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NFS The Run – Solution how to disable chat voices!

Do you still happen to play NFS The Run multiplayer and you totally hate god damn morons who have their microphone plugged in so you hear everything but the game sounds. No more! I can now properly enjoy the multiplayer in Need for Speed – The Run. Wonder how? Here is the guide for Windows 7 and Windows 8, but I’m guessing that same method can be used in Vista…

1. Right click on the speaker icon next to the clock (taskbar) and select “Playback devices”

2. Under “Playback” tab, right click on device that you’re not really using (in my case it’s SPDIF Out on my X-Fi Forte) and select “Set as Default Communication Device”

Doing so will leave all the usual sounds (car engine, in-game music etc) play as usual, but the voice communications will be redirected to non-existent output which doesn’t really playback any sound to your ears because no speakers are connected to that output.

3. Run the game and enjoy without any dumb noises distracting you in Multiplayer mode.

Have fun