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Windows Security Center protection status delay fix


If your Security Center icon in taskbar has a yellow exclamation mark warning or even red circle with cross warning for several minutes after every system restart just because Security Center is trying to figure out what’s the status of your protection software (even when only using Windows Defender!) and goes away after that really long time, this fix will most likely resolve it for you. I don’t know why this nonsense started happening all of a sudden and why it’s happening with all antiviruses except avast!, but I found out the reason.

Windows Security Center service is set for Automatic start with Delay. Which means it takes forever to load on startup and as a result, you see that warning on the taskbar icon forever.

Applying my fix (simple registry file) however forces Security Center to start in a normal, non delayed way which refreshes the status instantly on every system restart, showing green checkmark next to a Security Center shield pretty much instantly. It doesn’t really affect performance or startup time, but it gets rid of the warning/error icon on Security Center, so you instantly know whether there is an actual problem with protection because you’ll get the actual status instantly after startup.


Update 2018-08-12: Added additional REG file to restore default state

Security Center Reset tool

Security Center Reset is a handy tool that gives you ability to easily reset Windows XP/Vista Security Center monitoring status.

Ever happened that Security Center was still reporting your former antivirus/firewall as installed but disabled, even though you already uninstalled it long ago?
No more from now on with Security Center Reset!

Just uninstall ALL antiviruses and firewalls (excluding Windows XP/Vista Firewall of course) and run this tool.
It will automatically reset the monitoring status of Security Center.
After this this is done, you can install back your latest favorite antivirus or firewall software that will be properly re-detected in Security Center as you install it.