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GamerGate harassment narrative nonsense


You’ve probably already heard about the GamerGate “hate mob” and a “harassment” campaign to drive women out of gaming. It’s copy & pasted all over the media, by the same media who is accused of being corrupt to the core. And people outside of it seem to just blindly believe it, otherwise this nonsense narrative about harassment of women would end 1 month after it started. But no, here we are almost a year later and the exact same bullshit is still going on like a broken record skipping at the exact same part, repeating it over and over again…

But, I’m wondering about few things that just don’t compute for me, but somehow do for everyone else who aren’t GamerGate “members”…

You are bunch of misogynists…

If we (GamerGate) are here to attack, harass and drive women out of the gaming, what the hell are we benefiting from it? What’s the benefit of being dedicated to harassment of women for 10+ months? The whole idea of this narrative is so stupid only a retarded amoeba could believe it…

So, lets assume we are really about harassment of women in gaming and we finally drive every single woman out of gaming. And then what? What the hell would you achieve by doing that!? How would that improve our lives or hobby? How does turning a fun, interesting and diverse hobby into a cis white male sausage fest “improves” things, somehow?

If we are only cis white men as portrayed by the corrupt media, then naturally we’d want women around, right? After all we are straight, right? No one wants a fucking sausage fest. Whoever thought of idea that gaming would be perfect if all you have around are dudes, then you’re either gay (nothing wrong with that, just saying) or you have absolutely no idea how straight male brains works. There might be moments in gaming when dudes just want to be left alone and be allowed to run around with erect dicks while ejaculating toxic masculinity, but for the overwhelming majority, guys want to hang with girls, have fun with them, enjoy their company. And guess what, that also includes games. Shocking, right? I mean, girls also want “girls only nights” here and there with no dicks flailing around where they can just do whatever girls do when guys aren’t around. But that’s certainly not how overwhelming majority of gamers want their gaming experience. Actually believing it is this way is just out of this world silly assertion…

You are bunch of homophobic racist bigots…

They have also thrown in that “GamerGaters” are homophobic racist bigots, because you know, calling us misogynists just wasn’t enough. Can someone at this point explain to me how exactly does a gay, lesbian, transgender or bisexual person of any skin color affect me as a gamer when I’m playing, I don’t know, Counter Strike: Global Offensive online? Why would I care if an in-game teammate or enemy is a black transgender lesbian? If he/she/it/otherkin can play the game, I will not be able to tell the difference between them and a straight white guy. I’ve probably played games online with all these people without even knowing. I don’t ask people these questions, because frankly I don’t care just like no one cares who I am. We just play games and that’s it. Sure there are assholes, but then again, assholes are everywhere, not just in gaming. How is this narrative still standing, I have no fucking clue. I guess if you repeat a lie for long enough it becomes the truth…

You are bunch of trolls…

So, if we aren’t misogynists and racist bigots, we must be trolls right? Except, no… I’ve seen bunch of trolls in my life and there is NO troll in existence of this world that would be so persistent in harassment of people just for the sake of trolling them to be going on about the same exact thing for almost a year. Trolls can be persistent and annoying, but sooner or later even they get bored. Trust me, they do. Trolls need a moment of satisfaction from someone else’s misery and then they fuck off their own way. Asserting GamerGate somehow breaks the unwritten rules of trolling, you’re mistaken and you know it, if you’ve ever met a troll online. It’s just not in their MO.


And lets don’t forget mentioning all the people of different ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations gathered under NotYourShield hashtag who went so far to violate their own privacy in order to prove a point by presenting their own photo with a hand written message or a video recording, defending GamerGate and the fact that they are real people who aren’t cis white neckbeards. What kind of troll or harasser would go and expose his identity to the world like that? That goes against any logic. And if they say they are part of GamerGate, who the hell are you to say they aren’t and even have the balls to say they aren’t real with a straight face? Call them sock puppets even (yes, you Tim Schafer)!

Listen and believe

Ok, so we aren’t misogynists, we aren’t racist bigots and we aren’t trolls, we aren’t sock puppets, but we are diverse and we want ethical gaming journalism. Then what the hell are we?

