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Computer freezing with black screen on game exit

I’ve first experienced this with game LIMBO and couldn’t figure it out until today when it happened in Tower Wars game again. And the symptoms were too peculiar to be a coincidence.


When you exit the game, screen remains black. No mouse or keyboard input seems to do anything as no amount of Ctrl+Esc, Alt+Tab, Alt+F4 did anything. If you had music player playing in the background via music player, music will continue playing (meaning system didn’t actually freeze).

Affected devices and games:

  • NVIDIA GeForce graphic card (GTX 980 in my case)
  • LIMBO (tested game)
  • Tower Wars (tested game)

Offending component/setting(s):



Change the “Preferred refresh rate” from “Highest available” to “Application-controlled” in NVIDIA Control Panel.

The reason I’ve always changed this to “Highest available” was because I have a 144Hz monitor and I want everything to run at such high refresh. Apparently, with games that enforce own refresh rate (which isn’t 144Hz, but 60Hz instead), this somehow conflicts and causes this lockup with black screen.


Killing Floor 2 officially released on PC & PS4!


That day has finally arrived! Killing Floor 2 was released minutes ago on PC and PS4 platforms. I’ve been playing it on PC since its inception through Early Access on Steam and it has been an exciting experience since day one. You can read more about my impressions back then here. And I can assure you, despite quite a lot of changes that happened since then, they are majorly for the better. The game looks amazing, can run well even on more basic systems and most of all, it’s so exciting and fun, servers are well populated through entire day and things will get even better now that it’s officially released. During release time, there is also a 25% launch discount, so grab it while it’s still hot 😀

I’ve also created a tweak tool called Killing Floor 2 Tweaker for this game that allows you to fiddle with few otherwise hidden settings and parameters like adjusting amount of permanent gore (how much corpses and gibs are hanging around as you lay death upon Zeds), adjust sound settings, texture streaming, mouse behavior like mouse acceleration and scaling etc.

What are you still waiting? Grab the game and see you on the battlefield! Lets show those Zeds what’s what!

Killing Floor 2

Official Killing Floor 2 webpage

Killing Floor 2 on Steam

Killing Floor 2 Tweaker

Download Killing Floor 2 Tweaker

Aeon Command short review



Aeon Command on Steam


  • unique approach for tug of war game with space ships
  • tons of upgrades for resources, weapons, armor and powerups
  • decent long campaign with 3 sides
  • skirmish with 3 game modes
  • looks quite nice for a 2D game


  • 3 sides are very similar in terms of space ship arrangement
  • space ships are hard to distinguish visually on the field
  • once you figure out the method, it becomes a bit easy even on Hard


I’m a big fan of tug of war games because you can play them with just one hand and the other one can be used to stuff Doritos in your face. 🙂 Plus, I love the fast resources management and spawning of your military, so you don’t have to deal with lengthy initial building phase like in RTS games. I had quite some fun with this one, looks nice, is interesting to play and it’s one of rare tug of war games that has space ships which I think is nice and unique. If you want to blast some space ships with lasers and rockets and have some instant fun, this is the right game for you. And it goes for just 2.99€ on Steam, so it’s a steal 😀

Doom bugs and glitches

While the title looks scary, it really isn’t that bad. Considering the game is brand new and hasn’t received any updates, it’s very polished. All I’ve spotted so far are basically tiny glitches… PC version btw.

Bugged intro video

Yeah, the sound for intro video is bugged. Half way through the id logo animation, sound just disappears and intro video finishes up in silence. If you click with mouse or press keys, it sometimes stops even sooner. I don’t know if it’s only on my system or not, I’m using Windows 10 64bit and Sound Blaster Z with drivers from August 2015, the latest ones for Win10…

Weapon upgrade bots glitch

This one only happens with those weapon upgrades bots that run away as you approach them. There was one in one level, can’t remember the name of the map exactly, it was a bit before the Lazarus Elevator where you have to find a yellow key to activate the elevator, you approach through a corridor and there is the weapons upgrade bot hovering above some crates and then flies away to some platform above a pool of acid or something and a lowered bridge that divides both sides. One side has a hive that you have to take down and other side a door that goes out to a platform with some space ship in the middle. Anyway, if you run towards the bot and catch it up and activating it while it’s escaping, it’ll carry you with the bot up to the platform. It was so weird as it certainly looked like a glitch because screen menu was flashing and I could see level through it as I was flying across the level until the bot stopped and then it allowed me to view the upgrade menu. This was the first time I managed to catch the upgrade bot and glitch it out…

Summoner attack gets stuck in endless rapid speed firing mode

This one happened quite few times and I don’t think it’s intended. It often happens you run for cover behind a corner and Summoner starts firing its red projectile with super speed past the corner indefinitely. It’s not the red marker first and then actual fire with tiny pause in between, it’s just rapid fire fire fire fire one after another so it’s basically impossible to get past without getting fried. Could be because of Nightmare difficulty, but considering this never happens in normal combat situations when it has you in sight, I don’t think this is suppose to be happening. It just looks off.

