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Fix Alien Breed random game crashing

I’ve had Alien Breed trilogy in my Steam library for a very long time and have finally decided to give it a spin. It’s actually pretty interesting game that got a bit ruined by what seems like random crashing. But it wouldn’t be my blog if it wasn’t yet another über bizarre thing. I seem to be the magnet for all the weird shit no one else experiences in games and programs.

How to fix Alien Breed game crashing?

Don’t use keyboard to navigate Intex terminals (saving, weapon/item upgrades etc), use only mouse!

Nope, I’m not kidding. That’s why it seemed like a totally random crashing where it was tied to usage of mouse or keyboard, apparently I use both interchangeably on the Intex terminals and crashes weren’t consistent because of it.

But I’ve figured it out. I can play the game without a single crash for as long as I strictly use mouse on Intex terminals. As soon as I tried to use keyboard arrow keys to navigate Intex terminal purchase/save menu, the game crashed.

So here you go, another game fix from the bizarro land. XD

EA is giving away Red Alert 2 + Yuri’s Revenge for free!


EA is giving away an all time classic, Red Alert 2 with included standalone add-on Yuri’s Revenge which adds 3rd side to the conflict between Russians and Allies. The Yuri’s army. It’s a fantastic classic strategy game that you simply must have!

It’s a limited time offer so grab it while it’s still available!


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided pre-ordering…

DeusExMankindDividedPreOrderSay hello to one of the biggest bullshit pre-orders. And I wouldn’t even give a damn if it wasn’t for one of my favorite game franchises. Remember the original Deus Ex, that uber spectacular niche RPG-FPS hybrid with jaw dropping story, advanced game mechanics and multi-path, multi-choice levels and missions? Well, the game is not niche anymore, it has been blown to the masses and it’s now getting riddled with the usual money grabbing bullshit.

And I used to take Eidos and Square Enix as honest developers/publishers. I guess the default stance of every gamer should be “All developers and publishers are scum”…

Cutting out content and selling it back as “bonus”

They are again taking out content and offering it to you as “bonus”. How about providing that content to all buyers of your game and encourage people to go the honest path of actually buying the game, because they’ll be actually rewarded for it. Or has everyone already forgot about The Witcher 3 and its countless free DLC’s? Maybe they were taken out or actually made as extras, bottom line is, they are free and everyone is getting them whether you pre-ordered or purchased the game on actual release day. And game sales speak for themselves. Even on PC which is constantly being trashed around as piracy heaven. Respect the gamers and they’ll also respect you.

Pre-order bonuses encourage piracy

Instead, this bullshit pre-ordering is only encouraging people to be even more cautious about spending their money and potentially leading into them just pirating the game. After all, it’ll be free and they’ll get ALL the extras. Where if you’re a honest gamer and you want to support the developer by actually paying for a game, just not by pre-ordering it, you’ll get screwed by missing actual game content like entire missions!

Bonuses ruin gameplay experience

I also absolutely hate it how developers and publishers babysit people who pre-order with aids for faster progress. I’ve first seen this nonsense on large scale in GTA5 and it made me not want to pre-order a game just because of that. If you pre-ordered GTA5, you got 500.000 of in-game money. Why the hell bother and even play the game when you get half a million handed to you from the start. That’s like getting BFG in the first level of Doom/Quake. It’s pointless and retarded. Sure, give me this kind of goodies AFTER I finish the game. I loved going all crazy with weapon cheats after I finished games, but getting it on first play through, that’s just retarded and entirely ruins the whole point of progress in games. Cosmetic, fine. But goodies affecting gameplay, sorry I just don’t want them. Even if I’d pre-order the game, I’d want to play the game as it was initially designed and use these goodies on second run only. Something I bet won’t be available as an option to the players who pre-order Mankind Divided…

A no win situation for players

It’s a now win because you have to go in blind. I’ve tackled this before in some of my blog posts and I’ll mention it again.