Now listen and believe when I say it. We don’t care how it all started, what was the exact catalyst that ignited the chain of events that led into existence of GamerGate. That’s their thing to resolve. We are here for the aftermath, we are here because of all the things that were uncovered after that. We just want corrupt gaming journalists to be driven out of this industry. Either the easy way, by I don’t know, gaming journalists starting to behaving by the ethics code or the hard way, by shutting down their rotten outlets. It’s really that simple. And if you continue to accuse us of anything else, then you are part of the very same problem we are fighting against.

Stop being such a numb drone and start thinking with your own head. Because when you do, you’ll realize that all the accusations being thrown at GamerGate people make no fucking sense. At all.

Ellen Pao was not driven off Reddit because of misogyny

EllenPaoResignation“Misogynist tantrum officially drives Ellen Pao from Reddit”. Officially? Really Gawker? Offcially? It’s the same stupid nonsense happening again as it did with Tauriq Moosa, the Polygon “journalist”. Tauriq Moosa made some incredibly stupid comments on Twitter, pretty much destroying his own credibility and media quickly spinned it into harassment narrative because he was not white. They instantly turned it into a racial thing even though people calling him out didn’t do it because of his skin color, instead it was because of his own incompetence, stupidity and ignorance. This is getting so far out of control I’m calling it the “Tauriq Moosa Syndrome”.

And Tauriq Moosa Syndrome is happening again… All the portrayals of Ellen Pao like this…


…had NOTHING to do with her ethnicity or gender. Calling her out for resignation had nothing to do with any of it. There is no racism and no misogyny here. People were using these to carry a rather strong message (hint: dictatorship, totalitarianism etc). The censorship, the ignorance of voices of those who work on Reddit, all the idiotic decisions that only punished users and people below her on Reddit. That’s what it was all about. It was not because of her race, it wasn’t because she’s a woman, it was entirely because she is clearly incompetent for the given job. And like in every normal job, when there is such massive dissatisfaction as here, people demand resignation of such people. It doesn’t matter if people in question are male, female, white, black, Asian or whatever. People demand their resignation because they are not fit for the given job. It’s as simple as that. Or have you all forgot about all the sacked “privileged” white men in the entire history of human existence when they fucked up and had to resign or were forcibly removed? Everyone so obsessed with races and genders these days you’re all missing the real message…

Stop being such racists sexist bigots and look at why people demand their resignation. Stop reading stupid media that only cares about clicks and not about the truth.

The sooner you become your own journalist who actually does proper research on given topic, the better.

What if someone made a “kill all men” game…

Today’s This Tweet in Stupid guest is Randi Harper, the online bully extraordinaire…


Actually, all the people supporting him wouldn’t be pissed. Why? Because 90% of games already are “kill all men” and no one gives a damn, because they are just games. It’s you crazy lot, bitching about exclusion/inclusion of women and misogyny. Few of the most popular games just to give it a taste how horrible games really are and how they are all about misogyny…

– entire Call of Duty series, I have yet to see a female enemy soldiers (don’t recall any).

– entire Battlefield series, I have yet to see a female enemy soldiers (don’t recall any)

– entire CounterStrike series, I have yet to see a female player model to shot at/play with.

– Half-Life 1, no female soldiers except those black ninjas. The rest is 99% of shooting men.

– Half-Life 2, I don’t remember any female enemies to shoot at.

– entire F.E.A.R. series, I don’t remember any female enemies (if we exclude Alma), only male enemies.

– Max Payne 1 and 2, again, I don’t remember ever seeing women shooting at me and me shooting at them…

– Soldier of Fortune series, apart from few female gang members in the very beginning Subway level of the SoF1 game, the other 99% of the time, you’re shooting exclusively men in most grotesque and cruel ways.

– entire Tomb Raider series, apart from female antagonists, you’re shooting and fighting men exclusively.


Why this happens is explained by Vavra’s Law (by game developer Daniel Vavra)…

If game only has men in it, SJW’s demand equal representation of women. And when you add women as enemies to make things equal, they scream misogyny because you can now shoot women. It’s a never-ending hell for developers, that’s why they just stick with male only enemies. Because no one is bitching over that anyway…

Long study concludes, games do not cause sexism

Study title:
Sexist Games=Sexist Gamers? A Longitudinal Study on the Relationship Between Video Game Use and Sexist Attitudes.

Link to the abstract of this study:

Department of Psychology, University of Cologne , Cologne, Germany .

