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Why is gaming journalism not defending gaming industry?

This one was tangling my brain curves for quite a while and I’ve expressed my concerns on few websites about it, but I just feel like I have to cover it properly.

The thing that’s absolutely strange is that gaming journalism is totally and entirely disconnected from the very industry they are supposedly covering. And I just can’t get to understand why…

When general media criticized games for being the main cause for school shootings, gaming journalism was pretty much silent. When Jack Thompson started attacking violent games as the source of all crimes in this world, they were yet again sitting on their asses, doing absolutely nothing. Today, feminists are attacking games because they supposedly induce violence, sexism, misogyny, patriarchy and god knows what else into the gamers. And what gaming journalism does? They don’t just go passive, trying to distance themselves from the conflict, they even stand alongside the accusers and they piss, shit and spit on games, gamers, game developers, publishers etc.

Now, isn’t this absolutely absurd behavior, only observable in the gaming industry? Everywhere else, in other industries, journalists actually research things and report them back to general public to show what they and their industry is operating in a brighter, more positive way than what they are being accused of. I’m not saying gaming journalism should make things up and lie just to defend gaming industry for any cost, but when someone like feminists attacks games for causing misogyny and sexism, gamers somehow expect from journalists to cover this and research it. And show that accusations are baseless and that actual academic research shows different picture than the claims of the accusers. And yet, they do nothing like that. In fact they are doing the exact opposite. Why the hell are they doing that?

Call my logic flawed, but isn’t that like cutting a branch you’re just sitting on? If you’re a gaming journalist, games, gamers, game developers, publishers and all the game related stuff is what brings you your daily bread, so to speak. Why on Earth would you go and actually attack it? It’s idiotic. But they are apparently so short-sighted that they don’t even realize it.

And what baffles me even further is how supposedly gaming journalist establishments like Gamasutra, Polygon and Kotaku still have and support article writers who spread bigotry, hate and misinformation, all in the name of “gaming journalism”. Everywhere else, if public figures behave in such unethical ways, they get fired pretty much on the spot. Even if they only do it in their private lives. But here, they openly support such behavior and they even defend it regularly on social media. It just shows how people there either don’t care at all or the whole establishments are rotten from the core itself. And to make things worse, people take such “journalism” establishments seriously. That’s by far the worst part. Whatever nonsense they spew out, people take it as a truth. That is really painful to watch. And the fact how ignorant defensive they behave when you call them on it, I have no doubts now why #GamerGate got established.

It really is the time to do a gaming journalism cleanup and remove all the weed and garbage and give actual game journalists who care about the gaming industry chance to thrive and become successful. We don’t need idiots who pretend to be supporters of gaming, just so they back stab us on the first opportunity that gives them personal benefits.

Is it really so hard to just be honest and passionate about gaming and its industry? If you’re a gaming journalist, defend it when it needs support and criticize it when it’s doing things wrong. Is it really too much to ask for?

Mental patients, coming through!


This post wasn’t planned, but holy shit Ezra’s article stunned me with idiocy on so many levels, I had to write about it immediately. Men are accused of being rapists and misogynists on daily basis these days for no real reason and when you think that wasn’t enough, you find a gem like this…

Let me quote Ezra Klein again:

“Men need to feel a cold spike of fear when they begin sexual encounter.”

…so that search engines will be able to index this brilliance. Not that he yet again cites the massively flawed 1 in 5 rape statistic, he even goes so far to actually and publicly say the above quote. I’m just calling to nearby psychiatric institution, asking them if they are missing any mental patients. Because I’ve just seen one writing for Vox and the patients name is Ezra Klein. And don’t forget to bring those nice white jackets with you, the ones with the funny sleeves and straps…

I honestly didn’t think there are people actually this broken in their weak minds. I just didn’t… Where are people running around screaming misandry now? No? No one? No one challenging his claim and demanding an apology because of disgusting sexism, hate speech and straight out crazy radical ideas? Well fuck all that. Just because woman feminist said it, then it’s all fine…

Yes, this is how modern feminism looks like. Still want to be a part of this loony group? And please, do wear your stupid feminist T-shirts, so I’ll know which women to avoid in a massive arc…

Correction update:

I’ve mistakenly posted as if Ezra was a woman using “she” and “her”. I apologize for that fail. Should have done more research on the author… Lecture for the future.

