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Need for Speed developers don’t understand the point of cops in the game

This was suppose to be a NFS Heat review, but since I haven’t finished the game yet for reasons you’ll read below, I’ve decided not to make it a full review, but a rant about cops mechanic in the game that entirely ruined what looked like near perfect game…

I’ve been in love with the concept of racing and cops basically since the original The Need for Speed back in the early 90’s even though they only had to overtake you to bust you and that was it, the only mechanic in the game. I’ve played racing games a lot back then since 90’s were the golden era of racing games and the one problem they all had before and they still have to this very day if cops are not present is that they become repetitive and boring very easily and very quickly. It’s also one of reasons why I just never liked F1 games or “racing simulators” or quasi simulators like Forza, because they always end up being these dull repetitive real world circuits racing by holding same perfect line every lap, for 50 laps. Or whatever. Yawn.

Some time has passed and NFS3 Hot Pursuit arrived back in 1998 and that’s when EVERYTHING changed (now you know my fascination over NFS3). The game had amazing selection of sports cars and you could download more of them made by fans. Hundreds of them. It also had absolutely amazing circuit tracks with various elevation changes, shortcuts and were thematically unique. Countryside highways, futuristic cities, desert canyons, snowy summits, beautiful coastline cliffs in the sunset, the lot. And it also had cops. That cherry on top X factor that made game so diverse with every race I can still fire it up today and have fun with it despite knowing exactly how each car feels and handles, every corner of every track, but I never know where and how exactly I’ll have cops getting in the way, something no other game could offer before. When you learned other racing games, they became boring because you just drive the track in best line you know it works and other racers just weren’t a distraction enough to matter. But with cops, every race is just tiny bit different. You interact with cops at different points of the track, you interact with them in different ways and they used different methods, so while not a groundbreaking change to the concept of racing, they were this random modifier within the game that wasn’t a focal point and wasn’t absolute annoyance, it was just sort of there to spice things up. And this trend basically continued through out the NFS franchise till EA handed over development to their internal studio named Ghost Games. Apparently a team of game developers that hasn’t played a single NFS game in existence and develop NFS games based on description made by someone who also never played any NFS game. Coz they just feel exactly like that in the end.

When NFS 2015 was released, the “reboot” to the NFS series, there were cops in free roam. And I was excited. I remembered all the fun and exciting moments I had with NFS Most Wanted 2005 and NFS Carbon as well as many games before. Just to be let down entirely by how worthless cops were. I had a stock starting car and I could shake off cops in matter of seconds and as soon as you upgraded the car they were basically non existent. They hardly had any presence in races and they were so useless in Free Roam it felt like they don’t even exist, basically eliminating the X factor cherry on top, exactly what cops were suppose to be in the game. All they had to do is tweak few parameters about cops and it could be perfect. But they never bothered and just kept the game in its broken boring state. The game was so boring I never finished it. Guess who made it. Yup, it was Ghost Games.

Then NFS Payback was released. Again by Ghost. They didn’t even bother to have cops in free roam because of all the criticisms of worthless stupid cops in NFS 2015. They appeared in scripted races where their presence was basically pre-coded and when triggering “loot boxes” around the map. Otherwise they didn’t exist. Game was plagued by other problems like cars locked into classes and upgrading with absurd slot machine mechanic. I’ve finished it, but the thing was so forgettable and boring it’s one of the worse NFS games of all times.

