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Permanently disable Input Indicator

Do you prefer to use English Windows, but you need your native language to be the default input language (for keyboard)? It’s the only language, but Windows somehow feels the need to give me choice I don’t even need…


Do you hate this thing appearing when you launch apps and games? I sure do, because I hate taskbar being cluttered with things I never need and this damn thing appears every time I run CS:GO.

Click the Magnifying glass in taskbar and type in “system icons”. Only one entry will appear, click it. You’ll see this…


Switch the Input Indicator to Off.

Click the Magnifying glass in taskbar again and type in “language”. Select Language Control panel.


Select Advanced settings and you’ll land on this panel…


Select Options button…


Select Hidden option.

If you only disable it on Advanced settings panel, it still shows up for some reason. But if you have selected “Hidden”, it’ll stay hidden forever.

This will permanently get rid of the annoying Input Indicator in the taskbar.