If you want to see how game looks and plays, you have to look tons of developer trailers, videos and gameplays prior to game release to see if it’s any good, so you can be sure you’re spending your money well. However, by doing so, you totally ruin your game experience. I’ve been doing this for few years until Alien:Isolation where I turned a new page. Yes, I’ve pre-ordered the game, sorry father for I have sinned, however I’ve purposely avoided all gameplay videos, because if I’ve learned anything from the past, gameplay videos totally ruin experience. Only thing I’ve watched were developer commentaries where I haven’t watched any actual video, just voice, so I didn’t even know how alien actually behaves in the game. When you enter the game after watching bunch of such videos, you know tons of stuff about the game and it’s just not the same. Especially watching someone else play it is wastly worse than playing a demo yourself. And that’s why I’ve enjoyed Alien:Isolation so much. I’ve never experienced such gut wrenching sensation as first meeting alien in that lobby where it slays few humans. I was genuinely scared for my life. But making sure you experience games this way, you have to avoid all the videos and buy the game blind. Meaning it’s a no win situation for you. You have to either sacrifice game experience and watch all the resources about the game or you ignore all that and potentially piss away 50+ € for a game that you’ll hate…

I miss demo games…

What I really miss are demo games (this explains how old of a dinosaur I really am). A playable presentation of the first game level. Or even how Valve did with original Half-Life, a game level that doesn’t even exist in the game released later. However I wish it was included since it was same gut wrenching experience as with Alien:Isolation. Walking those corridors in the beginning with just a crowbar and headcrabs jumping up your face, meeting brutal commandos in that hangar for the first time, meeting zombie scientist down in the dark sewers and vortigaunts terrorizing those commandos, the experience was just incredible. Or the System Shock 2 and original Deus Ex where demo presented the first game level to the player and then leaves it with a massive cliff hanger. It’s the best way to hype the players, give them the actual feel of the game and not ruin them game experience since it’s the first level which often leaves so many things unexplained (especially in the mentioned two games). That’s why I’ve enjoyed those games so much and I haven’t enjoyed many others later for which I watched gameplay videos taken out from the middle or even end of the game. It’s ridiculous.

Demo games are in my opinion the best way to present a product to the players with no downsides. And trust me, playable demos hyped me for the games far more than ANY gameplay video to date. Ever.

So, when would I pre-order the new Deus Ex?

I’d pre-order it if I could experience the gameplay of the first level myself (in person, not watching someone play it on video). It would be a good indication if game has the same good feel to it as Des Ex Human Revolution which I played and am familiar with. If Mankind Divided felt very similar, I’d pre-order it. If it felt more like original Deus Ex, I’d also pre-order it. But if it would feel more like a game that is just clutching on to legacy of predecessors and running with a cheap gameplay, I wouldn’t buy it. That’s why I only bought Deus Ex 2 when it was really cheap years after release. What does this tell you as a game developer or publisher?

Make a good game that won’t let me down and I’ll gladly hand over my money and be your loyal customer even in the future, because I’ll know you actually respect me as a customer and that you strive for quality and perfection. But using dirty tactics like these pre-orders only do one thing. Make me not want to buy your game. And this is exactly what I’ll do with Mankind Divided. I’m a hardcore Deus Ex fan, but I’m not going to support this bullshit even if it means I’ll be punished by missing out a whole game mission. Respect has to be mutual and I’m not sensing it here…

Murica, the rest of the world is not universally fat



Why do these narrow-minded social justice warriors think the rest of the world outside Murica is universally fat? Why do they think ALL women need to be chubby or fat to be “acceptable” or “normal”? Overly “stronger” women aren’t my cup of tea, but I don’t demand absolutely perfect athletic body girls. I’m not perfect either, so I don’t expect any more than that from women. But I’d be lying if I’d say I don’t fancy skinny girls. Sounds reasonable right?

But the examples above are just ridiculous. Those aren’t even normal “real” women, they are just very chubby versions of hot original female game protagonists. Making all women chubby doesn’t make them any more realistic than having all of them super skinny in games. Stop doing this shit because it’s retarded.

Also, the 3rd images show that such women do exist. And I do know quite a lot of women in my life who have insanely crafted body and they aren’t even photo or fashion models. So clearly, they do exist. They just happen to care about their looks and health. Stop making excuses for being a land whale in expansion…

And the fact is, large majority of men simply prefer women who aren’t stronger. It’s not because of movies or fashion magazines say so. It’s just naturally wired in our brains to have certain preference for such women, just like it is for some men to prefer chubby or strong women. So stop fucking shaming us for liking women the way we like them. We happen to like normal and skinny women, others like stronger women. Both are fine. If it’s not my preference and I happen to express that aloud, that’s not shaming of anyone, it’s simply my preference. It’s really no different than my preference for freckly redheads over brunettes and blondes or girls with blue eyes over those with brown eyes. Or the same preference where some girl might fancy my looks and some other just wouldn’t be able to like me no matter what. And I’m fine with that. We are all different and each has their own preferences. There is no universal right or wrong. It just is. And it’s correct in both states. It’s just that one is my correct and the other one is someone else’s correct.

