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Modern feminism makes no sense at all


This little gem here are feminists protesting the ban of “burkini” crap, I assume in Europe since I know France has already passed a law that bans it. You know, that oppressive piece of garment enforced by islamists as “choice” for muslim women? Yeah, that one…

Love the hypocrisy of galactic proportions and lack of any kind of logic by feminists here. For two reasons…

1. Try being dressed (or shall I say undressed) like this, protesting anything in Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Syria or Saudi Arabia. I can only say: “Good luck with that.” But muh oppressive patriarchy in the west…

2. Love that “Fuck patriarchy!” sign. What’s most ironic about it is, they are saying that, while in the same fucking moment DEFENDING patriarchy by demanding burkin to be unbanned. Islam is a definition of patriarchy and these retards are defending it while holding a “Fuck patriarchy!” sign. How fucking monumentally dumb you have to be to do such a thing? Then again, we are talking about feminists, so literally anything is possible.

Patriarchy makes no sense

Patriarchy makes no sense, especially not in the sense (radical?) feminists are today presenting it as some sort of organized male domination elite destined to oppress women down to the ground. If men were so keen on keeping their patriarchal position, they’d never ever allow feminism to emerge in the first place. They’d crack it down before it would even have the chance to emerge and have any kind of public voice. And yet, that totally didn’t happen. Not because men were so incompetent, but because there is NO patriarchy. At least not here in western world and on a global scale. There might still be individuals who think men should be in charge for everything and believe that such form of order should be enforced or followed, but that’s limited to one family maybe, not to entire states or groups of people who would affect larger populations and will essentially die out entirely over time, because the large majority dictates how smaller groups should behave. And doing something like this in this part of the world and time, it’s pretty much unacceptable. That’s why it will be entirely gone in a matter of decades, maybe a century…

We (men) support and encourage resolving of women rights issues, within reasonable limits of course. And by reasonable limits I’m implying on getting things to at least seemingly equal level and not what most radical feminists are doing today, demanding absolute and complete privilege over everything for women, even if that means violation of men’s rights. So, how could there be a patriarchy system, if men for the massive majority support changes and are open to discuss them? That would be the worst run oppression group in existence if that was happening while this so-called patriarchy was being enforced on the people.

This is the first part where the theory of its existence in modern days within Western society falls flat on its face. And the second one, who’s still even applying “patriarchy” as per definition on the Dictionary.com?

noun, plural patriarchies.


a form of social organization in which the father is the supreme authority in the family, clan, or tribe and descent is reckoned in the male line, with the children belonging to the father’s clan or tribe.

Fathers are not really authority in families anymore these days. Men and women share pretty much equal role within the family, they for the major part both have job, they both look for rich career and chance to earn well, they both take care of children, they both take care of their home etc. It’s really nothing unusual for men to do stereotypical women tasks around the house and women giving a try at stereotypical men tasks. But as always one is always better at something so they do the stuff they are better at. Makes sense if you want to do things efficiently. No one is super experienced or good in everything. They both take responsibilities as it is expected from adults and when things require discussion, they discuss it and make a decision together. Next, people don’t care anymore for the most part if a male child will carry on the family “heritage” or not. As far as I’m concerned, I’d rather have girls or if anything, one boy and one girl for my children. And I don’t really believe in marriage where women then has to take man’s surname. Though without it, this does bring some complications on future generations because too many surnames would accumulate and you need to start dropping them somehow. So much for influence of patriarchy on me for siding with the “girl power”… I mean I’m seeing all this within my family, in families of my relatives, within families of people I briefly know and by people who simply coexist within my living space. No sign of patriarchy.

And children don’t belong to a father or man either. In fact, when it comes to child custody cases, women or mothers actually have a much higher chance of getting custody just because they are women and they are naturally assumed to be better fit for raising of children. How can this be in any way patriarchal, if government-run bodies are siding with women just because they are women and because statistics tell us that they are in general more fit for the role of raising kids? That would be patriarchy shooting itself in the foot… I mean no fiddling with the statistics and giving kids to fathers automatically instead? What a crappy patriarchy this is, if men can’t even arrange that right…

Again, I have to stress that we are talking about Western world here, not some 3rd world countries that run strict family policies on a government level. Here where we live, the patriarchy is something only feminists still regularly use to make some sort of point. But I’m not exactly sure what that point is, when the idea of patriarchy doesn’t even apply anymore to our part of the world.

So, the next time you’re about to shout “PATRIARCHY!!!!!!11111” at someone, think about it for a bit and you just might realize that I’m actually right. I’m not denying its existence elsewhere, but here, it just doesn’t exist anymore.