From the oversexualized characters in fighting games, such as Dead or Alive or Ninja Gaiden, to the overuse of the damsel in distress trope in popular titles, such as the Super Mario series, the under- and misrepresentation of females in video games has been well documented in several content analyses. Cultivation theory suggests that long-term exposure to media content can affect perceptions of social realities in a way that they become more similar to the representations in the media and, in turn, impact one’s beliefs and attitudes. Previous studies on video games and cultivation have often been cross-sectional or experimental, and the limited longitudinal work in this area has only considered time intervals of up to 1 month. Additionally, previous work in this area has focused on the effects of violent content and relied on self-selected or convenience samples composed mostly of adolescents or college students. Enlisting a 3 year longitudinal design, the present study assessed the relationship between video game use and sexist attitudes, using data from a representative sample of German players aged 14 and older (N=824). Controlling for age and education, it was found that sexist attitudes-measured with a brief scale assessing beliefs about gender roles in society-were not related to the amount of daily video game use or preference for specific genres for both female and male players. Implications for research on sexism in video games and cultivation effects of video games in general are discussed.

Bottom line?
While we don’t have access to full study (yet), the abstract of this peer reviewed study from a reputable German university clearly explains that games do not cause sexism regardless of genre of the games, gender of players or the play time amount.

Dear Anita Sarkeesian, Jonathan McIntosh and other pseudo science “games cause sexism and misogyny” bull manure scammers, this is what we’ve been saying the entire time. Stop spreading lies, because no matter how many studies they’ll make, the conclusion will always be the same. GAMES ARE NOT THE REASON FOR SEXISM.

Misogyny in real life (Part Two)

You can read my Misogyny in games (Part One) here. This time a bit different and hopefully with more input from the outside world. Hopefully.

I’ve covered the virtual part, I’m now moving into the physical realm of actual living humans. I’ve watched few videos on this topic, mostly from Anita Sarkeesian who’s a misogyny drama queen. I don’t think there is any human being, who has used word “misogyny” as many times as she did. In a single video or all combined. You know, when some word is used so much that it gets embedded into your mind. Like those silly but catchy songs. You hate them, but they keep on rolling in your head. And same is with word “misogyny”. And while I can just dismiss those silly songs, constant induction of guilt through repetition of this word being said to me as a description of who I (supposedly) am because I play games.

In fact, they are pushing this narrative so far to induce this guilt into every man, regardless if they are gamers or not. And that’s really just a very low and disgusting fear mongering scare tactic. To make you feel guilty even if you know that you are treating everyone around you as good as possible.

So, where is this misogyny? Who is doing it and why can’t I notice it? And don’t tell me I don’t see it because of my gender which is male. I mean, when there is something this horrible and obvious happening, one would happen to notice it, wouldn’t he? I might be a man, but I’m not blind and I’m still able to make critical thinking. Otherwise I wouldn’t be an atheist, right? Because from the word itself (yeah, I’m not all-knowing and I had to look into dictionaries for meaning of “misogyny” because I never ever came across it before), it sounds like something systematic, something done on a daily basis and something done on a large-scale to large groups of people. In this case, in a large-scale to women. Where do these social justice warriors see these examples here in western world?

Wherever I look, I see nothing but respect to women. I live in a rather conservative country in Europe and even here, women are highly respected and really not treated any different from men. Not exactly something you’d expect from conservatives who usually tend to follow “old ways” in which women are stereotypically placed in a kitchen with a task to raise kids. In fact I find word “misogyny” entirely incompatible with social standards, at least in my country. You cannot hate someone, dislike them, mistrust them and have prejudice against them and be their good friends, boyfriends, husbands or just life partners at the same time. It just can’t function. Because that’s what I see all around me, everywhere. It just makes no sense at all. From my observation, no one hates, dislikes, mistrust women or have prejudice against them in general just because they are women. People tend to acquire those opinions based on actions done by individuals. And it really goes both ways. If men is behaving like a dick and he’s caught lying, somehow, people tend to dislike him, start to mistrust him and simply have prejudice against him for what he has done or how he behaves. And if woman happens to do any of that, what kind of reaction you’d expect? You get a definition of misogyny from the dictionary. But no one applies it as a general rule, to all women. Why the hell you’d even do that unless if you’re seriously mentally challenged? I see absolutely no reason to hate or mistrust women by default. They’ve done nothing negative to me, so I see no reason to treat them that way. And I’m not the only one to have such opinion. Unless if they change my thinking with their behavior and actions. That’s not misogyny, that’s how our society and human to human interactions work. Trust is earned and when you lose it, people tend to hate you, dislike you and they simply behave and react to you differently.