It’s a video game, what do you expect?!


Dear Jonathan “I’ve already made 6 commercially successful games” McIntosh (that middle name is meant as sarcastic statement, if someone missed that by any chance), please do enlighten us what kind of game you’d create that has gameplay mechanics never ever seen before and that will sell in millions of copies, guaranteed? When shareholders expect guaranteed income (and profit) or when your living standard depends on it, you do NOT experiment. If a Call of Duty style game sells, company will stick with that. It’s business 101. Indie developers on the other hand are often forced to experiment in order to separate themselves from the AAA game industry because they simply have no resources to compete with that. But they can with innovative game mechanics that may attract customers. Or they may sink the game company because there won’t be much interest in something unproven…

It’s a double-edge sword, that’s why things move and evolve slowly. Or sometimes go totally backwards like Bioshock did compared to System Shock 2 or Deus Ex. Still a good game, but game mechanics wise, it’s a huge step backwards thanks to butterfingered console peasants who can’t control complex shit with analog sticks and D-pad. And I know you belong there, seeing Anita posing with stacks of Xbox games… Yeah, I’m the PC Master Race shitlord. Deal with it.

And in the end “It’s indeed just a video game”. Why do you expect them to be anything else? Why do you expect them to cater to your taste exclusively?

Here is the answer, an image that I’ve posted on Twitter back in March 2015…


I don’t like tons of games and gameplay mechanics. And you won’t see me bitching about it day after day and demanding everyone to change their games to fit my specific taste… I suggest you do the same. Stop bitching and enjoy games that you do like. If you don’t like a single game in existence, then, just maybe, it might be a problem in you and not in the games…

Tauriq Moosa, the man who knows nothing


Ladies and gentlemen, I present you This Tweet in Stupid from Tauriq Moosa. A “gaming journalist” from Polygon.

Anyone noticed everything wrong with his tweet? It’s like being a doctor and knowing basically nothing about human anatomy. Or being a chef with basically no knowledge on how to even boil an egg. Or being a car mechanic with basically no knowledge about cars…

And even if you’re really this blunt and uninterested in the trade you’re doing, at least fucking keep it to yourself and learn it in the meanwhile!?

But there are more gems from him, like this one…


The saying: “PC Master Race” has NOTHING to do with actual race of people. But since you know NOTHING about anything related to games or PC’s, I kinda understand why you think this way. PC Master Race means superiority of PC users over console users, because we can tweak games more, use mods, fiddle with them, upgrade them, improve them further. And it’s not even anything serious. It’s more of an internal joke of the PC gamers as a whole than anything. You can be white, black, Asian, otter or even a space alien, if you’re using a console, you’re less of a gamer than if you use PC (while being any of that as well). You can be black PC user and you can say that you’re superior to a white person owning just a console. That is what PC Master Race is. But hey, make it about actual race, you racists… :facepalm:

Even I joke about it here and there and I also own a PlayStation 2 and I’m not ashamed to admit it. i bought it because of amazing exclusives like Burnout 3, Revenge and Dominaton. And also Gran Turismo 4. But my primary gaming platform is still a PC. Thus, I’m a proud member of the PC Master Race.

Why is there always this constant need to make races a focal point? It’s not “progressive”, it’s stupid, counter productive and it’s starting to make me racist just by listening to constant whining of these narrow minded idiots.

And in the end he quit Twitter while screaming along with other SJW’s how #GamerGate is attacking him because he’s not white and makes it a racial thing again. No one was attacking him because of his race, we were calling him out on his moronic (and to a degree even unethical) statements, which are rather self evident. You’re supposedly a gaming journalist for fucks sake, start acting like one.

Twisting gender statistics with colors…


This fancy graph makes you believe only 9% of games have playable FEMALE character.

Lets look at the statistics twisting of “feminists” again. Breaking down this fancy graphic reveals things are far from bad for the gender diversity in games… Nice selection of pink for the FEMALE entry btw. Makes it stand out nicely…

13% of games have NO MALE/FEMALE protagonists (animal characters, racing games, strategy games etc)

9% have FEMALE only protagonists

32% have MALE only protagonists

46% allows player to play as EITHER MALE OR FEMALE

Now here comes the fun part which is simply ignored on the fancy graph because it kinda destroys the diversity narrative. Anita, you’re rubbish at math…

