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Double layer tortilla pizza

I know my blog isn’t exactly known for cooking stuff, but I like doing that when I’m not fiddling with computers. I also happen to love pizza. But I’m just too darn lazy to make pizza dough myself. I was doing it for a while, but it’s just too time consuming and unless you follow recipe to the letter, you’ll get dough that is hard to work with, especially since I usually do it using full grain flour which is especially demanding.

I’ve tried everything from frozen pizza’s, frozen dough in blobs as well as pre-shaped frozen dough. And it just never ended up actually good, not to mention anything frozen takes forever to bake. And that’s when innovation happened. 🙂

Tortillas. Instead of bothering with the dough, you simply buy already done tortilla wraps which come in many different types like plain white wheat to corn tortillas and I’ve once even had spicy wheat ones. But I’ve gone even further. In the past I’ve made it using single tortilla and they were a bit to thin. It’s what most online tortilla pizza guides do. So, I’ve made double layered tortilla dough with mozzarella cheese in the middle to get a bit of an extra thickness. And it’s sooooooo gooooooood 🙂


Double layer tortilla pizza

Ingredients for classic pizza:

  • 2x tortilla wraps (wheat, corn or any other)
  • Gritted mozzarella cheese
  • Ham (or pepperoni)
  • Tomato sauce
  • Oregano or a pizza mix of spices
  • Fresh or canned mushrooms (fresh white champignons in my case)


In the end, ingredients can be anything you want. Either classic or veggie, maybe you fancy it with tuna, best part of all this is that ingredients don’t have to be thoroughly cooked. Only thing that really needs that are mushrooms and even those are done super fast. You can also replace ham with bacon and replace mushrooms with some onion and then top it up with a bit of a spicy BBQ sauce. Or my other favorite, mushroom pizza with Boletus Edulis mushrooms topped with yogurt, garlic, chili and chives sauce. Combinations are endless.

Preparing the double layer tortilla “dough”

Lay one tortilla flat and spread mozzarella cheese across it in a thin layer and then place second tortilla on top, like so…


Why stack just two tortillas when you can also use cheese in the middle 🙂

Layering the ingredients

I like ingredients stacked in such order, but you can do it in whatever way you want. You can also use whatever ingredients you prefer really.

But you always start with tomato sauce and if you want, also some spices…


Then comes a layer of ham…


And a layer of mozzarella cheese and again some spices…


Some mushrooms. I prefer the fresh ones because they taste better and take no longer to prepare than opening a can and draining the salted water…


Baking process

Since all ingredients apart from mushrooms are already edible as is, baking process takes no time at all. You can do it in a frying pan, in a classic oven placed at the very top with a grill mode or like I’ve done it, in a table top convection oven. I like this one because it’s right underneath the heating element and it requires no pre-heating what so ever. You just drop it in for around 5 minutes or until you get a desired level of crunch with the ingredients on top.


Inside table top convection oven…


Finished double layer tortilla pizza