So, ladies, if any of you are reading my blog (I know there are few female readers), please tell me your opinion on this matter. Do you feel you’re affected by “misogyny”? If yes, where and how exactly? If no, why do you feel that way? And if it’s not a secret, in what country are you living? Men are also welcome to comment of course. I’d love to talk around real world examples with the “oppressed” side to see if this is really a social issue or just a load of vapor…

I might even write a “Part Three” if the input will be big enough.

Misogyny in games (Part One)

So, I’ve been hearing and reading about this trend of “misogynistic gamers” who just love to beat, rape, abuse and murder women in games. People even called me that way, solely for being a gamer who also plays games that include that within gameplay spectrum, without actually knowing my character or my stance on women and their treatment in real life. I’ve explained some of it my other articles and I’ve talked about it in Youtube comments, but here is a better defined, shorter version which explains how gamers aren’t misogynists at all, on any level or definition.


[mi-sojuh-nee, mahy-]


hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women, or prejudice against women.

Ok, so here is the official definition of the word. Pay particular attention to word “women”. Why, you may say? Because every time you beat, shoot, run over, abuse or otherwise mistreat “women” in games, you are in fact not really doing any of that to women. What you are doing is beating, shooting, running over and abusing bunch of polygons, textures and pixels. Not women. In fact you aren’t even shooting, beating, running them over or otherwise abusing them. Because those guns, fists and cars don’t exist either. They are also bunch of polygons, textures and pixels. Essentially, what you’re doing is manipulating pixels with bunch of other pixels.

These polygons, textures and pixels have no emotions, no feelings, they don’t feel the pain, they don’t experience fear, they don’t experience physical and mental trauma, they don’t get long-term mental issues because of the abuse. They are as inanimate as the rock in your backyard.

If we want to escalate things so far and call manipulation of polygons and pixels as “misogyny”, then you shouldn’t be allowed to throw a plush pup or teddy bear on the ground, because that would equal to an actual animal abuse and you would get charged for animal cruelty. Dropping a Barbie doll or any kind of doll that portrays woman body anatomy? Nope, can’t do that, because that would result in you becoming a misogynistic pig. Wait, you haven’t seen anyone reporting anyone to the police for misogyny by dropping female toy dolls on the floor? Not even being outraged over it? Annoyed even? Wait a second…

So why the hell are you extremists feminists running this crusade against gamers who shoot and run over non-existent things? If you want to accuse me of anything, you can freely accuse me of “pixogyny”. And I will never deny it.




hatred, dislike, or mistrust of pixels, or prejudice against pixels.

There you go, I’ve corrected that a bit to explain what gamers are actually committing within games. Feel free to call me or any of other gamers like that. We’ll always be happy to say: “Yes, we are guilty of that.” Because last time I’ve checked, pixogyny is not a crime of any sort and neither it is an unacceptable and/or abusive behavior. It doesn’t actually harm anyone (well, except pixels).

I know this will sound a bit ludicrous, silly and weird, but to my observation, inanimate, fictional characters in games are starting to get more “human” rights and media coverage than actual real human beings who are still actually being mistreated or abused in real life. Call me a moron, but can someone please divert all the manpower in hating treatment of women pixels in games and use it to protect and save actual human beings? The actual women who do have emotions, do feel the pain, do feel the fear and do have long-term trauma after abusive events. Those are the women (people) who actually require our attention, not god damn pixels. Stop wasting time and resources on things that don’t matter and use them for things that do.

If you think experiences from games somehow projects into the real life and reinforce abusive behavior, you’ll be able to read about that in my second part named “Misogyny in real life (Part Two)”, coming very soon…

Games don’t discriminate, games emulate

I’ve noticed one interesting thing. Anita Sarkeesian, despite proclaiming herself as the all-knowing expert in gaming and games, doesn’t even understand the very basics of games. Something you absolutely have to understand before you can dissect games as she calls her “work” and proclaim clear cases of misogyny against women and women alone in computer games.

I have more than 2 decades of gaming history behind me, I’ve developed 3 games myself when I was a teenager (just uploaded 1 to my page few hours ago, other 2 were localized, sorry), have been learning, tweaking, modding and hacking game engines for more than a decade and I’m currently holding a position of a beta tester in a gaming company. I can safely say that I know a thing or two about games and I call majority of her claims a load of bull manure.

