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Can’t use Bitwarden or LastPass with Firefox for Android

Ok, I don’t get one thing with Mozilla and this is also the ONLY reason why I’m not using Firefox at the moment and am forced to use Opera whether I like it or not.

I have 3 systems which have to be connected with Sync function. I also have a phone where I want my bookmarks. And for all the countless pages, I also need tons of secure logins. And frankly, I don’t trust Firefox password manager because it’s really badly designed and doesn’t give me the flexibility I need. It’s far from secure. So, I use tools like Bitwarden or LastPass to handle passwords in a secure way.

And on Android, only way for this to work is to allow lets say LastPass to have Accessibility Access to apps so it can detect login fields inside a browser.

Only problem here is, for some monumentally dumb reason, Firefox for Android doesn’t allow Accessibility Access function AT ALL for privacy/security reasons. That’s the single DUMBEST thing I’ve heard and seen, ever. It’s so stupid they don’t even allow users to turn this crap off. Nope, it’s hardlocked into Firefox browser. Only way to get rid of it is to use Firefox Focus. Which is an useless cut down, dumbed down version of regular Firefox for Android. This one, super privacy and security focused one does work with Accessibility Access for some retarded reason. WTF Mozilla?! WHY? Firefox Focus is useless, it doesn’t even have ANY Sync function. What good are countless passwords if I don’t have the god damn bookmarks to even access pages comfortably?!

Add the damn setting to allow Accessibility Access to interact with Firefox for Android. I don’t care if it’s disabled by default, at least give us a god damn option to disable this crap in Firefox settings so we can at least use LastPass, Bitwarden and similar apps. And I don’t care if they support Oreo login thingie. We’ll get old before people actually get any Oreo updates on their phones. We want the old access back damn it.

This is such oxymoron thing, on one end they want to boost security by blocking access to Firefox, but at the same time, preventing you from using an actual secure password management tools. How on Earth does that make any kind of sense!?

LastPass not updated on Firefox Add-ons page

I’ve actually contacted LastPass about this nearly 1 year ago and their response was that Mozilla was causing the delays for extension updates. So, 1 year has passed and LastPass extension on Firefox Add-ons page is still outdated. They did exactly NOTHING to fix this. LastPass’s solution was to download the extension from their webpage. Fair enough, didn’t even bother with it back then, but now it’s starting to piss me off with their ignorance (what else could it be?).

Latest version on Firefox Add-ons page is LastPass which is like ancient, outdated and has startup slowdowns issues with Firefox 27. The latest on their page is 3.0.12. And the reason for this rant is the fact that downloading LastPass from official webpage causes the extension syncing to become all fucked up. It syncs the rest, but not LastPass. And you have to yet again do the LastPass extension install on your own. None of this would have happened if LastPass was fuckin up to date on Firefox Add-ons page. Fault on Mozilla’s end is just a lame excuse for LastPass not doing their job. One thing is a delay (which means up to 1 week delay for new LastPass releases). Not bothering to update extension for 1 year is just plain and simple ignorance. Firefox’s less than brilliant extensions syncing doesn’t help either, but if LastPass at least did their fuckin job, I wouldn’t even be writing this…

Fix this god damn “problem” LastPass. It’s ridiculous.