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NFS Hot Pursuit 2010 Car Unlocker Patch

I got kind of a nostalgia bug recently and decided to try NFS Hot Pursuit 2010 again online. I remember having tons of fun for years but like since 2014, I haven’t played it anymore. Till today. There are actually people still playing this game, 6 years after release! And it was quite fun. Hot Pursuit mode was infuriating like before, but normal Race mode was super fun. It brought back so many memories.

Anyway, while I was in the process of setting up the game I’ve noticed I still have a special patch that unlocks tons of cars that are otherwise hidden away from regular players.

Hard top Dodge Viper GTS, hard top Audi R8, hard top Cheverolet Corvette Z06, hard top Lamborghini Reventon, hard top Aston Martin Volante. There are also Porsche Panamera Turbo and Maserati Quattroporte which were previously only available as Pursuit cars. Plus many many more.

What’s also cool about this patch is that these special cars appear for other players even if they don’t have this patch. So, your selection of hidden cars doesn’t depend on others also having the patch. Though I’m sure they’ll be confused a bit how you can drive these cars and they can’t. 😛

It’s incredibly hard to find this patch since its “official” webpage went offline. So, I’ve decided to share it with you guys. Maybe some of you will still find it useful. Enjoy.

NFS Hot Pursuit 2010 Car Unlocker Patch

Killing Floor 2 Tweaker v1.4 released!


Another day, another big update. Most notable additions are high quality shadows and new MLAA anti-aliasing mode that should provide better image quality over FXAA mode.

1.4 (2016-03-06)

  • Advanced Soft Shadows renamed to PCF Soft Shadows
  • Added High Quality Bloom option
  • Added High Quality Materials option
  • Added High Quality Shadows option
  • Added PostProcess AA settings and new MLAA anti-aliasing mode
  • Added Conservative Shadow bounds option
  • Several minor text fixes

Visit Killing Floor 2 Tweaker micro page for download:

Killing Floor 2 Tweaker

Killing Floor 2 Tweaker v1.3 released!


I never had plans to release so many updates in such short period of time, but the INI files just keep on giving 😀

1.3 (2016-03-04)

  • Added option to control mouse acceleration
  • Added option to control mouse movement scaling
  • Added Efficient Multi-Threading option
  • Added tessellation optimization
  • Few minor text fixes

Visit Killing Floor 2 Tweaker micro page for download:

Killing Floor 2 Tweaker

Killing Floor 2 Tweaker v1.2 released!


I’ve been busy, so here is another big update. Quite a lot of useful tweaks, especially ability to disable annoying intro videos, further adjusted the gore level for Normal preset and completely redesigned the “Reset Settings”. It no longer deletes config files, it directly restores all the settings included in the tweaker back to factory defaults. There is also bunch of other stuff that may or may not do anything 😀

1.2 (2016-03-02)

  • Option to disable intro videos
  • New High Quality Reflections setting
  • Added streaming of textures only setting
  • Added permanent objects memory setting
  • Added Minimum desired framerate option
  • Further tweaked “Normal” gore preset
  • Redesigned “Reset Settings” to only reset settings modified by the tweaker back to defaults
  • Few minor text fixes

Visit Killing Floor 2 Tweaker micro page for download:

Killing Floor 2 Tweaker

Killing Floor 2 Tweaker v1.1 released!


Slightly bigger update with quite a lot of new useful tweaks, particularly tweaks related to Texture Streaming part of the game engine. A lot of them make quite a big difference in performance so be sure to check them out. 🙂

1.1 (2016-03-01)

  • Redesigned tweaks categories selection panel
  • Re-arranged certain tweaks into their own category
  • Added several advanced Texture Streaming settings
  • Added Texture Streaming Memory tweak
  • Added controls to quickly and easily reset game settings back to default
  • Fixed Exit text on Gore Control page
  • Other misc fixes

Visit Killing Floor 2 Tweaker micro page for download:

Killing Floor 2 Tweaker

Killing Floor 2 Tweaker released!


As a big Killing Floor game series fan, I was fiddling a lot with its engine and found out quite some really nice tweaks and settings as well as designed few of my own. Since fiddling with INI files isn’t always the easiest way, I’ve made a simple GUI driven tweaker for Killing Floor 2.