Game concept

Every game is built upon game engine. The very foundation or “machinery” that creates visual and audible interactive content of games. And the game engines do not make any distinctions between male and female NPC’s (Non Player Character). For the game engine, one and/or another are the exact same thing. A moving set of skeletal animations covered with triangles, called polygons that are then covered with textures and affected by physics engine which for the most part mimics physics conditions found on our planet. If you don’t know what that is, Google for PhysX, Havok Physics and Isaac Newton…

Leon character from game Biohazard (Capcom).

What game sees is a collection of polygons, shaped in certain anatomical form and covered with distinctive textures which in our eyes represent female or male human being. The game however has no concept of genders applied to these entities by the developers. The genders do not exist for game engines. It’s us who see them as a human of one gender, but for the game, it’s all the same. A collection of polygons. The reason why I’m bringing this up is the way how Anita Sarkeesian wants to portray how violence and misogyny is exclusive to female characters in games. However, that statement is entirely false. Games don’t discriminate, they emulate.

Hitman:Absolution – Vixen Club scene with “controversial” exotic dancers (Hitman Wikia)

And they emulate real world physics within a game. If one human body behaves in a certain way, every single human body in that game will behave EXACTLY the same. It can be portrayed as female, male, transgender, bisexual or even as alien in disguise as a human. That’s why games have independent physics engines these days. Because developers only have to make 1 character, give it human properties (limbs, joints, articulation limitations like the ones found on elbows and knees) and the rest is done by the physics engine in real-time. If game allows character manipulation when they are lets say dead or unconscious, you will be able to drag or carry those bodies around in the exact same way without exceptions.

If the above female exotic dancers from Hitman Absolution were replaced by models of male exotic dancers (just the wireframe model, no other changes), you could render them unconscious, kill them, drag them around, carry them into a nearby chest or simply avoid them altogether just the same as existing female characters. The way we see gender of the in-game models doesn’t affect any of it because game is incapable of distinctions between males and females on a gender level. For the game, they are all the same. This is something we gamers call “sandbox game”.

Sandbox games

In the past, games had every single thing specifically tailored to perform a certain action and it was usually absolutely linear thing. You had to do specific things in order to progress. If you failed to do so, you were stuck until you completed them. However, today’s games mostly feature independent worlds with physics that affect every single item in that world in a predictive manner as they do in real world. Programmers just place characters and items in these worlds and they are pretty much on their own as far as actions towards them go. There are no specifically tailored events or outcomes for these objects. They are there, followed and affected by pretty much laws of “nature” that mimic reality.


Next example of in-game features that have no perception of gender are side Crime Detection (or often called Crime Prevention, because you get the most bonus for actual prevention) missions in WATCH_DOGS game. Anita yet again portrayed it like every single side mission involves male perpetrator and female victim, which always gets hurt or killed. The reality is, these missions are called crime prevention for a reason. Player is expected to prevent these crimes in order for those citizens to walk away unharmed. If player fails, you cannot expect colorful butterflies and unicorns to fill the screen and that would be it. A virtual character dies, because guess what, that’s what happens in real life as well. You don’t get rewarded for failing, instead you have to repeat the whole thing over and over again which is anything but rewarding and encouraging, because it will eventually frustrate the player. That’s why WE want these crimes to be PREVENTED so you do get rewarded for it. However, game engine doesn’t care of what gender involved NPC’s are, because it is all entirely randomized. Exact same mission will never have the same characters involved when you replay the game or when someone else does. Proof? Here are two Youtube videos from 2 entirely different players, happening at entirely different time of the (in-game) day, but they share the exact same location in this virtual city.

Do you notice how supposedly exactly the same mission has characters that have different names, different clothes and even different body sizes along with different spoken lines? It’s an example of game engine randomization feature that simply has a selection of NPC models available, set of names and personal backgrounds and the game mocks them up on-the fly. The characters aren’t predefined, meaning developers did not intentionally made it a scenario with female victim (as Anita portrays it). My examples contained only male characters, because I was unable to find video with exact same location containing female characters as well, but I do know they exist, because this is a well known feature of the game. So, game is not sexist, misogynistic or anything along those lines. It’s a set of randomized parameters that get combined into an end result of a mission for the player.

