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SimCity 2000 SE for free!

ea-origin-logoGood morning everyone (unless if you’re not from Central Europe, in which case, happy Easter!). Today, nice people at EA are giving away yet another classic, this time around it is Simcity 2000 Special Edition. I don’t think it needs any further description except that it is a grand daddy of all city construction games in which you can make towns, cities, make them successful or burn them down to the ground with tornados, fires, riots and aliens. Aliens! 😀

You can grab the game here:

I can’t find the end date for this giveaway, so grab it before it’s too late!


That went well…

So, I was running a giveaway for a week now and had plans to make 3 more through entire December. Considering the blog statistics of roughly 500 unique visitors a day, I expected at least some involvement. And you know how many people joined the giveaway? Zero. Null. Nada. Nil. 0. So I had to cancel it few hours prior to official time limit.

Granted, the first game was Dead Space, which is older title, but then again a very good horror game. The best from the trilogy in fact. Other games planned for giveaway were Mirror’s Edge, again, older but very unique game with first person Tomb Raider like parkour acrobatics. Crysis 2 Maximum Edition and Battlefield 3 which don’t need much explanation.  And in a form of a game key, so you can pass the game to someone else if you’ve already played it.

The rules were fairly simple and fully open to anyone. Apparently I was very wrong for some reason. Apparently most of my readers are random people passing through my blog with the search engine (Google etc). Though it’s strange that neither of my followers or subscribers joined the giveaway. Which is very strange… People usually want free stuff even if it’s currently 50% off on whatever deals. Hm…

So, that’s that for now…