People wanted cops in free roam for the next game after NFS Payback. And we demanded them to actually mean something, not like in NFS 2015. And Ghost Games being Ghost Games, they’ve gone totally overboard in NFS Heat (current latest NFS game released in Nov 2019), making cops these absurd absolutely obviously cheating god like fuckers that ruin the whole game because they’ve decided to make them a fucking focal point of the game. And I was like my fucking god, you morons don’t have the slightest clue why cops exist in NFS games. Focal point of NFS games should always be racing and exotic cars. Cops were always a thing in the game that was just sort of there that spiced things up and brought randomization factor. Not here. I’m 26 hours into the NFS Heat game and I currently have a 1000 HP Mitsubishi Evo X and apparently, that’s still not enough to actually even have any fun interaction with cops because they are so stupid overpowered they chase you at lightning speeds at only Heat 3 (there are 5 heat levels and 5th being highest) and these Heat levels seem to escalate too quickly before you can even shake off cheating cops whole games becomes an absolute god damn chore to play. And you need to go against cops during Night Time because that gives you REP points which you need to actually unlock higher tier performance parts so you can buy them with money earned during Day Time. So, you’re literally forced to do this chore of dealing with motherfucking cheating cops that are so freaking not fun to interact with. And to make matters worse, apparently when you upgrade the car to level 400 and above, cops become too easy. Or so I heard from others, it’s downright chore to play this game so I’m not in a rush to play or upgrade cars in it…

So, Ghost managed to create a game that’s dreadful to play until you get everything to a certain level and when you get past that level the game becomes boring. And there is this tiny window within the entire game where you have like 5% of actual fun coz then you soon have 400+ level car and it’s boring. And I can’t believe how they fucked up the game with 1 (ONE!) elemental rookie design mistake which they’ll never fix because they just playing don’t give a shit. Player car damage. Just this one single fucking detail in the game fucks up the whole game so badly it’s literally unplayable and considered anything but fun, hours into the game.

Currently, player has a limited health and if cops beat you enough, you lose health, get wrecked and as a result, busted. Which is a problem because cops feel and behave like you’re playing against a player online who’s not hiding the fact he’s using all the possible cheats that exist. That’s how NFS Heat cops feel like. Oh, you have a 1000 HP tuned Mitsubishi, pheeeeh, doesn’t matter, those shit ass Crown Victoria police cars can keep up with you easily. And so can higher heat level Chevy Corvettes, that on paper have up to 600 HP, but somehow keep up with absolute ease with a way more powerful car you have. Because they just so blatantly cheat.

And this cheating wouldn’t even be a problem on any level if you couldn’t get wrecked with such absolute ease. I’d even encourage them to be stupidly aggressive, at least it would mean you’d really have to try hard to evade them and since you’d not be limited by health, you’d at least try to work something out even if you were pushed around like a pinball. But not in this game. Health goes down and you just kept on getting busted. Game after game. To a point it’s just not even fun to even play it and becomes this thing you want to avoid. There is no thrill because you already know in advance interaction with cops means almost certainly you’ll get busted. Opposed to all the NFS games from the past where your chances of evasion were WAY higher although you could still get busted if you were stupid. But it was fine. Cops are meant to be the randomizing factor and something that spices things up, not something that sucks all the fun out of the game. And that’s exactly what they do in NFS Heat. They suck absolutely all fun out of the game.

To make matters further worse is how cops behave as whole. In basically all NFS games, if you were speeding, cops reacted to that. Here, you can drive 300km/h past a stationary or driving cop during Day Time and they won’t react. At all. During Night Time, you can do the same 300km/h thing past them and for as long as your Heat level is 0, they won’t react. Have just Heat 1 and they’ll go after you with entire arsenal of cheating bullshit tricks. I was like, hey guys, what’s the deal with cops not reacting and apparently, that’s “by design”. A design that makes cops not behave like you’d expect cops to behave. They are just there not doing anything unless you straight up crash into them. Which is basically never unless you purposely do it.

And what’s even more shocking is how every time you comment and criticize this absolutely garbage design on NFS subreddit, there are a always smartass morons who say “uh oh git gud and learn to drive noob”. Bitch, I was probably playing NFS games before you were even born and you’re gonna be saying this smug shit to my face? You don’t fucking have a clue what the purpose of the cops is in this game and you have no clue how good cops would and should feel like in the game. And I can tell they most certainty shouldn’t be this fuckery we have in NFS Heat. It made otherwise well designed game and turned it into absolute unfun (I made this word specifically for this game) horseshit.

