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Stop calling everyone a “Nazi” you stupid Americans

It’s been a while since I posted anything politically related after GamerGate thing kinda died out. But the crazy left just never let us have a break.

Now, before anyone rushes into calling me an alt-right Trump supporter, this is where I align politically…


And yes, for some stuff I actually do support things Trump does, because the left has dragged shit so far to the left it has become regressive, we need some of the right’s actions to restore balance again. Call me whatever you want for it, I don’t give a shit. What I believe in is balance between both sides and even though I lean slightly more to the left, it proves my point even more if I at the same time support some of the right’s actions.

Now that we got this shit out of the away, let me continue with something that annoys me quite a lot as an European observing the shit going on in America…

After the crazy far left has called literally everyone a sexist, racist, homophobic, bigoted misogynist rapist a year or two ago (not that they have stopped doing that) and watered down the meaning and seriousness of those definitions, they are now doing yet another utterly moronic thing. They are now calling anyone they disagree with either a “Nazi” or a “Fascist” (often spelling fascist wrong which kinda proves how uneducated they are from all the useless social studies garbage).

The Antifa

The front runners of this nonsense are so called “Antifa” group in USA which is (allegedly) anti-fascist and their mission is to fight Nazis. All fine and well if they were actually fighting fascists. Here’s their definition from official webpage…

Antifa_Mission_Statement.jpgI’m not kidding, this is from their actual, official webpage. Who are fascists for them? Pretty much anyone who happens to disagree with them really. I mean, they are so deranged, they even placed, and I kid you not, FIREFIGHTERS on the list of who fascists are.

Antifa is as far left authoritarian as one can possibly position them on the political compass and anyone positioned anywhere else is literally a Nazi.


Want to see more of these absolutely insane people who call themselves “anti-fascists”?


The first one is especially a sparkling gem. “This is your country and you have the right to free speech.” Only irony here is, they go on and shut down anyone who they yet again disagree with, from expressing THEIR right to free speech. Last biggest incident was a Milo Yannopoulos speech at UC Berkeley (The Faggot Tour, look it up) which got shut down by these actual fascists. Here, they talk about freedom of speech and then they go on and shut down a flamboyant conservative Jewish gay speaker. Now, who do such people remind me off… ooooh, right, the actual Nazis!


The “Punch a nazis” is no less idiotic. Now that we established that they hate literally everyone, they go on justifying violence on people by calling those everyone a Nazi and then committing violence on them and their property. Which they clearly displayed during Trump’s inauguration riots as well as recent UC’s Berkely riots where they knocked a man unconscious with flag poles, hit women  who were just standing in the wrong place, pepper sprayed a girl who was just giving an interview to someone while wearing a red hat which wasn’t even a MAGA hat, it actually said “Make Bitcoin Great Again” on it and they felt obliged to assault her just because she roughly resembled a Trump supporter. They torched and smashed businesses that have nothing to do with any of this. Especially businesses like Starbucks which often panders to these actual fascists and they just smashed it anyway.

I mean, does this speech looks to you like something a fascist white nationalist would say?

And no, they aren’t stopping just here either, they are going down route of threats as well…


Yup, threatening people and their children with violence, now you’re really showing them who’s a real Nazi! Boy oh boy, your arguments are just flawless!

The outcome of left’s riots

The end result of these riots and threats of violence and actual violence committed upon different thinking people was pretty sweet in a way despite it being horrible. These idiots have such a short fuse they’ll never realize they are just ensuring Trump’s re-election for second term and even stronger position of the right. Milo had a talk to maybe 200-300 students at Berkeley. After the cancellation of his event, he was given a nation wide interview which gave him audience of several million people. Congratulations idiots, your senseless and violent rioting is doing the opposite of what you’re supposedly trying to achieve, and that is silencing people with different opinions. I don’t necessarily agree with everything Milo says, but I love to listen to his speeches. And he opened my eyes for certain things that were on the very liberal side of my mindset, but he proved that doing that in a more conservative way is actually better. Challenge your beliefs and allow others to speak up. Exchange of ideas is the core element of free speech and if you’re shutting down one side, you’re the fascist who needs to be shut down!

The Nazism and Europe

Now that we have come to a conclusion who are the real Fascists and Nazis (the Antifa), let me go back to my starting statement why I find this disturbing as an European.

They have watered down the meaning of words like sexism, rape and racism by calling everything not even by far related to these things, these exact things, they are doing this to Fascism and Nazism as well. For them, it’s just a buzzword to be thrown around and to somehow justify senseless violence, for us Europeans, it’s a very strong historic reminder of what should never ever happen again. Granted, I haven’t lived through that period of time and I’m grateful for that, but my grandparents have. And they have told me of all the horrible things that happened during that time. Europe actually lived through that while most Americans had no clue what’s going on across the Atlantic and now all of a sudden a bunch of spoiled American millennials think they are fighting Nazis and Fascism? Give me a fucking break. Open a 20th century European history books and learn something about dark times of Europe instead of spouting out this absolutely pointless drivel and destroying an actual meaning of these words yet again.

Until then, YOU are the actual Fascists, beating people, smashing businesses and property and silencing people who’s ideas don’t strictly align with yours. You are the fucking Nazis and you deserve to be called a domestic terrorist organization and be shut down immediately!