55% of games give you playable FEMALE protagonist

78% of games give you playable MALE protagonist

So, you can play as female protagonist in more than half of the games and “feminists” like Anita Sarkeesian find this to be largely “problematic”. Excuse my ignorance, but what do you want? Do you want 100% of protagonists to be female ONLY because that will somehow make things more diverse? Do you want to impose retarded gender quotas in games as well just so we meet that artificial sweet spot of 50:50? Do you want to make all games gender insignificant by making protagonists male or female selectable, removing any possibility to make a strong story driven game? Sure, in most cases it doesn’t matter, because the game is generic and you can just throw in either, but when you want to build a game with story that creates a whole new universe, then you create a massive problem with that. The story needs consistency, needs to draw parallel lines with our real world even if it’s fictional, because that fires up emotional part of our mind and it’s very difficult to make that if everything is generic and interchangeable. But you wouldn’t know anything about that since you’re neither a game developer or a gamer…

Sure there is 23% difference in favor of male protagonists, but let’s be serious here, that’s hardly an “alarming” difference.

Also another fun statistical number to finish this off…

100% of games don’t have to be bought if you don’t like them 🙂

Anita Sarkeesian doesn’t understand FIFA game licensing


Dear Anita Sarkeesian. As we have already established numerous times, you have huge problems separating fiction from reality as well as fictional games from simulations and games based on real world events or teams from fictional ones.

This here is a prime example of why we know you’re not a gamer (among many other things). Because when you’re a gamer, you learn things like this merely by existing in the gaming ecosystem.

I’m not a fan of sport games, have played NBA Inside Drive 2000 when I got it for birthday and I quite liked it, but this just isn’t my cup of tea. But I’ll defend games when you attack them, because I’m a gamer and I understand that everything is not about me and only me. There are people who play nothing but sports games and I respect their preference just like they respect my preference for racing, first person shooter and RPG games…

The particular reason why FIFA doesn’t include mixed gender teams is because you know Anita, certain games are based on things we call “licenses”. These licenses are given to the licensees by the owners. In this case, license owner is Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and licensee is Electronic Arts (EA). With license also come strict rules on how you can use it. That’s why only one FIFA named game exists, because EA holds exclusive rights for its usage through the license. License also dictates what kind of team arrangement can be used for players in teams for that particular year. And guess what, that same license also dictates that you can’t have mixed gender teams.

Just because it’s a game (and not even a simulation), that doesn’t mean you can just make shit up as you please. If you can’t see female players running alongside Ronaldo or Messi, then you also won’t see that in a game. Deal with it. It’s not because EA is incompetent or sexist, it’s because of licensing terms demanded by the FIFA organization and because EA and FIFA want certain level of realism that reflects real world football.

Now I’ll give you an example from my favorite game genre that co-related with the issue EA has with FIFA and your demand to have mixed gender teams. Racing games, particularly my favorite older game, Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit. It’s a racing game with police chases and realistic cars that were licensed from real manufacturers. Mind you, the game is not a simulation (just like FIFA), but because it has real world cars in it, they had to be licensed from famous sports car makers. And out of all car makers, only Ferrari and Mercedes have forbidden the usage of their cars in the Hot Pursuit police chase mode. You could drive them in normal race modes and you could drive all the other cars against cops, but you were unable to select Ferrari and Mercedes cars against cops, because the licensing terms forbid it. I as a gamer of course felt offended why I was unable to take Mercedes CLK-GTR against cops, but such were licensing terms demanded by these two manufacturers. It’s how licenses work. If you want to use one, you have to follow the demands made by the issuer. If you break them you most likely won’t be able to ever again get the license.

Now, you can wiggle around with your arms and scream how sexist this is for FIFA game all you want, but that’s just how it is. Go and harass FIFA organization and not EA. It’s FIFA that issues the license to EA. And lets don’t forget that EA exists there to make money. They have stockholders that demand profit. Making a game that doesn’t have real players and teams will most likely result in gamers dropping interest in the game and sales will plummet. You know, the same way how Tales of Tales Sunset game failed, because it wasn’t targeted at consumers properly…


A small teaser on a project me and Evgeny Vrublevsky were working on for almost entire week. We were working on our own versions separately for ages, but this time we joined forces in a very successful joint project of two gamers who just can’t let go those epic moments behind… 🙂

It’ll be a journey full of shiny metal, smoking tires, screaming engines accompanied with blue and red lights and sirens. It’ll bring nostalgic joy in hearts of all racers who loved the late 90’s era!

This time with full support for modern Windows operating systems, 32bit, full resolution, wide screen support with enhanced environmental visual effects. It’s something I’ve dreamed of for more than a decade!