And all because stupid Ghost couldn’t leave fucking player health out of the game that would ensure epic massive chases and doing so would eliminate cops being a problem with their absurd cheating. Hell, it wouldn’t even be a problem if they made them even more absurd at Heat 5 level just to keep things interesting long term.

I still just can’t understand how they fucked up NFS Heat game as whole so badly just by fucking up the design of cops. Graphics are amazing, the city is beautifully crafted, cars handle well and just feel good to drive and there are tons of them, sensation of speed is amazing , sound design is amazing and there is a lot to do on the map from collecting Street Art, collecting flamingos, smashing billboards, doing long jumps, there are alright races across different map even though Ai players suck pretty badly and they brought back normal car upgrading and tuning. It’s becoming a well rounded package at this point. And then they put these bullshit cops into the game and fuck it all up to a point it’s one of the worst NFS games I’ve played in my life because the fun factor is down in the shitter. HOW?! How could you people fuck up a game that could actually be one of the best NFS games in decades to a point it’s actually one of the worst ones of all times. You really have to commit and go out of your way to fuck something up this badly with just one aspect of the game that drags everything around it all the way to the bottom. And all this could be solved by either eliminating the player health or just make cops that are actually capable of being cops and not be this blatant obvious cheaters. And since fixing the second would require a lot of effort, removing player health should be the approach. But I already know for a fact this will never happen…

Need for Speed 3: NextGen released!


After long time, Need for Speed 3: NextGen patch has finally been released!

RejZoR and Evgeny Vrublevsky bring you the old epic racing classic from the late 90’s with latest Windows support, new enhanced graphics support, new visuals, new features, less restrictions and more fun!


  • Proper full support for modern Windows operating systems, including latest Windows 10 in 32 and 64bit
  • Fully portable, no more ties to the registry
  • Full widescreen support with resolutions up to 4K (UHD) and beyond
  • Enhanced Direct3D 6 mode with advanced fogging and lighting effects
  • No Ferrari/Mercedes licensing restrictions in Hot Pursuit mode
  • New 3DSETUP_NXG for easy rendering mode selection
  • Ability to add and drive traffic cars (optional)
  • DirectSound3D/EAX support via audio wrapper
  • Easy to use patcher/installer

New dedicated NFS3: NextGen micro page:


You can also access NFS3: NextGen micro page directly through My Projects menu above.


EA, pick up your god damn support “phone” will ya!?

Wanted to play some NFS Hot Pursuit 2010. People used to play this online even even a year ago so I wanted to give it a shot again because it’s so fun doing insane speed slides through corners. And all the fun ended when game displayed this to me when I wanted to fucking activate it using my original Limited Edition key found on the back of the game booklet…


Well, you don’t say!? When did I fucking do that EA, eh? When? I might have wasted 1 or 2 activations because I forgot to deactivate it before formatting the system, but I sure haven’t fucking wasted 5 of them. Moronic De-Authorization tool of course doesn’t work, because you have to use it on the system where game was installed and activated. Which I don’t have anymore because I’ve bought a whole new system. I even wanted to add the game to Origin, because I’ve used same Origin account to login to NFS Hot Pursuit 2010 AutoLog and thought the server will figure out it’s the same serial and add it anyway. Nope. Can’t do that. The game has been already used on another system. Yes, my god damn fucking system.

But fine, I’ll contact EA and let them sort it out…


Do you want to know for how long I’m trying to contact them? For 7 fucking days. SEVEN! In the evenings, in the morning and no one fucking picks up the live support request. It’s like everyone left EA support department and couldn’t be bothered to give a note on a fucking webpage. The fucking webpage says expected waiting time is 5 minutes. I’ve waited for hours in total across several days and no fucking response. I’m still waiting at the very same popup above as I’m typing this rant…

It was hard to dig out this contact and after constant failure, I wanted to send them a written support inquiry through e-mail or shit. Yeah right, can’t even find that shit. Live chat seems to be the only way and no one fucking seems to work behind it. At all. I don’t give a fuck if the game is 5 years old, I paid for it and I want to fucking play it. And I can’t because of the fucking moronic retarded DRM. This is exactly why I don’t have UPlay and this is exactly why I don’t buy ANY games from Ubisoft since they introduced this shit. And frankly, I haven’t bought many EA games either for the very same reason. If I have to buy a game, my first stop is either GOG because it’s DRM free and I’ll NEVER experience such retarded shit or it’s Steam, because even though it’s DRM by itself, it at least fucking works and they have a support that actually fucking answers the inquiries.

