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Short Game Review: Infinifactory

There is just one word to describe this game: “Freaking out of this world amazing” Yeah, one word LOL

After I got notification from GOG about release of Infinifactory, I honestly didn’t expect it to be this good. I had mixed feelings, it looked interesting, but didn’t really have any idea what it is. I have decided to give it a try anyway since GOG has a no risk refunding policy since forever. It just looked interesting in some mysterious way. It’s roughly 20€ which might sound a lot for an indie game, but when you’ll taste its brilliance, you’ll forget about the price.

How to describe this game?

Imagine Lemmings in a Minecraft world with objective based building of The Incredible Machine. This is Infinifactory explained in one sentence.

Gameplay & puzzles

There is a story attached to it, but the main point of this game is construction of the most efficient production line possible. You get a blueprint of the final product and you have to manipulate individual bits and pieces to form the final product. You can use conveyor belts to move them around where you want them, rotators to rotate objects, pushers to sort items, welders to combine them in larger fixed objects, mill them into different shapes, eviscerate parts and replace them with new ones, there are sensors and wiring that can be used to manipulate parts timings and control other parts. If you’ve ever played Minecraft before (who hasn’t), you’ll feel like at home because the building of complex machinery is very similar to using redstones in Minecraft. Just with one very important exception, you don’t have to build stupid stairs to wire things in vertical dimension. Here you just make a vertical wiring and it’ll work. I don’t get it why they still haven’t done it in Minecraft, because that shit is dumb. But Inifinifactory developer has done it right.

Initial Infinifactory missions are rather easy, but later on, they become very challenging, but not frustrating, which is another bright point of this game. At first you make a rough prototype of the production line to sort of get production parts in the right places, then you start combining them and that’s when things usually become complicated, they break and get stuck and then it’s some trial and error work to sort all that out. And it’s really not frustrating or annoying. You just can’t wait to resolve some problem and finally see the finished product exiting the production line. And the feelings you experience when everything works like a clockwork, well, that sensation is un-freaking-believable. It just makes you chuckle like a small child who found a way how to steal cookies from the cookie jar without parents ever finding out. 🙂


Oh, fun fact at this point, developer of the Infinifactory also created Infiniminer which is a Minecraft style game that actually predates Minecraft. I didn’t know this either till this very moment. I’m using Minecraft above to describe it since people are more familiar with that one, but Zachtronics Industries actually invented the block manipulation sandbox game that we today know the most as Minecraft (and several other spin offs). He innovated that!

Graphics, music and audio

I’m not even going to write about graphics, music or sound effects. They are besides the point. Ok, they are all nice, but trust me, you won’t spend hours and hours in this game because of graphics.

Game features proper FOV (Field of View) adjustment which means it gets a FOV Alliance seal of approval!


I know there will be a small percentage of people who won’t like it for whatever reason, but if you love good and incredibly unique puzzle games, this game is a must have.

Infinifactory has a lot of familiar elements found in other games, but it uses them in such unique way I can’t praise it enough. Zachtronics Industries, you’ve outdone yourself with this game. It’s brilliantly unique, entertaining and educational.

I can only recommend it with a 20 out of 10 woolen seal of approval! Buy it. NOW!

Reclaim STALKER games for free without DRM on GOG

If you are the owner of retail or Steam versions of STALKER, you can now reclaim them on GOG, free of charge and without any DRM.

All you have to do is enter a valid CD KEY here:


Games will instantly appear in your GOG library.

You can read more about it here:


I love GOG and their DRM Free policy. So I can be assured games are really my games and not just leased until the service goes south.

Re-Volt available on GoG!

You’re not a true fan of racing games if you haven’t yet played this fantastic game! And even though I’ve provided a compatibility patch some time ago, GoG has now released a properly fixed and compatible version.



It costs $5.99 and I think it’s well worth it. You won’t get any real RC car for that money and you get 28 of them in this game along with loads of iconic tracks to race on from neighborhoods, supermarkets, gardens, western style towns, ship, toy land and if that isn’t enough, there is also a track editor where you can make your very own tracks to race on. You don’t see track editors in any racing game these days which is a shame. Oh and even though the game is well over a decade old, the graphics still amaze me every time I play this game. It’s the way how the whole thing is shaded that makes it look WAY better than it should actually look like for its age. Music will keep you blood pumping fast and the physics are also very good with 4 levels to control, from very arcade to very simulation like. And you can play it with power-ups or just plain and fair racing with no trickery.

Time for some bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sound 🙂

GoG summer sale 2013 is over :(

And so, the GoG summer sale has ended. Unlike past years, I wasn’t spending all that much this year. In fact, the only games that I’ve bought this year were:

– Tiny & Big Grandpa’s Leftovers
– Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Adventures
– Back to the Future: The Game

And as a bonus, the free Torchlight, even though I’ve already bought it on Steam some time ago. It never hurts to have a DRM free alternative 🙂

I’m still thinking about pre-ordering Rise of the Triads remake which is fueled by Unreal Engine 3. A very gory and insane shooter. Hm, there is still time till the end of July when it will be released… maybe…

I am however waiting for The Walking Dead adventure when Steam summer sale will begin. Too bad GoG doesn’t offer it (yet), it would go nicely along the above adventures from Telltale. People say it was fantastic and I kinda like zombie stuff so why not 🙂 Maybe GoG team will surprise me 😛 I’d much prefer the DRM free version over Steam one…

Torchlight game free on GOG for 48 hours!

If you don’t yet know, Torchlight game is now free on GOG (Good Old Games) for 48 hours. I don’t know when exactly did the giveaway begin so don’t hesitate for too long.

The game is a FRP slasher with a top down view like Diablo. But a bit more colorful and in 3D. I’ve played it before and it’s quite nice.

Torchlight @ GOG:


Grab it while it’s free 🙂

EDIT: Got the deadline on my mail from GOG. The giveaway lasts till 20th June 2013, 19:59 GMT.