Misogyny in real life (Part Two)

You can read my Misogyny in games (Part One) here. This time a bit different and hopefully with more input from the outside world. Hopefully.

I’ve covered the virtual part, I’m now moving into the physical realm of actual living humans. I’ve watched few videos on this topic, mostly from Anita Sarkeesian who’s a misogyny drama queen. I don’t think there is any human being, who has used word “misogyny” as many times as she did. In a single video or all combined. You know, when some word is used so much that it gets embedded into your mind. Like those silly but catchy songs. You hate them, but they keep on rolling in your head. And same is with word “misogyny”. And while I can just dismiss those silly songs, constant induction of guilt through repetition of this word being said to me as a description of who I (supposedly) am because I play games.

In fact, they are pushing this narrative so far to induce this guilt into every man, regardless if they are gamers or not. And that’s really just a very low and disgusting fear mongering scare tactic. To make you feel guilty even if you know that you are treating everyone around you as good as possible.

So, where is this misogyny? Who is doing it and why can’t I notice it? And don’t tell me I don’t see it because of my gender which is male. I mean, when there is something this horrible and obvious happening, one would happen to notice it, wouldn’t he? I might be a man, but I’m not blind and I’m still able to make critical thinking. Otherwise I wouldn’t be an atheist, right? Because from the word itself (yeah, I’m not all-knowing and I had to look into dictionaries for meaning of “misogyny” because I never ever came across it before), it sounds like something systematic, something done on a daily basis and something done on a large-scale to large groups of people. In this case, in a large-scale to women. Where do these social justice warriors see these examples here in western world?

Wherever I look, I see nothing but respect to women. I live in a rather conservative country in Europe and even here, women are highly respected and really not treated any different from men. Not exactly something you’d expect from conservatives who usually tend to follow “old ways” in which women are stereotypically placed in a kitchen with a task to raise kids. In fact I find word “misogyny” entirely incompatible with social standards, at least in my country. You cannot hate someone, dislike them, mistrust them and have prejudice against them and be their good friends, boyfriends, husbands or just life partners at the same time. It just can’t function. Because that’s what I see all around me, everywhere. It just makes no sense at all. From my observation, no one hates, dislikes, mistrust women or have prejudice against them in general just because they are women. People tend to acquire those opinions based on actions done by individuals. And it really goes both ways. If men is behaving like a dick and he’s caught lying, somehow, people tend to dislike him, start to mistrust him and simply have prejudice against him for what he has done or how he behaves. And if woman happens to do any of that, what kind of reaction you’d expect? You get a definition of misogyny from the dictionary. But no one applies it as a general rule, to all women. Why the hell you’d even do that unless if you’re seriously mentally challenged? I see absolutely no reason to hate or mistrust women by default. They’ve done nothing negative to me, so I see no reason to treat them that way. And I’m not the only one to have such opinion. Unless if they change my thinking with their behavior and actions. That’s not misogyny, that’s how our society and human to human interactions work. Trust is earned and when you lose it, people tend to hate you, dislike you and they simply behave and react to you differently.

So, ladies, if any of you are reading my blog (I know there are few female readers), please tell me your opinion on this matter. Do you feel you’re affected by “misogyny”? If yes, where and how exactly? If no, why do you feel that way? And if it’s not a secret, in what country are you living? Men are also welcome to comment of course. I’d love to talk around real world examples with the “oppressed” side to see if this is really a social issue or just a load of vapor…

I might even write a “Part Three” if the input will be big enough.

