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Killing Floor 2 Tweaker v2.2 released!


I guess I can call this one an Easter Special update for the Spring Event in Killing Floor 2. Updated some of the existing features to be even better and adding few extra goodies that will make gameplay as well as fiddling with INI files more convenient. Happy Easter! 🙂

New features in version 2.2 (2018-03-31)

  • Totally redesigned Disable Intro Videos feature (doesn’t affect credits and loading screens anymore)
  • Added ability to throw 250, 1000 or 5000 dosh with “M” key
  • Added ability to instantly open Killing Floor 2 Config folder without having to manually navigate to it

Visit Killing Floor 2 Tweaker micro page for download:

Killing Floor 2 Tweaker


Killing Floor 2 Tweaker v2.1 released!


Another day, another huge update for the Killing Floor 2 Tweaker. Spend nearly 2 days testing parameters for shadows and finally managed to figure out correct ones (darn you Only Stream-In Textures setting invalidating all other settings when disabled!). Long hours in the early morning paid off after all 😀

New features in version 2.1 (2018-02-08)

  • Dramatically improved Ultra High Quality Shadows feature (smoother shadows edges, higher shadows resolution and higher shadows draw distance)
  • Removed old “Smooth Framerate” setting under “Performance” section and replaced it with full separate controls for it
  • Redesigned RESTORE DEFAULTS once again, making it faster to use and more granular on a single settings page
  • RESTORE DEFAULTS doesn’t touch INI files that are not in any way manipulated by KF2 Tweaker (except RESET ALL option)
  • Improved 3D Audio settings
  • Updated settings descriptions
  • Minor bug fixes

Recommended to reset “Engine Settings” and “Game System Settings” and re-apply tweaks again due to significant changes in KF2 Tweaker. Not doing so may leave certain tweaks unchanged “in the background” without controls to change them back.

Ultra High Quality Shadows showcase

When Ultra High Quality Shadows feature is enabled, Killing Floor 2 Tweaker sets shadows parameters beyond normal Ultra preset selectable within game settings, making shadow edges dramatically smoother, shadows are more detailed and are rendered significantly further away from player’s point of view. Not only that, distant lower quality shadows now have more details which makes transition between distant lower quality shadows and closer detailed shadows less visible. Performance difference in my tests on GTX 1080Ti are insignificant, but may affect lower end graphic cards slightly.

Visit Killing Floor 2 Tweaker micro page for download:

Killing Floor 2 Tweaker

Killing Floor 2 Tweaker v2.0 released!


It has been a while since my last update. Have dropped a small update yesterday and decided to dig into Killing Floor 2 settings files again. And found quite few new gems. So many of them in fact that I’ve decided to skip few minor versions and release 2.0 because there are so many new things. A lot of them performance related, some of them visual quality related. I’ve also entirely redesigned the “Restore Defaults” feature which is now more reliable and easy to use since it properly resets the game settings and gives you the control to keep or also reset keybinds (game controls).

New features in version 2.0 (2018-01-23)

  • Removed both of old “Restore Defaults” features because many settings don’t have absolute defaults, but depend on system you’re running KF2 on.
  • Added separate “Restore Keybinds Defaults” option to only reset keybinds to game default.
  • Added new “Restore Defaults” which resets all settings back to your system defaults except keybinds.
  • Added “Smooth Framerate” toggle
  • Added “Instanced Rendering” toggle
  • Added “Compute Bloom and SSAO” toggle
  • Added “Combine Similar Mappings” toggle
  • Added “System Memory Usage (RAM)” allowing you to dedicate more system memory (RAM) to KF2.
  • Updated many settings descriptions
  • Minor bug fixes

Visit Killing Floor 2 Tweaker micro page for download:

Killing Floor 2 Tweaker

Killing Floor 2 officially released on PC & PS4!


That day has finally arrived! Killing Floor 2 was released minutes ago on PC and PS4 platforms. I’ve been playing it on PC since its inception through Early Access on Steam and it has been an exciting experience since day one. You can read more about my impressions back then here. And I can assure you, despite quite a lot of changes that happened since then, they are majorly for the better. The game looks amazing, can run well even on more basic systems and most of all, it’s so exciting and fun, servers are well populated through entire day and things will get even better now that it’s officially released. During release time, there is also a 25% launch discount, so grab it while it’s still hot 😀

I’ve also created a tweak tool called Killing Floor 2 Tweaker for this game that allows you to fiddle with few otherwise hidden settings and parameters like adjusting amount of permanent gore (how much corpses and gibs are hanging around as you lay death upon Zeds), adjust sound settings, texture streaming, mouse behavior like mouse acceleration and scaling etc.

