Blaster Z drivers 1.00.22 released!

I’ve just noticed Creative released new drivers for Sound Blaster Z soundcards on 10th July 2013. It’s now version 1.00.22.

What’s new:

Added Enhancement / Features:

  • Multiple fixes that improve the driver’s overall stability and performance
  • Added support for ASIO playback and recording



Just pick your Sound Blaster Z model through their menus and download the latest version. 🙂