Misogyny in games (Part One)

So, I’ve been hearing and reading about this trend of “misogynistic gamers” who just love to beat, rape, abuse and murder women in games. People even called me that way, solely for being a gamer who also plays games that include that within gameplay spectrum, without actually knowing my character or my stance on women and their treatment in real life. I’ve explained some of it my other articles and I’ve talked about it in Youtube comments, but here is a better defined, shorter version which explains how gamers aren’t misogynists at all, on any level or definition.


[mi-sojuh-nee, mahy-]


hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women, or prejudice against women.

Ok, so here is the official definition of the word. Pay particular attention to word “women”. Why, you may say? Because every time you beat, shoot, run over, abuse or otherwise mistreat “women” in games, you are in fact not really doing any of that to women. What you are doing is beating, shooting, running over and abusing bunch of polygons, textures and pixels. Not women. In fact you aren’t even shooting, beating, running them over or otherwise abusing them. Because those guns, fists and cars don’t exist either. They are also bunch of polygons, textures and pixels. Essentially, what you’re doing is manipulating pixels with bunch of other pixels.

These polygons, textures and pixels have no emotions, no feelings, they don’t feel the pain, they don’t experience fear, they don’t experience physical and mental trauma, they don’t get long-term mental issues because of the abuse. They are as inanimate as the rock in your backyard.

If we want to escalate things so far and call manipulation of polygons and pixels as “misogyny”, then you shouldn’t be allowed to throw a plush pup or teddy bear on the ground, because that would equal to an actual animal abuse and you would get charged for animal cruelty. Dropping a Barbie doll or any kind of doll that portrays woman body anatomy? Nope, can’t do that, because that would result in you becoming a misogynistic pig. Wait, you haven’t seen anyone reporting anyone to the police for misogyny by dropping female toy dolls on the floor? Not even being outraged over it? Annoyed even? Wait a second…

So why the hell are you extremists feminists running this crusade against gamers who shoot and run over non-existent things? If you want to accuse me of anything, you can freely accuse me of “pixogyny”. And I will never deny it.




hatred, dislike, or mistrust of pixels, or prejudice against pixels.

There you go, I’ve corrected that a bit to explain what gamers are actually committing within games. Feel free to call me or any of other gamers like that. We’ll always be happy to say: “Yes, we are guilty of that.” Because last time I’ve checked, pixogyny is not a crime of any sort and neither it is an unacceptable and/or abusive behavior. It doesn’t actually harm anyone (well, except pixels).

I know this will sound a bit ludicrous, silly and weird, but to my observation, inanimate, fictional characters in games are starting to get more “human” rights and media coverage than actual real human beings who are still actually being mistreated or abused in real life. Call me a moron, but can someone please divert all the manpower in hating treatment of women pixels in games and use it to protect and save actual human beings? The actual women who do have emotions, do feel the pain, do feel the fear and do have long-term trauma after abusive events. Those are the women (people) who actually require our attention, not god damn pixels. Stop wasting time and resources on things that don’t matter and use them for things that do.

If you think experiences from games somehow projects into the real life and reinforce abusive behavior, you’ll be able to read about that in my second part named “Misogyny in real life (Part Two)”, coming very soon…

Tropes vs Women Refund request

This is a rant from someone who actually contributed money to the “Tropes vs Women” video series that should be done by Feminist Frequency aka Anita Sarkeesian. I’ve used “should” because it’s 2 years past due date and they still haven’t delivered the promised videos to the people who paid over $158.000 to make them. This is a story of one of the backers…

Still thinking Feminist Frequency has anything to do with representing women in gaming industry and defending women rights or feminism in general? To me it looks more like money grabbing organization which can’t deliver promised goods despite collecting 25 times what they originally needed. I guess living high on the hog, spending that 6 figure amount is just too time consuming for them to roll up their sleeves and do what they promised… I’m just shocked this is like the first person I’ve seen to actually say anything about it. Where are the rest of people who made 3+ figure contributions?

How to pwn yourself, Anita style


Oh, Anita, our beloved Anita Sarkeesian… The internet would be a dull and boring space without you. Nice example of it is her intelligent comment on Twitter from few days ago…

Open communication…

She said “I’m not going to waste time responding…” Yeah, on that subject…


It’s hard to ask you Anita. Or question your methodology, if you block every single mean of communication. And Youtube isn’t the only space she does this. Ask the wrong question on Twitter, blocked. Wrong question on Facebook? Blocked? You bet! Which makes you wonder what your agenda is Anita. Thunderf00t doesn’t block any comments, Sargon of Akkad doesn’t block any comments, AlphaOmegaSin doesn’t block comments, TL;DR doesn’t block comments hell, I don’t block comments here, because we are all open to discussion (which often ends up with words “fuck you” from the side of her followers), but oh well, no one can accuse us of not trying.

But Anita is this special fragile woman with delicate mind that cannot withstand any capacity of criticism, questioning or requests for further explanations or means on how she obtained all these ludicrous accusations of gamers. Demanding methodology used? Ahahahah, you are being delusional. What she says is an absolute, unquestionable truth. And she makes sure you can’t even ask perfectly legit question, either you can’t post them because you don’t have an option on her videos and on her social media channels. And because you’ll just get blocked as she doesn’t want you to “intoxicate” her brainless sheep with any reasonable doubt.

No bias…

And she has truckloads of highly questionable methods when dissecting games and providing “evidence” and “conclusions” based entirely on her own view of the world and the games. Which, in her case means misogyny and patriarchy in every single thing she looks at. Women need to sit to pee? Patriarchy! Women have above average sized boobs in games? Misogyny! Apples can be green. Discrimination! Oh my god woman, shut the fuck up for once. Every time I see her “educational” videos I get sick in my mouth just by seeing her stupid annoying face, knowing she’ll spit out one of the above 3 words like an angry cobra, 350 times a minute. Speaking of bias is an insult to the word itself, because she outdoes it 100 fold.

Supremacy complex…

I also love how she always wants to portray herself as someone above the rest by using high-flying words instead of those more commonly used and better understood by us peasants, especially those not coming from English-speaking countries. Because if you use “ad hominems” instead of personal attacks, strawmen and willful misrepresentation instead of just saying “deliberate misrepresentation”, you totally look more educated. Except she failed badly, because strawmen and willful misrepresentation actually mean exactly the same thing. Facepalm time! And this isn’t the only thing. It just wouldn’t be hilarious enough…

Personal attacks (ad hominem yo!)?

It’s hypocrisy all over again. You’re the one attacking my personal lifestyle from the beginning, being a gamer and accusing me of being a women hater, rapist, misogynist, privileged white male and whatnot (even though I’m none of that), just because I happen to like seeing pretty women in games that may also happen to be violent in some instances. That’s not a personal attack of every single gamer in the gaming community, right? But hey, always point out the trolls that have nothing to do with us and play a professional victim. If you were the one attacking us first, we have every single right to retaliate back in whatever way we desire. It’s not us who created this conflict. It was you Anita. Now deal with it like an adult person. Blooooocked. Yeah, very mature…

Hypocrisy of willful misrepresentation…

She says every one of us who criticize her are deliberately misrepresenting her points or facts. I guess that is really hilarious, knowing she is selling her “facts” and “evidence” based on the exact same principles of cherry picking examples, portraying scenes in games the way she wants them in order to fuel her agenda even though they can have entirely different non-misogynistic outcome, twisting words and statistics to make her “evidence” look believable. At least on the surface…

sides_of_truthThere is just one problem Anita, your “evidence” can only go through the filters of clueless people who aren’t gamers and take all the crap you say as the ultimate truth. But whoever is a gamer and actually played all the games you’ve “dissected” and you can smell the bull manure from 1000 kilometers away. Yeah, I’m from EU, metric units. Deal with it.

Her portrayal of games is always the above picture segment on the far left side no matter what, even if there are countless options, ways or examples that prove different treatment or portrayal of women in games. Can we criticize on that? Hell no, because she blocks everyone when they try to show the truth to her brainwashed followers.

Who’s now deliberately misrepresenting things? She shows one side of the coin and block any arguments that counter that or us who want to discuss the examples and show that they aren’t even remotely as one-sided and “misogynistic” as she portrays them?

We don’t want to brainwash people like she does, we just want to invoke reasonable doubt in people’s minds. Because the one who questions is the one who learns.

The outcome…

To be honest I’m just waiting for a moment when her bubble will burst and she’ll be left with nothing. And knowing how internet memorizes everything, she’ll not have a single chance to ever again get a single job, work, project or a person who would believe her nonsense no matter how credible it would look like. And trust me, that moment will come, one way or another. The truth has always prevailed and that’s how all revolutions started. It’s just a matter of time till enough nonsense piles up and people will realize what an hypocritical, dishonest person she really is…

Female protagonists in games and their sexualization

I was watching TL;DR’s video and I got an idea on topic to write about (you can also find my comment there which will be expanded here). I’m not gonna go into the numbers argument, what I was more interested in was the end of the video where this girl mentioned the changes that were applied to Lara Croft in the latest 2013 reboot of the series… Lara Croft was converted from old exaggerated female characteristics into a more “normal” one with the latest 2013 title. And behold, she herself stated that people still liked Lara Croft regardless. Doesn’t that tell us that people still love Lara because she is a kick ass character and not because she had massive boobs and thin waist in the past? Oh, yeah, that sneaky little detail… Gamers don’t mind sexy or over-sexualized women, but if they aren’t portrayed in that way, you’ll never ever find anyone complaining over: “Oh, that chick in game should totally be less dressed/more nude and her tits should be larger”. You just won’t. Faith Connors in Mirror’s Edge had very much average body features if not on the “flat” side. Have you ever seen anyone complaining over her sexual appeal or the lack of her exaggerated physical feminine attributes? No.

faith_connors__mirrors_edge_game_1-wallpaper-1280x720 faith_connors__mirrors_edge_game_2-wallpaper-1280x720

Besides, not all of us gamers are attracted by gigantic breasts and massive buttocks. In Faith’s case, I found her eyes, cool eye tattoo and haircut sexy. And in Lara’s case, from physical aspect, her face as well. I might sound totally gay right now, but I don’t really care as that is my preference with women and I see no reason to be ashamed of it. While I didn’t mind her gravity defying breasts, what made her appealing to me was her beautiful face (at least in “The Legend” and later titles because they got a lot more graphically advanced).

LaraCroft1 LaraCroft2

The above two pictures are actual in-game captures from 2006 that I found in my wallpapers folder. I loved her face so much I used these as desktop wallpapers for a while. Notice how my focus was on the shoulders and up and not her breasts and thin waist? Second photo includes some of her cleavage, because I was capturing these while idle camera was rotating around Lara and she was wearing an evening dress that was simply more revealing. Something you totally never see anywhere in real life, right? I don’t know, I just like it how her face looks and how strains of hair fall down her face…


And even that wasn’t primarily the reason why I loved Lara and Faith. They are just kick ass badass characters. I mean, just look at what they both do. Insane agility and acrobatics paired with awesome weapon and hand to hand combat control. Be it a male or female character, it’s just cool to play as one of these two female protagonists and you know it. So stop grasping at the physical aspect of them. Of course it does fire up certain emotions when you see a women with slightly larger breasts (it’s a normal response for a straight man), but it can be very different for different people. For me, size is not the factor but the shape of breasts. For someone else, it’s just the size. To ones shock, people like somewhat flat chested girls as well. Who says they can’t be sexy? Stop generalizing like everyone strictly want or demand women in games to be barely dressed and with massive breasts. If developers design them that way, it’s nothing we can do about it and it was their artistic decision. But if they decide to make women in games more average and life-like, then that is again their artistic decision as well and no one has anywhere demanded otherwise. So, why the hell are these so-called feminists attacking games!? If you don’t like it, play something else that doesn’t have protagonists at all, like Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2010 or Bejeweled 3. Both are awesome games that have no male or female protagonist. You just drive cars and destroy gems. Or countless strategy games. Hell, you have games like Mirror’s Edge and latest Tomb Raider that have women presented as an average looking human. The option is already there, you just have to pick them up. But no, it’s easier to demand everyone else to change to YOUR exact preference with zero tolerance for exceptions. Being a bit dictator-ish, eh?

The other part that I continuously get annoyed by is the portrayal of male protagonists. Feminists just go on and on how women have unrealistic body proportions, oversized breasts and so on, but they totally ignore male protagonists who have biceps and abs made of Stonehenge blocks. I could be in the gym 24/7 and I could never be anything like that. Examples? Duke Nukem, Jim Raynor (Starcraft II) and Marcus (Gears of War)…

DukeNukemForever jim-raynor-starcraft-iimarcus_in_gears_of_war_3-wide

I mean, just look at their insane muscled arms and how buffed up they all are. Why I don’t see anyone running around, screaming how unrealistic and disproportional that is and how that places unrealistic expectations on male players? Just a display on how biased feminist claims are and how they only see what they want and disregard everything else. Games are art and art has never been about realism. It was always abstract, disproportional, twisted, exaggerated, filled with nudity and tits with moon gravity or arms with muscles of an elephant. So let the art be art and stop harassing developers (and gamers) for just expressing THEIR artistic views or preferences in games they are making or playing. If you don’t like it, you can always pick something else that you do like or simply make your own and put your skills to the test and not just judge others on something you might not have any clue about. Making games and successfully sell them is not an easy task as there is a broad range of gamers with very different preferences. If you think throwing in a pair of large breasts will magically solve all your sales problems, you are greatly mistaken… And there are many games out there that were a commercial disaster despite the inclusion of large breasts and thin waistlines. And yes, even Tomb Raider is in there…

Patriarchy makes no sense

Patriarchy makes no sense, especially not in the sense (radical?) feminists are today presenting it as some sort of organized male domination elite destined to oppress women down to the ground. If men were so keen on keeping their patriarchal position, they’d never ever allow feminism to emerge in the first place. They’d crack it down before it would even have the chance to emerge and have any kind of public voice. And yet, that totally didn’t happen. Not because men were so incompetent, but because there is NO patriarchy. At least not here in western world and on a global scale. There might still be individuals who think men should be in charge for everything and believe that such form of order should be enforced or followed, but that’s limited to one family maybe, not to entire states or groups of people who would affect larger populations and will essentially die out entirely over time, because the large majority dictates how smaller groups should behave. And doing something like this in this part of the world and time, it’s pretty much unacceptable. That’s why it will be entirely gone in a matter of decades, maybe a century…

We (men) support and encourage resolving of women rights issues, within reasonable limits of course. And by reasonable limits I’m implying on getting things to at least seemingly equal level and not what most radical feminists are doing today, demanding absolute and complete privilege over everything for women, even if that means violation of men’s rights. So, how could there be a patriarchy system, if men for the massive majority support changes and are open to discuss them? That would be the worst run oppression group in existence if that was happening while this so-called patriarchy was being enforced on the people.

This is the first part where the theory of its existence in modern days within Western society falls flat on its face. And the second one, who’s still even applying “patriarchy” as per definition on the Dictionary.com?

noun, plural patriarchies.


a form of social organization in which the father is the supreme authority in the family, clan, or tribe and descent is reckoned in the male line, with the children belonging to the father’s clan or tribe.

Fathers are not really authority in families anymore these days. Men and women share pretty much equal role within the family, they for the major part both have job, they both look for rich career and chance to earn well, they both take care of children, they both take care of their home etc. It’s really nothing unusual for men to do stereotypical women tasks around the house and women giving a try at stereotypical men tasks. But as always one is always better at something so they do the stuff they are better at. Makes sense if you want to do things efficiently. No one is super experienced or good in everything. They both take responsibilities as it is expected from adults and when things require discussion, they discuss it and make a decision together. Next, people don’t care anymore for the most part if a male child will carry on the family “heritage” or not. As far as I’m concerned, I’d rather have girls or if anything, one boy and one girl for my children. And I don’t really believe in marriage where women then has to take man’s surname. Though without it, this does bring some complications on future generations because too many surnames would accumulate and you need to start dropping them somehow. So much for influence of patriarchy on me for siding with the “girl power”… I mean I’m seeing all this within my family, in families of my relatives, within families of people I briefly know and by people who simply coexist within my living space. No sign of patriarchy.

And children don’t belong to a father or man either. In fact, when it comes to child custody cases, women or mothers actually have a much higher chance of getting custody just because they are women and they are naturally assumed to be better fit for raising of children. How can this be in any way patriarchal, if government-run bodies are siding with women just because they are women and because statistics tell us that they are in general more fit for the role of raising kids? That would be patriarchy shooting itself in the foot… I mean no fiddling with the statistics and giving kids to fathers automatically instead? What a crappy patriarchy this is, if men can’t even arrange that right…

Again, I have to stress that we are talking about Western world here, not some 3rd world countries that run strict family policies on a government level. Here where we live, the patriarchy is something only feminists still regularly use to make some sort of point. But I’m not exactly sure what that point is, when the idea of patriarchy doesn’t even apply anymore to our part of the world.

So, the next time you’re about to shout “PATRIARCHY!!!!!!11111” at someone, think about it for a bit and you just might realize that I’m actually right. I’m not denying its existence elsewhere, but here, it just doesn’t exist anymore.

Another perspective on Manterrupting…

I was watching Ceara’s video (above) on “manterrupting” and got idea to cover this topic which no one of the narrow-minded feminists even considered as a factor. They just went #FullMcIntosh attacking men like a sole source of this evil. I suggest you first watch her video and then get back here, because I have a continuation of her rant…

What the hell is “manterrupting”? After mansplaining, manspreading, manslamming, manbreathing and manexisting (I made up the last two), here is “manterrupting”. The patriarchal oppression of women by interrupting them or being more vocal than they are. Or so the radical feminists say…

But here is something absolutely missed by pretty much everyone… I’ve notice a pattern, because I know it myself, from a personal experience. I’m an introverted person. A thinker first and speaker second. The “phenomenon” is called introversion and extraversion and is a psychology study or theory on human behavior.

And the most common and typical behavior of introverted people is the fact that they will silently sit and listen on meetings and seminars. Be it corporate or any other. They will only ask a question or become otherwise vocal when they will be absolutely certain that their question or a remark will have a meaningful response or outcome. They will work hard within their mind, processing the information they hear to form a response. And then they will ask or make a comment. But it might just as well happen they will never even ask the question, which they were processing for so long in their head.

On the other extreme of the introversion/extraversion scale, we have extroverts. Super loud, noisy bunch that always shows “who’s the man”, they are always in the center of meetings, they constantly make remarks, ask questions, they make seemingly appear as they are more competent even though majority of stuff they say is full of holes and low quality information. But they are loud and unfortunately people often take them more seriously just because they are louder than the rest.

I’m a (privileged) white male. I should be vocal and loud on all meetings based on feminists complaining. And yet, I’m just not, unless I really have something important or interesting to say. Otherwise I’ll be quiet and listen to what others have to say. I’m not going to make any particular conclusions here, but just an interesting observation from my end. If you’re introverted like me, that’s how you’ll behave. Regardless of the gender.

Maybe women are more prone to be introverted by nature, silent thinkers and men are more extraverted because they always want to show off and prove themselves to others in one or another way. I don’t know, just a quick theory of mine…