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Tomb Raider: Legend NextGen Crash Fix

It has been ages since Tomb Raider: Legend was released and basically since day one we had to deal with random game crashes because of NextGen content that never got fixed by original developers. One moment you’re playing the game, next moment game crashes to desktop without any warnings. NextGen content enables quite neat graphics that still impress me even today, 12 years after game release, but these crashes were super annoying.

Until I found a fix for it. Decided to complete all “modern” Tomb Raider games, so naturally I had to start with Tomb Raider: Legend. And crashes annoyed me so hard I started digging. And found a fix by total chance which was apparently released in 2014 by user “if(TickRate==64){shot.Miss();} ” (yeah, stupid name lol).

But it seems to work perfectly. I was getting crashes in Nepal almost every few minutes, but after replacing the binary, no crashes in exact same spots.

Just download the EXE file below and replace the original in game folder. Patch is meant for Steam version of the game. I’ve checked it with Kaspersky and it seems clean.


Tomb Raider Legend NextGen Crash Fix

NFS Hot Pursuit 2010 Car Unlocker Patch

I got kind of a nostalgia bug recently and decided to try NFS Hot Pursuit 2010 again online. I remember having tons of fun for years but like since 2014, I haven’t played it anymore. Till today. There are actually people still playing this game, 6 years after release! And it was quite fun. Hot Pursuit mode was infuriating like before, but normal Race mode was super fun. It brought back so many memories.

Anyway, while I was in the process of setting up the game I’ve noticed I still have a special patch that unlocks tons of cars that are otherwise hidden away from regular players.

Hard top Dodge Viper GTS, hard top Audi R8, hard top Cheverolet Corvette Z06, hard top Lamborghini Reventon, hard top Aston Martin Volante. There are also Porsche Panamera Turbo and Maserati Quattroporte which were previously only available as Pursuit cars. Plus many many more.

What’s also cool about this patch is that these special cars appear for other players even if they don’t have this patch. So, your selection of hidden cars doesn’t depend on others also having the patch. Though I’m sure they’ll be confused a bit how you can drive these cars and they can’t. 😛

It’s incredibly hard to find this patch since its “official” webpage went offline. So, I’ve decided to share it with you guys. Maybe some of you will still find it useful. Enjoy.

NFS Hot Pursuit 2010 Car Unlocker Patch

Need for Speed 3: NextGen released!


After long time, Need for Speed 3: NextGen patch has finally been released!

RejZoR and Evgeny Vrublevsky bring you the old epic racing classic from the late 90’s with latest Windows support, new enhanced graphics support, new visuals, new features, less restrictions and more fun!


  • Proper full support for modern Windows operating systems, including latest Windows 10 in 32 and 64bit
  • Fully portable, no more ties to the registry
  • Full widescreen support with resolutions up to 4K (UHD) and beyond
  • Enhanced Direct3D 6 mode with advanced fogging and lighting effects
  • No Ferrari/Mercedes licensing restrictions in Hot Pursuit mode
  • New 3DSETUP_NXG for easy rendering mode selection
  • Ability to add and drive traffic cars (optional)
  • DirectSound3D/EAX support via audio wrapper
  • Easy to use patcher/installer

New dedicated NFS3: NextGen micro page:


You can also access NFS3: NextGen micro page directly through My Projects menu above.


Re-Volt Modern Patch


Along with the Need for Speed series, I’ve been a huge fan of Re-Volt. It’s like Micro Machines, but in a more modern form with a 3rd person view from behind instead of top down view, amazing graphics even for current standards if you crank up the Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering, fun gameplay, awesome physics and absolutely adorable worlds to race on ranging from neighborhoods, supermarkets, museums, western themed tracks, on a ship in the middle of the ocean, abandoned mines etc. And if you get bored, there is also a Track Editor which allows you to make crazy tracks of your own to race on. So, here is my contribution to the fans of this old but incredible game.

Currently only tested on Windows 7 SP1 64bit, but should work on other modern Windows operating systems as well (including Windows 8). If you do try it on other versions, please let me know how it works 🙂

– original Re-Volt game (english retail version from 1999)
– Creative ALchemy or similar tool for EAX support under Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8

1.0.1 (2013/07/03) – fixed missing shortcut icon and added more version info in the installer
1.0 (2013/07/02) – initial release (Fixed game crash on startup, fixed Track Editor)

Known issues:
In-game music doesn’t work (sound effects still work). It’s a common issue with games on modern operating systems where music is recorded as Audio CD. You can use media player to play the music in the background if you want, until i find the fix for this.