Btw, if anyone happens to know any way to contact EA in any other way than this fucking dumb “live chat”, please let me know down below so I can play this god damn game already…

NFS3 Modern Edition updated to v1.04!

NFS3Hello everyone, just want to let you all know I’ve updated my NFS3 Vista Edition patch to version 1.04 today. It has been a while, but I’ve discovered few issues so why not update it 🙂

What’s new in version 1.04?

– Installer/patcher renamed to “NFS3 Modern Edition”, because Vista is kinda dead now and it looked silly because of it.

– Removed Read-Only attribute from ALL game files. This might help in certain rare cases when files are desired to be modifiable.

– Enabled all Mercedes and Ferrari cars for Hot Pursuit mode (you need to select Extra content package during installation). Previously, all Mercedes and Ferrari cars were disabled due to licensing policy by those two carmakers. I hacked the car resource files, so the game now allows them. You’ll now be able to take Ferrari 550 Maranello, Ferrari F355 Spyder, Mercedes SL600 and Mercedes CLK-GTR against those annoying cops.

Future plans for v1.05?

I’m actually planning one more update which will require some more time to make, but I need to first test how it behaves in-game. Version 1.05 will provide additional Extras package inside the installer that will give you player-only selectable traffic cars. Currently, Ai drivers can also select those crappy traffic cars when you decide to drive one. But the extra package will give you option for those traffic cars to be player selectable only, so the Ai racers will only be able to drive original sports cars and players will still be able to pick traffic cars like they can now. It’s a small content update, but I guess it will allow you to have a bit more challenging races. School bus vs El Nino for example 😉

NFS3 Modern Edition page (for update download):

Have fun!

Need for Speed: Rivals announced!

Electronic Arts (EA) has announced Need for Speed: Rivals, an action/racing game created by an inspired new development team, using a powerful engine and delivering next-generation gameplay. Need for Speed: Rivals is being developed by EA’s newest studio, Ghost Games, who bring new thinking and innovation to the Need for Speed franchise in partnership with the expert racing team at Criterion Games. Built on the Frostbite 3 game engine, Need for Speed: Rivals captures the adrenaline and intensity of the street’s ultimate rivalry between cops and racers in a stunning open road environment. Need for Speed: Rivals is coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on November 19th, 2013 and will also be released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this year.

In Need for Speed: Rivals, gamers play as either a cop or racer, where each side of the law has its own set of high stakes challenges, rewards and consequences. As a racer, the goal is to become infamous for taking risks behind the wheel and capturing your most intense escapes on video for the world to see. The more cops players evade, the more Speed Points they collect, enabling them to unlock new cars and items. Keep raising the stakes race after race to become an ever-more valuable target to the cops – but risk losing it all if busted. As a cop, players work together as part of a team in pursuit of racers, earning prominence and rising in the ranks of the Police Force with every bust. Achieving higher ranks unlocks new police-only cars and more powerful pursuit tech.

At the heart of Need for Speed: Rivals is AllDrive, an innovative new online feature that allows gamers to seamlessly transition from playing alone to playing with friends, eliminating the line between single player and multiplayer. Players will have to keep one eye on their rearview mirror as friends will be able to enter and exit races on-the-fly, creating a world where no two events will ever be the same.

Need for Speed: Rivals pushes the limits of racing games with all-new and improved features:

• Next-Gen Racing – Redview County is brought to life with stunning, next-generation detail and weather effects that force drivers to master the elements, as well as the competition.