  • Automatically detects Killing Floor 2 settings files. Fully portable!
  • Easy to use with descriptions and ability to restore tweaks to default settings in just few clicks. No more messed up INI settings!
  • Control hidden graphics and performance settings
  • Enhanced audio quality and performance settings
  • Enhanced gore level selection with 6 presets ranging from no gore to insane 100x times the original gore

Visit Killing Floor 2 Tweaker micro page:


Life is Strange – A year later…


My Episode 1 review:

I can’t believe it’s been a year since this game was released. Well, the first episode at least. The last one was released in October 2015. And while I’ve finished first one immediately, I’ve left episode 2 somewhere in the middle and haven’t picked up the game for almost a year. I have to be in the mood to enjoy a game and I guess just few days ago was that moment when I was in the mood again. Picked up Life is Strange again. And wow…

I’m still a bit overwhelmed by the experience. So much, my mind is jumping back and forth trying to fit all the experience into sentences this very instant. Not a moment later. Ever since System Shock 2 and Deus Ex back in the 1999 and 2000, those two games were considered my all time favorites. They involved thinking, action, amazing story, emotional segments, I’ve considered them a benchmark for all games I’ve played after that. And then, around 15 years later, Life is Strange arrived… and it pretty much entirely shattered my perception of games.

The thing is, I’ve experienced a somewhat similar thing with another title from same developer (DONTNOD). It was the Remember Me. While it was again an action packed game, the memory remixing segments paired with Nilin’s backstory were so unforgettable, so freaking emotional. The Neo Paris art design, the feel of it as you walked through the city, Nilin as a person, her back story, the music support, voice acting… I know quite a lot of games that really push the storytelling and drama, but there is just something only DONTNOD team can pull off. And they’ve outdone themselves with Life is Strange. I mean, I’m sitting here, writing this article, listening to Life is Strange main menu guitar soundtrack almost in tears, like something is missing from my life now that I’ve finished the game. The experience was so emotional, so immersive, so vivid but at the same time totally surreal. I can really immerse myself into many games, but I’ve never ever immersed myself into any game as much as I have in this one. Maybe it’s because parts of Max’s life kinda reminded me of my own, maybe because of the whole surreal experience, maybe because of the whole artistic approach to it… I honestly don’t really know… DONTNOD really knows their mysterious ways 🙂

People complained over many things in this game, particularly the dialogs and the slang used, but remember, this is a game, not a reality simulator. What others thought the slang was cheesy, for me it was kinda cool in an awkward cute kind of way. It didn’t bother me at all and I think it even gave the game that special unique touch. Along with all the artwork in the game. While the game is technological marvel since it’s using a rather new Unreal Engine, what made it so unreal was the art design of the game. Developers didn’t push all the latest shaders and effects, instead, they’ve opted for a more artistic approach that will remain timeless. 5, 10 or 15 years later, it’ll still have its flair where most of other games will just look old and outdated, this one just won’t. Like true art that somehow just keeps up with the times even hundreds of years later. People often say games can’t be art. And they are so wrong. They can and they are art. This game certainly is a work of art. It’s just… everything about it. The visuals, the ambient sounds, the acoustic guitar music, voice acting, the animations, amazingly believable world design, the people you meet and talk to, the way you grow fond of people and friends as if they were real people, mind blowing twisted story, all those terrifying moments when you have to make tough decisions that can and most often change the fate of everyone around you.

And I’m intentionally not going into details here. I can tell you, I’ve experienced thousands of hours in games and I’ve never felt like this in the end. It doesn’t matter what genre of games you prefer, you have to give this game a try. I cannot pour my thoughts into words good enough to give this game a praise it deserves. Give it a try and maybe let me know down below in comments what you think about it. But remember. Take your time. Don’t rush it. Experience it fully. Talk to people, look at things, explore, take your time.

For me, only wish I have now is that I was able to rewind time myself, so I could go back to day 1 when this game was released. With no memories of the story and the experience, just the knowledge that the game is really good. So I could re-experience the whole thing again. And again. And again. It is that amazing.

Life is Strange. And it becomes even stranger once you experience this game…

Fix Alien Breed random game crashing

I’ve had Alien Breed trilogy in my Steam library for a very long time and have finally decided to give it a spin. It’s actually pretty interesting game that got a bit ruined by what seems like random crashing. But it wouldn’t be my blog if it wasn’t yet another über bizarre thing. I seem to be the magnet for all the weird shit no one else experiences in games and programs.

How to fix Alien Breed game crashing?

Don’t use keyboard to navigate Intex terminals (saving, weapon/item upgrades etc), use only mouse!

Nope, I’m not kidding. That’s why it seemed like a totally random crashing where it was tied to usage of mouse or keyboard, apparently I use both interchangeably on the Intex terminals and crashes weren’t consistent because of it.

But I’ve figured it out. I can play the game without a single crash for as long as I strictly use mouse on Intex terminals. As soon as I tried to use keyboard arrow keys to navigate Intex terminal purchase/save menu, the game crashed.

