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GeForce GTX 970 suffering from dementia

Well, not quite, but apparently GeForce GTX 970 is suffering from a design flaw that causes all weird shit to happen when VRAM usage goes beyond 3,3GB. It starts to lose memory…

Not much is known so far and people are still trying to figure out things, but from the looks of it, NVIDIA chopped the GTX 980 chip in order to make it fit for the lower model segment aka GTX 970 and they sort of quickly patched it in order to seemingly make it work fine with 4GB of on-board memory. In most conditions it’s fine, but apparently things go haywire when you try to allocate more than 3,3GB of VRAM.

There are some rather lame excuses in terms of “segmented memory where that extra 0,7GB is added as an extra” and “well, you’re taxing the graphic card, that’s why it’s working so badly”, but the reality is, you just tax it with a bit more textures to spill over the 3,3GB barrier and things go south despite cards supposedly having 4GB of VRAM. No such thing on a full-fledged GTX 980 cards and these aren’t all that faster than GTX 970 to automatically explain why this isn’t happening on GTX 980.

While it all looked like NVIDIA made a really decent card, it’s starting to turn out it was a fast and sloppy job. Good thing I haven’t pulled the trigger on GTX 970 and I was like hours away from transferring the money. Luckily R9-380X news came out and I’ve postponed the purchase. Which now seems even better decision seeing how GTX 970 is less than ideal thing and that waiting for R9-380X looks like a reasonable thing to do. No one knows if AMD will have problems of their own, but so far it’s a better option either way…

You can follow this link in order to see how things will unfold: