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Cloudflare launched fast and private public DNS service

Cloudflare launched their new free public DNS service yesterday (yeah, funny date to make product announcement on April 1st). But this is no joke. They actually launched this product. In a nutshell, it’s a service like OpenDNS or Google DNS, except it’s the fastest of them all and cares about user privacy.

Cloudflare DNS


Primary DNS:

Secondary DNS:

As you can see from DNSPerf webpage, it’s resolving the fastest for basically entire world and their privacy policy is also very strict, meaning they do not track or store any user data and they also don’t sell any data to anyone.

It is yet unknown if Cloudflare DNS provides any other security features like cache poisoning protection, anti-phishing and malware blocking. Still waiting for their reply on this one, will update as I receive more info.

I’ve also included it on my public DNS list where I feature all DNS services that matter.



Secure DNS servers

I was sure this has been already posted on my blog, but I guess I was wrong (or was it my old blog). Anyway, here they are, listed again. Most widely known and used DNS servers that can be used as alternative to the DNS servers provided by your ISP. In general, most users don’t really need to use these, but those who want extra security in a form of blocking websites that are serving malware or host phishing sites along with DNS poisoning defense, these alternative DNS servers can be useful. Some (like Norton ConnectSafe also offer blocking of porn, but you have to visit their webpage for those IP addresses, I’m only listing the antimalware/antiphishing one). Instructions to use each are also provided on their webpages if you don’t know how to set them up.

Open DNS

Cloudflare DNS

Quad 9 (Blocklist, DNSSEC, No EDNS Client-Subnet) (ONLY FOR DEBUGGING! No blocklist, no DNSSEC, send EDNS Client-Subnet)



Neustar DNS Advantage

VeriSign Public DNS

Norton ConnectSafe DNS (Will be discontinued on November 15, 2018!)

Comodo Secure DNS


Level3 DNS


Google DNS