So here you go, another game fix from the bizarro land. XD

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided pre-ordering…

DeusExMankindDividedPreOrderSay hello to one of the biggest bullshit pre-orders. And I wouldn’t even give a damn if it wasn’t for one of my favorite game franchises. Remember the original Deus Ex, that uber spectacular niche RPG-FPS hybrid with jaw dropping story, advanced game mechanics and multi-path, multi-choice levels and missions? Well, the game is not niche anymore, it has been blown to the masses and it’s now getting riddled with the usual money grabbing bullshit.

And I used to take Eidos and Square Enix as honest developers/publishers. I guess the default stance of every gamer should be “All developers and publishers are scum”…

Cutting out content and selling it back as “bonus”

They are again taking out content and offering it to you as “bonus”. How about providing that content to all buyers of your game and encourage people to go the honest path of actually buying the game, because they’ll be actually rewarded for it. Or has everyone already forgot about The Witcher 3 and its countless free DLC’s? Maybe they were taken out or actually made as extras, bottom line is, they are free and everyone is getting them whether you pre-ordered or purchased the game on actual release day. And game sales speak for themselves. Even on PC which is constantly being trashed around as piracy heaven. Respect the gamers and they’ll also respect you.

Pre-order bonuses encourage piracy

Instead, this bullshit pre-ordering is only encouraging people to be even more cautious about spending their money and potentially leading into them just pirating the game. After all, it’ll be free and they’ll get ALL the extras. Where if you’re a honest gamer and you want to support the developer by actually paying for a game, just not by pre-ordering it, you’ll get screwed by missing actual game content like entire missions!

Bonuses ruin gameplay experience

I also absolutely hate it how developers and publishers babysit people who pre-order with aids for faster progress. I’ve first seen this nonsense on large scale in GTA5 and it made me not want to pre-order a game just because of that. If you pre-ordered GTA5, you got 500.000 of in-game money. Why the hell bother and even play the game when you get half a million handed to you from the start. That’s like getting BFG in the first level of Doom/Quake. It’s pointless and retarded. Sure, give me this kind of goodies AFTER I finish the game. I loved going all crazy with weapon cheats after I finished games, but getting it on first play through, that’s just retarded and entirely ruins the whole point of progress in games. Cosmetic, fine. But goodies affecting gameplay, sorry I just don’t want them. Even if I’d pre-order the game, I’d want to play the game as it was initially designed and use these goodies on second run only. Something I bet won’t be available as an option to the players who pre-order Mankind Divided…

A no win situation for players

It’s a now win because you have to go in blind. I’ve tackled this before in some of my blog posts and I’ll mention it again.

If you want to see how game looks and plays, you have to look tons of developer trailers, videos and gameplays prior to game release to see if it’s any good, so you can be sure you’re spending your money well. However, by doing so, you totally ruin your game experience. I’ve been doing this for few years until Alien:Isolation where I turned a new page. Yes, I’ve pre-ordered the game, sorry father for I have sinned, however I’ve purposely avoided all gameplay videos, because if I’ve learned anything from the past, gameplay videos totally ruin experience. Only thing I’ve watched were developer commentaries where I haven’t watched any actual video, just voice, so I didn’t even know how alien actually behaves in the game. When you enter the game after watching bunch of such videos, you know tons of stuff about the game and it’s just not the same. Especially watching someone else play it is wastly worse than playing a demo yourself. And that’s why I’ve enjoyed Alien:Isolation so much. I’ve never experienced such gut wrenching sensation as first meeting alien in that lobby where it slays few humans. I was genuinely scared for my life. But making sure you experience games this way, you have to avoid all the videos and buy the game blind. Meaning it’s a no win situation for you. You have to either sacrifice game experience and watch all the resources about the game or you ignore all that and potentially piss away 50+ € for a game that you’ll hate…

I miss demo games…

What I really miss are demo games (this explains how old of a dinosaur I really am). A playable presentation of the first game level. Or even how Valve did with original Half-Life, a game level that doesn’t even exist in the game released later. However I wish it was included since it was same gut wrenching experience as with Alien:Isolation. Walking those corridors in the beginning with just a crowbar and headcrabs jumping up your face, meeting brutal commandos in that hangar for the first time, meeting zombie scientist down in the dark sewers and vortigaunts terrorizing those commandos, the experience was just incredible. Or the System Shock 2 and original Deus Ex where demo presented the first game level to the player and then leaves it with a massive cliff hanger. It’s the best way to hype the players, give them the actual feel of the game and not ruin them game experience since it’s the first level which often leaves so many things unexplained (especially in the mentioned two games). That’s why I’ve enjoyed those games so much and I haven’t enjoyed many others later for which I watched gameplay videos taken out from the middle or even end of the game. It’s ridiculous.