• Need for Speed Network Powered by Autolog – Gamers can compare stats and challenge their friends anytime, anywhere and then easily share their accomplishments with both friends and rivals.

• Personalization – Drivers customize their ride with fresh paintjobs, custom license plates, liveries, decals, rims, and performance upgrades.

• Pursuit and Evasion Tech – Street racing explodes with 11 upgradeable gadgets including turbo boosts, jammers and EMPs for racers, and shockwaves, roadblocks and helicopters for cops.

“The Need for Speed franchise has been an industry leader bringing social competition to the forefront in games,” said Marcus Nilsson, Executive Producer, Ghost Games. “For the first time, players will have the freedom to seamlessly go from single player to co-op to multiplayer. In Need for Speed: Rivals we are creating one game experience with one progression, where the freedom to play with friends is more fluid and accessible than ever before.”

Ghost Games also announced the long-awaited return of Ferrari to the Need for Speed franchise. For the first time in seven years, gamers can get behind the wheel of some of the most luxurious, desirable automobiles on the planet, including the F12berlinetta. “We are back in the Need For Speed franchise, starting with Need for Speed: Rivals, as we want the fans of this world famous and award-winning racing game saga to be able again to feel the excitement of the Ferrari Brand and cars.” said Stefano Saporetti, Head of Brand Operations at Ferrari.

Players eager to bust racers from day one can pre-order Need for Speed: Rivals at participating retailers and receive the Need for Speed: Rivals Ultimate Cop Pack at no additional cost. This pack offers exclusive access to a powerful collection of items including the Nissan GT-R Black Edition cop car, advanced pursuit technology, and a custom livery.

I’m a big Need for Speed fan and I’m looking forward to every NFS game. This one is no exception. There is not a lot of info available yet, but the Frostbite 3 engine is already a good news. NFS Most Wanted 2012 was using some Criterion engine which was absolute garbage. It was nothing spectacular, but it was lagging like hell on a high end system with Radeon HD7950 3GB. And i was using 1280×1024 because i like my old school 19 incher. And that was just unacceptable and looked lame. Every single game that i run on my system runs at insane framerate using max settings. But not that rubbish Most Wanted 2012. Besides, i really liked the visuals in NFS The Run which was also running on Frostbite engine. It was smooth and looked nice, so I’m looking forward to that.

I’m also concerned over gameplay. In NFS Most Wanted 2012, it was so uninspiring I thought i’ll fall asleep after 2 races. All the same races in open world with badly marked roads where you missed the intersection easily. It was the shortest played NFS game I’ve ever played. Only interesting modes were evasion missions where you had to evade cops as quickly as possible and free cruising around the map looking for cars. But once i found most of them, there was very little point in playing it further.
I’m especially concerned about all the “gadgets” they want to stick in the game. I don’t want jammers, rocket launchers, earthquake generators, napalm throwing helicopters and hunter seeker drones, i want a proper cops and robbers racing game where racers have fast cars and cops have spike strips (stingers), roadblocks, helicopters to track racers and that’s it. No sci-fi nonsense, just proper cops and racers stuff. Having to mash 10 extra buttons while going 350km/h in a rush hour is certainly not what i want. And sequentially mashing EMP and jammer like in Hot Pursuit 2010 is not fun either. It’s unnecessary.

On the good news front, Ferrari’s are back! No info yet on which models apart from F12 Berlinetta, but every Ferrari in a game is a good thing. I hope they’ll also bring 458 Italia and maybe few older models as well (preferably the legendary 250 GTO and 288 GTO).

Customizations are back again but bragging about “customized license plates”? I mean, ok, we had that back in 1998 with NFS3 where your name was displayed as license plate and we were writing “2Fast4U” on them, so the guy behind was reading that… Why do they keep on throwing away good stuff and starting from scratch with every release? Why don’t they just write down the good stuff and keep on using that while throwing away stupid stuff? Instead they tend to do the opposite too often…

Anyway, these are just my initial rants and speculations, I’ll write more when, well, more info is known. I hope they won’t mess it up because I’m in a real Need for some Speed.