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Here we go again, blaming games for Munich shooting

BBC news on Munich shooter (archive for obvious reasons):

Let me just first throw the “we need more gun control” bullshit under a bus…

David Ali Sonboly, 18, who had a Glock pistol and more than 300 bullets, killed himself after the attack. Bavarian officials said the gunman, still not officially named, appeared to have bought the illegal pistol used in the attack on the so called “dark net”.

Germany already has one of strictest gun control laws. And what they want to do first after such shootings happen? WE NEED MOAR GUN CONTROL! No you fucking retards, you can’t take even more guns from citizens, they already can’t protect themselves. If more people had a gun, they could stop this asshole the moment he opened fire. But waiting for cops turned this whole thing into a lengthy chase with a trail of dead people.

And then we come to this fucking gem involving games…

Sonboly was said to be a keen player of “first-person shooter” video games.

Yes, and Hitler also drank water. Not only this remark that this shitface was a gamer is entirely out of place, it also has no basis, not logical and not scientific. And it’s making me as a gamer look bad. And I haven’t done anything bad and neither has my hobby. Yes, I’ve killed thousands of people. In games. My death toll in reality after 20 years of gaming is still fucking ZERO. And I predominantly play hyper violent first person shooters like Killing Floor 2 and Soldier of Fortune where you can realistically dissect organisms, fictional or humanoid into tiny particles. Apparently I’m a greater risk to society because I play games than highly questionable “refugees” flooding our continent of Europe. Fuck off BBC.

If games are the cause for all this violence, then what was the cause before the early 1990’s when first “first person shooters” even appeared (Wolfenstein 3D which is the grand daddy of all first person shooters)? Do I hear incoherent stuttering in your voice now?

Look at this list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_rampage_killers

A lot of years with most deaths well before first person shooters even existed. Checkmate motherfuckers, the games are NOT the cause. Stop fucking blaming them already. But games are the most convenient scapegoat everyone can beat to death, year after year whenever any shootings happen. Just fucking stop it!

There is no scientific evidence to support such claims, there is no historic evidence as presented above to support such claims, they are damaging for the gaming industry and they are damaging for people involved in this hobby. This bullshit blaming games after every god damn shooting needs to stop.

Gamers are the last thing to worry about. Pay more attention to all the fucking jihadists flooding Europe. All these arabs with their god damn islam are the root of all this shit. There was none of this crap before you “white guilt” retard assholes invited them all here. That is again a fact. Statistical and historic. Focus more on that and less on games and gamers.