Demo games are in my opinion the best way to present a product to the players with no downsides. And trust me, playable demos hyped me for the games far more than ANY gameplay video to date. Ever.

So, when would I pre-order the new Deus Ex?

I’d pre-order it if I could experience the gameplay of the first level myself (in person, not watching someone play it on video). It would be a good indication if game has the same good feel to it as Des Ex Human Revolution which I played and am familiar with. If Mankind Divided felt very similar, I’d pre-order it. If it felt more like original Deus Ex, I’d also pre-order it. But if it would feel more like a game that is just clutching on to legacy of predecessors and running with a cheap gameplay, I wouldn’t buy it. That’s why I only bought Deus Ex 2 when it was really cheap years after release. What does this tell you as a game developer or publisher?

Make a good game that won’t let me down and I’ll gladly hand over my money and be your loyal customer even in the future, because I’ll know you actually respect me as a customer and that you strive for quality and perfection. But using dirty tactics like these pre-orders only do one thing. Make me not want to buy your game. And this is exactly what I’ll do with Mankind Divided. I’m a hardcore Deus Ex fan, but I’m not going to support this bullshit even if it means I’ll be punished by missing out a whole game mission. Respect has to be mutual and I’m not sensing it here…

Short Game Review: Infinifactory

There is just one word to describe this game: “Freaking out of this world amazing” Yeah, one word LOL

After I got notification from GOG about release of Infinifactory, I honestly didn’t expect it to be this good. I had mixed feelings, it looked interesting, but didn’t really have any idea what it is. I have decided to give it a try anyway since GOG has a no risk refunding policy since forever. It just looked interesting in some mysterious way. It’s roughly 20€ which might sound a lot for an indie game, but when you’ll taste its brilliance, you’ll forget about the price.

How to describe this game?

Imagine Lemmings in a Minecraft world with objective based building of The Incredible Machine. This is Infinifactory explained in one sentence.

Gameplay & puzzles

There is a story attached to it, but the main point of this game is construction of the most efficient production line possible. You get a blueprint of the final product and you have to manipulate individual bits and pieces to form the final product. You can use conveyor belts to move them around where you want them, rotators to rotate objects, pushers to sort items, welders to combine them in larger fixed objects, mill them into different shapes, eviscerate parts and replace them with new ones, there are sensors and wiring that can be used to manipulate parts timings and control other parts. If you’ve ever played Minecraft before (who hasn’t), you’ll feel like at home because the building of complex machinery is very similar to using redstones in Minecraft. Just with one very important exception, you don’t have to build stupid stairs to wire things in vertical dimension. Here you just make a vertical wiring and it’ll work. I don’t get it why they still haven’t done it in Minecraft, because that shit is dumb. But Inifinifactory developer has done it right.

Initial Infinifactory missions are rather easy, but later on, they become very challenging, but not frustrating, which is another bright point of this game. At first you make a rough prototype of the production line to sort of get production parts in the right places, then you start combining them and that’s when things usually become complicated, they break and get stuck and then it’s some trial and error work to sort all that out. And it’s really not frustrating or annoying. You just can’t wait to resolve some problem and finally see the finished product exiting the production line. And the feelings you experience when everything works like a clockwork, well, that sensation is un-freaking-believable. It just makes you chuckle like a small child who found a way how to steal cookies from the cookie jar without parents ever finding out. 🙂


Oh, fun fact at this point, developer of the Infinifactory also created Infiniminer which is a Minecraft style game that actually predates Minecraft. I didn’t know this either till this very moment. I’m using Minecraft above to describe it since people are more familiar with that one, but Zachtronics Industries actually invented the block manipulation sandbox game that we today know the most as Minecraft (and several other spin offs). He innovated that!

Graphics, music and audio

I’m not even going to write about graphics, music or sound effects. They are besides the point. Ok, they are all nice, but trust me, you won’t spend hours and hours in this game because of graphics.

Game features proper FOV (Field of View) adjustment which means it gets a FOV Alliance seal of approval!


I know there will be a small percentage of people who won’t like it for whatever reason, but if you love good and incredibly unique puzzle games, this game is a must have.

Infinifactory has a lot of familiar elements found in other games, but it uses them in such unique way I can’t praise it enough. Zachtronics Industries, you’ve outdone yourself with this game. It’s brilliantly unique, entertaining and educational.

I can only recommend it with a 20 out of 10 woolen seal of approval! Buy it. NOW!