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Permanently disable Input Indicator

Do you prefer to use English Windows, but you need your native language to be the default input language (for keyboard)? It’s the only language, but Windows somehow feels the need to give me choice I don’t even need…


Do you hate this thing appearing when you launch apps and games? I sure do, because I hate taskbar being cluttered with things I never need and this damn thing appears every time I run CS:GO.

Click the Magnifying glass in taskbar and type in “system icons”. Only one entry will appear, click it. You’ll see this…


Switch the Input Indicator to Off.

Click the Magnifying glass in taskbar again and type in “language”. Select Language Control panel.


Select Advanced settings and you’ll land on this panel…


Select Options button…


Select Hidden option.

If you only disable it on Advanced settings panel, it still shows up for some reason. But if you have selected “Hidden”, it’ll stay hidden forever.

This will permanently get rid of the annoying Input Indicator in the taskbar.

Microsoft, stop fucking switching languages!

I’m so fucking pissed right now. I live in Slovenia, but I want my operating system to be entirely in English. Ok then, so I get my Windows 10 installed, set interface language to English and keyboard to Slovene in order to support our special characters not found in English alphabet (and have keyboard layout set right). All fine except fucking stupid OS with mind of its own insists on switching keyboard layout from SL to ENG for no fucking reason. I have it set to ENG/SL, but when I start CS:GO game, it decides to use ENG/US for no fucking logical reason. Stop doing this motherfucking shit Microsoft. I always notice it when I have to type something in the chat (meaning I’m in the game and can’t go out and switch) and it makes my “Y” and “Z” keys reversed as well as replacing “‘” with “-“. It’s fucking infuriating bullshit that makes no sense. Stop changing shit! Stupid garbage broken OS. Never had this problem till Windows 10 and even this looks like it happened now and not few months back.

Get your shit together Microsoft and stop breaking shit that worked fine for years.

Force integrated Windows 10 apps to use English language

Are you living in a non-English country, but you are using English language in Windows? I absolutely hate localized Windows, because my language simply doesn’t work with computer terminology. However, even when you set Windows to use English language during installation, integrated apps like Calendar, Alarm, Calculator, Music, Video etc that come with Windows 10 automatically gets localized in my native language. Meaning entire Windows OS is in English, but the apps that are integrated in it are in my own native language. You can imagine my OCD going insane. It was like this in Windows 8.1, but I could never really find the solution… until now 🙂

Changing language of integrated Windows 10 apps to English language:

  • Right click on Start and select Control Panel
  • Click on Add language under Clock, Language, and Region category.
  • Click Add language and search for English.

You’ll find bunch of versions, I personally prefer English (United States), you can pick United Kingdom or even Australia… After you’ve picked the one you like, click Add button below.

There should be two languages listed in your panel…


  • Select English one and click Move up which will force it to be the default language.
  • Click Options on the right (within the English profile) and click Add an input method.

This time, select your own language, so that you’ll have proper support for your local special letters and symbols on your keyboard.

  • Click Add when you’ve found your own language.
  • Click Remove button next to US language entry.
  • Click Save button below.

You’ve set all the necessary things. You can check language of integrated apps by going into Start, clicking All apps and scrolling through the list. If all the integrated apps like Alarm, Calendar, Music etc are in English, you’ve done it right.

To finish it off properly…

  • Go to Control Panel and then Change date, time, or number formats.
  • Select Administrative tab and click Copy Settings… button.
  • Tick both checkboxes below and click OK.


There you go. It looks complicated, but it’s really easy. By doing this last step, you ensure all the future new profiles will use these settings as well as certain locations like Welcome screen that don’t use custom settings by default after you set them.