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NTFS Streams Eraser revived!

I’ve decided to revive my old tool designed to erase all NTFS Alternate data Streams on a specified partition. In the old days it was designed for Kaspersky Antivirus users in mind, today it’s focused a bit more on Comodo Internet Security users, because Comodo started using NTFS ADS to track origin of files. And I’m pretty confident there are other programs which still create NTFS ADS. If you for example decide not to use file origin tracking within Comodo or you uninstall it, you can use NTFS Streams Eraser to cleaup NTFS ADS that have already been created or you just want to cleanup the partitions after uninstallation of Comodo Internet Security program.

NTFS Alternate Data Streams are harmless and well documented feature of NTFS filesystem, but there are people who are concerned over concealed data being attached to files.

More information on a dedicated page:


Formatting portable disk to FAT32

Ever tried formatting a portable hard disk to FAT32? No option for FAT32?
Well, Microsoft did it there. They’ve limited FAT32 to drives that are just 32GB or below in size. For anything above that, all you’ll get as an option are NTFS and exFAT. Nothing wrong with that, except the fact that there are not many devices (DVD players, car stereo etc) that can read NTFS and exFAT is even worse when it comes to support. It’s just too new for any kind of support.

So only way to do it, is by using a specialized tool called “fat32format”.

fat32format homepage and instructions:

fat32format download:
fat32format download (official)
fat32format download (mirror)

Just formatted my WD My Passport 250GB with fat32format tool and it worked like a charm. Thanks to guys from RidgeCrop who made this little program.