Grand Theft Auto 4

Anita made some more claims for GTA4 where lord no, you can run over a prostitute with a car. Oh my god, the misogyny…

And after you check pedestrians that are getting hit by a car, they consist of male and female characters. And guess what /drumroll/ they all behave EXACTLY the same when being hit by a car. The game doesn’t care if they are portrayed as men or woman. For the game, it’s just an object that performs collision with the car. And that’s it. There is no specific function that lets the game know a woman is being hit by a car. No one does that because that would be absolute waste of resources and programming time. And pedestrians are yet again randomized by the exact same randomization feature that automatically generates side missions in WATCH_DOGS. You’ll NEVER EVER meet or find exactly the same pedestrians on the same streets (by same I mean in identical arrangements, games do have limitations and as such certain combinations may eventually repeat).

Games don’t discriminate, they emulate

As described above, the games don’t even have the concept of genders. They just perform actions and reactions to virtual human beings that mimic our real world. There is no misogynistic conspiracy behind coding female in-game characters. They behave identically to their male counterparts. They just happen to mimic female humans. That’s all it is to it.

As for scenarios like portrayal of exotic dancers, prostitutes and so on, these aren’t some products of twisted developer’s minds. They just replicate things that we see in real life and they incorporate them into games to make them feel more like reality. The same reason we see immense increases in graphics detail, levels of interaction and physics that mimic reality compared to early games. In the past, physics interaction didn’t even exist. Everything had to be specifically predefined and designed to mimic real physics or realistically looking outcomes (like corpse ragdoll, collapsing of structures, fracture of fragile objects). Today, physics simply exist in games like they do in our world. We have no control over it in real world and same applies to games. The game physics use Newton’s principles and they do what physics do in real world. If they are being applied to a male or female character, it makes absolutely no difference to a game.

Now, I do apologize for repeating myself in certain segments of this post, but as English isn’t my primary language, it does impose certain limitations to my writing capabilities, especially when it comes to such complicated topics as this one. But hopefully I managed to write it down in an understandable enough form for it to make sense.

This is what equality looks like…

I think the video doesn’t require much further explaining other than to clarify that the two involved into a fight are actors who play both roles, as attacker and the victim, just to portray the reaction from random nearby people in both situations.

Frankly, I find it disgusting and disturbing to see how everyone jumped the bandwagon on helping the woman in distress, but when a man was being attacked in the exact same way, everyone just laughed. I imagine, if that man slapped her back after she pushed him away, everyone would jump on him yet again… but that’s just my speculation based on the reaction of bystanders…

That’s how far these radical feminists have pushed the mentality of western world society and they don’t seem to show any interest in stopping their crusade…

Do you still want to support these radical modern feminists and their version of “equality”?

Please spread the word by sharing this post on your favorite social networks and raise the awareness. That’s all I’m asking for.

Web browsers are sexist

I’m not gonna go full attack rant on this one like feminists do it for every little shit out there, it’s just an interesting observation while I was writing responses on this topic in my browser and decided to go and test all the other major browsers as well…

When talking gender equality issues, words like “misogyny” and “misandry” often come up. “Misogyny” means hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women, or prejudice against women, where “misandry” means hatred of men (funny how definition is a lot shorter for men). Definitions taken from dictionary.com

Now, here is the interesting observation that web browsers or shall I say dictionaries in them are sexist. They acknowledge the word “misogyny”, but they don’t do the same for “misandry”. They underline it with red and offer you correction. I’m using US English dictionaries. Lets see what they’ll offer me as correction for my “misspelling”…

Firefox 34.0.5
Nice job Firefox, offering me what is essentially a female name as correction for a word that defines hatred of men. Bravo you sexist bastards. 😀

Chrome 39/Iron 39 and possibly every other Chrome based browser
Yup Chrome, you clearly did misaddress the spelling error…

Opera 12.17 (Presto engine)
Opera, in a Scandinavian tradition went brave. So many things to choose from. Too bad they are all incorrect…

Opera 26 (WebKit engine)
The latest Opera was a bit more conservative, omitting the “syndrome” option.

Yup, patriarchy is clearly working /sarcasm, if none of the browser dictionaries even acknowledges the word “misandry” as a correctly spelled word. And to take things further, not even WordPress dictionary acknowledges this word…

What a misery…


Feminism conspiracy I tell you that!

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