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Onavo Extend not working on Android 4.1.2 ?

Due to my low mobile phone data plan I have to use technologies like Opera Turbo/Off-road and of course Onavo Extend to save bandwidth, which unlike Opera technologies works system wide in most Android apps. Or so it did, when I still had Android 4.0.3 and 4.0.4 on my Galaxy S2. But ever since I’ve updated to 4.1.2 (official Samsung OTA update, firmware i9100BULS1), Onavo Extend stopped saving bandwidth. Everything seems to function, VPN service is working, data within it is counted, but it doesn’t save me anything at all. It’s always 0KB saved in the stats page no matter what I browse or view through 3G.

I have also contacted Onavo support, explained them situation, sent some data to them and then silence. Few days have passed and I haven’t got any answer. Searching the net also yields zero results. Only thing that I find is info on how Onavo Extend saves bandwidth, no matter what I search for.

Is anyone successfully using Onavo Extend on Android 4.1.2 or later? If yes, are you using Samsung device with stock firmware? Or is it some other device vendor? I’d really like to get it working again, but apparently I’m left on my own with it, as there just aren’t any resources on why it’s not compressing the data…