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Sexist comet landing

If you haven’t been following the recent major events in the science field, here is a brief intro. ESA, the European Space Agency made a first ever mission to land a spacecraft on a comet (67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko) and gather gravitational, structural, chemical and other properties of the comet itself. The mission was done by Rosetta and Philae robotic spacecrafts and is considered as one of the major space exploration milestones ever attempted that might reveal ground breaking information regarding space and its many secrets on how it was formed and how life might have formed on planets since comets carry many organic compounds and also two which are among the most important to form life as we know it. Water and oxygen. It is very possible that comets are responsible for seeding life on planets. Even our own planet Earth. And Rosetta mission will potentially bring us tiny bit closer to the origin of life info if you want it to be scaled on how important it is.

However, the mission has been a bit overshadowed recently in the media because of Dr. Matt Taylor, a brilliant scientist from UK, who was the leading scientist on the Rosetta project. And the only reason for all the outrage was this:

Image courtesy of www.independent.co.uk
Image courtesy of http://www.independent.co.uk

Still don’t have a clue why certain people were outraged over him? Let me tell you. The whole rage going on about it was because of his shirt which was labeled as “sexist” because of few drawn female characters in tight dresses with slightly larger cleavages and breasts.

At first I couldn’t believe what I was reading. We’ve made one of the most important space explorations in human history that in my opinion falls in a second place right after the moon landing as far as the importance goes and there are people out there that are so fucking short-sighted that they are more concerned over a fucking shirt he was wearing on conference, basically disregarding the importance of the contribution to the human race he and his team at ESA made with Rosetta mission. These feminist imbeciles even went so far with bullying, that lead to this guy apologizing in tears. Are you fucking kidding me? He shouldn’t be apologizing for anything. Ever. And not because his mission success has a higher importance than woman rights, but because he did NOTHING wrong. First of all, the originally offending shirt that is depicting sexy blondes dressed in tight dresses with slightly larger breasts is not offending at all (see the image above and wonder what the fuck is wrong with it…) and secondly, it was a gift given to Matt Taylor by his wifes’ friend Elly Prizeman. Wait for it… Elly is a WOMAN! Matt Taylor was wearing her shirt (that she actually designed and tailored as a gift for him) to honor her by simply wearing it. You know, as a gesture of showing her that he appreciates the gift. Something any normal human being does to show that gift was important to him/her. He just happened to wear it on a public conference for Philae landing (which meant a lot to Elly, because the event was so big and important), not knowing he’ll be hit with a shitstorm of complaints from feminist retards. Elly even had to go so far and defend her friend Matt with her public response which you can read here.

And here I am wondering where our civilization has gone for people to complain and worry about something so fucking unimportant as the wrong choice of style for a public conference. What, should he come there in a sterile white dress in a hope he wouldn’t offend anyone that way? I bet there would be some fucks who would start bitching about discrimination of black people and start connecting him with KKK or some other shit. I mean what the fuck. He and his team which also consists of WOMEN just made a historical space exploration mission and these feminists are bitching over a shirt he was wearing? If the shirt he was wearing was full of bulky muscle dudes, no one would really give a shit. But since it had sexy women depicted on it (just sexy, not even naked!), whole hell broke loose. There is just no facepalm currently known to mankind that would properly display my outrage towards these idiots. The closest one I can think of is the one where palm of the hand actually punctures through the skull and comes out on the other end. But I still feel it’s not quite the right one…

I perfectly understand it when people are fighting for woman rights, because lets face it, women are still greatly oppressed in many parts of the world, but these feminist morons are crossing the line here. They are not fighting for anyone’s rights here, they are just bitching over something completely irrelevant in a western world where despite them constantly bitching how women are poorly treated and all, they have nothing to bitch about. And that’s my opinion from my own experience and if it’s this way in our country, many far better developed European countries fare even better. I work in one of the largest companies in our country and many leading positions in the company are covered by female workers. We are talking CEO, COO and so forth positions as well as various other head of department roles among centers throughout our country. My boss is female and I had many others before her and we got along great with all the respect and everything. I have 2 female co-workers and one other male co-worker and we are treated exactly the same in all aspects I can think of in the department where we work.

I also have a further explanation why things tend to look so bad in statistics that they usually show all over the place. Those kind of statistics that would show how ESA Rosetta team had 90% of team consisting of men and 10% of women. I made these numbers up, but I know that women did work on Rosetta project and they also work in other ESA projects and are in a minority. The reason is not in horrifying oppression of women, but the fact that women in general aren’t all that interested in such fields. There are work places that are dominated by man, because they are simply generally more interested in them. Like electrical and mechanical engineering, chemistry and physics fields, car industry, military etc that is generally dominated by men and fields like fashion, beauty and styling, social fields and communications, schools and kindergartens etc that are in general dominated by women. It’s just the way how human nature kinda directs our lives on a subconsciousness level. But that doesn’t mean women or men don’t decide for a work that is not dominated by their gender. There are women working in science and engineering fields as well as men working in fashion, styling or social fields. It can easily work both ways. In fact, I can easily say that men who display interest in feminine fields are getting bullied more than women do, if they decide for more “feminine” work. Imagine being at school when you decide your profession specialization and a guy says he’ll go into fashion designing. He’d most likely be labeled as gay very quickly. You know, the “Are you gay or something?” nonsense? But if a women says, I’m going to the engineering school because I’m interested in I don’t know, computers, people would look kinda confused for a second or two and the day would continue like nothing happened. I’ve seen and heard about such cases so many times. Anyway, just to point out the obvious thing that feminists tend to just kinda push somewhere in the background…

Even the name “feminist”, which is the bunch of people who were bitching about it in the first place describes absolute interest in women rights only. If you want to do something good for this world like these men and women at ESA did, stop bitching over unimportant stuff like the above shirt and actually fight for equal rights, because believe it or not, there are also men who are in a worse position than women. Sure they are in minority, but no one can outright say it as a fact that it’s not happening. Who is fighting for their rights? No fucking one. Because even if they’d complain, no one would believe them. That’s what such one-sided extremist movements are doing to the western world. They are shifting from one extreme to another instead of making them equal. I support getting things on an equal level by all means, because everyone should have exactly the same rights if you have a penis between your legs or a vagina. It shouldn’t matter. At all.

This was just a general rant over certain group of people who label themselves as feminists (or shall I say extremist feminists, because, to be politically correct, we shouldn’t generalize things). The above block of text is one of the reasons I’ve even opened up a new category “Political Correctness”. I had no intention to bring politics and other life “nonsense” to a techy blog, but since the blog is kinda oriented around my life, I’ll expand the stuff I cover as I go. And since I’ve been studying human rights, religions and other social stuff lately on my own, I’m going to cover that as well from now on.

And following that, I also have a more detailed article planned regarding the topic of above shirt and how certain parts of our society is turning into a turd. It also happens to involve games that I love, so I feel I have to cover that as well. The above “shirt” story is kinda a prologue into this field that I wanted to write about long ago, but have so far only covered violence in games and not depiction of women in them.

And to end this story on a more positive note, even though I haven’t been following the Rosetta mission up closely, I’ve been reading about it and I’m very proud to our race (as humans) for making achievements like this. Because they show how men and women from different countries of different skin colors and religions can step together for a greater good for all mankind. Some may say it’s a waste of money to spend millions and billions on sending spacecrafts on some icy space rock, but these fragments of information are telling us who we are, where we came from, how life may originated. The really important scientific stuff. So, congratulations to Matt Taylor and his team at ESA and don’t let these extremist bullies make your life miserable ever again over things that are below the level of importance of a decaying dog turd in my backyard lawn.