What are you still waiting? Grab the game and see you on the battlefield! Lets show those Zeds what’s what!

Killing Floor 2

Official Killing Floor 2 webpage

Killing Floor 2 on Steam

Killing Floor 2 Tweaker

Download Killing Floor 2 Tweaker

Killing Floor 2 Tweaker v1.5 released!


Minor adjustments and additions.

1.5 (2016-04-26)

  • Adjusted high quality shadows setting
  • Added High Quality Lighting setting
  • Changed gore explanations a bit

Visit Killing Floor 2 Tweaker micro page for download:

Killing Floor 2 Tweaker

Idiotic microtransaction crates in games

I’ve been “internally” annoyed over this for quite a while, but now I want to share this with other people as well. I don’t think I’ll change that myself, but every person that starts to doubt and avoid such system is a good change for entire gaming community.

Microtransactions have been around for quite a while. And believe it or not, I’ve used them myself. Well, not quite from within the game since it had no such store within the game itself, but they were virtual items for real currency.

I’m talking about Killing Floor game. The original one. You bought a core game that was the same for everyone. Same levels and selection of basic player models. And you could separately purchase more unique characters or character packs that had many cool player models to choose from. None of it ever affected gameplay, but you looked cool and unique with those models. If you liked them, you could purchase them. Fast forward to Killing Floor 2. It’s still in a lengthy Early Access on Steam, but it already has microtransactions system from very beginning. And boy it’s retarded as fuck…

It has no old system where you could browse the library of goods and decide what looks good and you want to pay for that. No no no, only way to buy customizations or characters is to get/buy a “crate” and then buy an USB key that unlocks it. And when you do that, game basically randomly assigns you bunch of crap you may or may not like.

The question here is, are people really this monumentally dumb they spend hundreds of dollars on this random bullshit? I’ve watched few Youtube gamers/streamers who spent 100 bucks unlocking generic ugly weapon skins in CounterStrike:Global Offensive. And I mean really butt ugly lazy re-skins of existing models. Considering how everyone is rushing to adopt this bullshit, apparently people are very dumb if this model is profitable in such a huge scale everyone wants it. I’d never spent even half a cent on this ugly ass crap. Some looked so ugly I don’t think I could make them as bad in a fucking MS Paint. But I would most certainly pay for professional full models like those found on GameBanana webpage made by people like Noob Inc. This guy makes incredible weapon models and skins. Now, I’d be willing to pay for this. It’s modeled, skinned and animated with new sounds in such a way I wonder how he still doesn’t work for a gaming company… But again, I’d have to look at specific model and decide if I want to buy it or not. Not some randomly assigned nonsense.

I wonder how these people buy goods in their real life? Do they walk to a bar and just say “I want a drink” and bartender just gives them some random drink? Or how they buy graphic cards in an online PC hardware store. Do they click “Buy graphic card” button and store just randomly assigns them anything from GeForce GTX 940 up to GeForce Titan X ? Of course they always pay the Titan X, but they may get an item of any random value. Of course not, you come to a fucking store, you pick a very specific desired item and you pay for it. Such random assigning of purchased goods would outrage the shit out of people if it was real. But in games, for some fucked up moronic reason, they just shell out hundreds of dollars without any problem. WHY!? Why the hell do you idiots do this? I don’t want this shit in any game.

I was looking forward to buy new cool player models and accessories for my Killing Floor 2 characters, but instead of potentially spending additional 50€,  I won’t spend a single cent for it. Sorry, but I’m just not that dumb to pay quite a lot of money for some retarded crates that will most likely contain bunch of garbage I don’t even want.

Remember, every time you pay for these stupid random crates, God kills a kitten. Think of the kittens!

Killing Floor 2 Tweaker v1.4 released!


Another day, another big update. Most notable additions are high quality shadows and new MLAA anti-aliasing mode that should provide better image quality over FXAA mode.

1.4 (2016-03-06)

  • Advanced Soft Shadows renamed to PCF Soft Shadows
  • Added High Quality Bloom option
  • Added High Quality Materials option
  • Added High Quality Shadows option
  • Added PostProcess AA settings and new MLAA anti-aliasing mode
  • Added Conservative Shadow bounds option
  • Several minor text fixes

Visit Killing Floor 2 Tweaker micro page for download:

Killing Floor 2 Tweaker