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Why the hell limit the upper passwords length!?

Apparently i’ll have to make a blacklist of all the webpages with fuckin lazy admins. Last time i was ranting over idiotic Adobe login security measures because they were limiting password length, this time it’s apparently time to rant over WorldCommunityGrid webpage managers.


Password Format Requirements:
– 6 characters minimum (alphanumeric: A-Z, a-z, 0-9) – OK
– 15 characters maximum – WHY!?
– No “special” characters (!@#$%^&*_+=:;, etc…) – WHY!?

Why the fuck do they have to limit passwords to max 15 characters and exclude basically everything that usually makes passwords strong. Is this some kind of new fetish for webpage admins or what!?

Why not make a freakin requirement that the password can be max 15 characters long and the only letter that you can use is capitalized letter “A”. I mean seriously, dafuck is wrong with these ppl!?
We, the security aware ppl have been ranting over such stuff for years and companies still pull stunts like this in this time and age. It just makes no sense…