Game closes without an error (UPDATE: 2016.05.17)

I don’t know what’s going on, but this was the second time game has done this. It just closes without errors or warnings, even Event Viewer has no entry for the incident. Almost as if the game closes per user command, that’s why there is no errors or logs. But I’m not doing it, I’m quite certain of that.

Other than this, I haven’t really spotted any other problems. Incredibly polished game considering how complex it really is with all the collectables, upgrades and settings. If Bethesda and id check out these bugs, it would become pretty much flawless.

Anyone else spotted any other glitches in single player?

Doom, the initial impressions

I’m not going to write a full review just yet so I thought, why not drop a brief post about initial impressions with the new game. Full review will most likely follow when I finish it…

It’s funny how I find people on forums who complain how new Doom is nothing like the original Doom from the 90’s, where in reality, it’s in fact the closest thing. Doom 3 was a bit of an odd one. It had really dark and gritty graphics with scary atmosphere and individual monsters attacking you. I can’t remember a time you were really surrounded by monsters like you quite often was in original Doom. It was always scary moments and 1-3 monsters in Doom 3.

But in new Doom, it feels like someone took the original and remade it into “HD” with new graphics adding it actual 3rd dimension and also new aspect to the gameplay by adding upgrades and the way how ammo and health is delivered to you. Original allowed you to gun down monsters from distance. In fact that was a preferred way of dealing damage. From far away because health was precious. Here, you have to balance out ranged and close combat in order to inflict damage, but also gather dropped health. And trust me, if you play on Nightmare like I do, you’ll gonna be doing that a lot. 2 blows from Imp and you’ll be dead. Armor feels like it’s not even there. It’s very unforgiving, but for some really weird reason, I absolutely love it regardless. It’s how it should be. Hellishly unforgiving.

Weapon, suit and additional upgrades give new dimension to gameplay. It allows you to adjust your gameplay more with different weapons mods. I know some will whine about it how it doesn’t belong into Doom game, but reality is, upgrades aren’t like those in System Shock or Dead Space. They are far less complex and more straight forward. They remind me more of Alien Rage – Unlimited than Dead Space. And they even did the same trick as devs of Alien Rage, they give you ability to upgrade the basic pistol, making it more relevant through entire game, opposed to other games where you stop using basic pistol the moment you pick up something stronger.

The game just feels really good as a whole. Even spawning of monsters, in Doom 3 they almost always spawned behind your back to scare you, here, most are already roaming the maps, just few spawn in, usually when you destroy their pods. I like this more than lazy spawn ins for everything.

We’ve seen many franchise reboots in the recent years and Doom is by far the closest thing to how franchise reboots should be done. I really can’t think of a single serious issue or complaint about this game. Looks great, sounds great, levels are interesting, combat is really engaging and demands you to move a lot while also forces you to explore maps to gather upgrades and hidden stuff so you can mow down monsters easier, nicely rounding up the whole experience.

I have yet to try multiplayer and the map editor, which is supposedly an easier version where you snap elements together like Lego, but I have yet to try it and see what kind of maps you can create. I hope you can make single player maps and not just multiplayer maps. I want to create outrageously hellish mini campaign, but can’t be bothered with ridiculously complicated map editors that usually come with the games. 😀

All in all, it’s a really good game and I think this will be one of better if not best games this year. Highly recommended!

Killing Floor 2 Tweaker v1.5 released!


Minor adjustments and additions.

1.5 (2016-04-26)

  • Adjusted high quality shadows setting
  • Added High Quality Lighting setting
  • Changed gore explanations a bit

Visit Killing Floor 2 Tweaker micro page for download:

Killing Floor 2 Tweaker

Hitman game confuses Anita Sarkeesian


Dear Anita “I’m a games expert” Sarkeesian, if you haven’t noticed by the title, game is about a person whose job is being a hitman. And people who have job title “hitman” on their business card tend to use brutal methods to eliminate their targets. Blades, poison, piano strings, bullets from sniper rifle, bullets from a silenced pistol, you name it. If you want to kill someone, you have to disrupt their critical natural bodily functions. Best way to do that is by inflicting severe direct or indirect damage. Maybe you should read a book or two about biology and human body anatomy instead of marketing and quasi feminism.

And here we have this self proclaimed gaming expert who gets all confused about the purpose and meaning of the game named Hitman…

Here’s a hint from dictionary…

hit man

or hitman

noun, Slang.

1. a hired killer, especially a professional killer from the underworld.

That’s like being all confused and offended because game “Need for Speed” doesn’t contain any gardening mechanics (other than doing donuts with your Porsche in someone’s freshly mowed front lawn). Or how a game named “Command & Conquer” doesn’t contain any clothes fashion and styling mechanics. Or how game “Soldier of Fortune” has no cute and colorful fluffy characters wandering across colorful rainbow worlds.

How dumber can you become Anita? Jesus christ, hamster running across keyboard randomly would convince me with its gaming credentials faster than her. And people still take her seriously when she talks about games and gaming. She has absolutely no clue about gaming and games. Not because she’s a woman and not because I’m a misogynist, but because she’s posting stupid shit like this.