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1st World Equality Problems on Facebook


Oh my god, I think humanity is reaching new heights of stupidity. Correction, feminism or even more correctly the nazi regiment of feminism is so concerned over everyone’s equality these days they are now concerned over… wait for it… wait for it… wait… Facebook icons.

No, I’m not even fucking kidding. The feminazi armada forced Facebook into changing friendship or whatever icons (I hardly use Facebook so don’t blame me). These fucking narrow-minded assholes got offended and butt hurt over the fact that a woman is standing BEHIND the man and is also slightly smaller. Because you know, fuck the distance/perspective relationship…

And check this which I just noticed while typing this, they placed woman to the FRONT now. It wasn’t enough to just make female icon same size, no. That’s never enough for the feminazi dictator fucks. The woman has to be in the front. Because feminism is always concerned about equality you know… Except when women have more of this “equality”, at which point it doesn’t bother them the slightest… But god forbid a man being in the forefront or having slightly larger icon. Because you know, we can’t let no patriarchy be portrayed anywhere. Coz muhsoggyknee and oppurrressioh…

At this point I should go mad like feminists do all the fucking time and demand that none of the icons cover each other, portraying perspective where one would always be behind another and instead demand that they are placed side by side in absolute perspective symmetry. But no, I won’t, because I don’t fucking care. I’m not a mentally challenged fuckwit who is so psychotically obsessed over everything gender related to demand something this pathetically trivial from anyone. But I’ll just tell you this people, the feminazis will not just stop at this. They never do. You’ve seen what they did with “manspreading” nonsense. It went so far metro authorities actually posted those signs on metro stations and in metro carts. Feminazis are turning human race into degenerates. They are projecting their retardation upon this world and if people don’t slap them in the face soon (and hard), everything will go to shit.

This isn’t about equality anymore, this is exceeding all healthy levels of being concerned over equality of women (or anyone for that matter). It’s just fucking unhealthy. Fight for real equality issues, I’ll gladly cheer for that, but wasting everyone’s time on such petty idiocy as tiny graphics on some webpage? Really 3rd wave feminists? You’re wasting time and resources on this kind of shit!? :slowclap: No wonder everyone is taking you as lunatics, because you are. But the lunatics are still running the show. Why, I don’t know…

TRIGGER WARNING: Strong language and concentrated misogyny. Fuck you feminazis, that’s why I’ve placed it at the end.

Men’s Rights Activism isn’t a supremacy evil cult

There is this negative association with MRA or Men’s Rights Activists floating around. When we talk about feminism (before the 3rd wave nonsense era at least), it is always taken as something good, a movement to resolve injustices towards women. Everyone cheers and applauds (with jazz hands) when we talk about feminism. And I agree. If there are issues, they need resolving. I respect that.

But things change dramatically when we switch the sides and introduce men’s rights movements into the conversations. And I didn’t really pay much attention to MRA’s messages (and I’m a man!) until feminists started throwing shit at them for merely existing and that’s when I really noticed them and seen that MRA messages and raising of awareness regarding issues that men face in real life go far beyond manspreading, mansplaining, man taking a piss standing up and other feminist bullshit they come up with lately. You know, all those really dumb petty issues for which you facepalm every time you hear them coming from feminist mouths…

Apparently there is this belief that MRA’s are these male supremacist shitlords who want even more privilege on top of all the privilege they already have (you know, the patriarchy). The reality is, there are in fact issues, serious issues men face and no one seems to give a flying fart about it because it’s “just” men. That’s rather sexist, discriminatory and simply filled with bigotry…

MRA try to raise awareness regarding problems like child custody bias in favor of women, forced child support even if the child is not even a genetic offspring of that man, male genital mutilation (circumcision) which is still not illegal unlike female genital mutilation, prison sentences that are drastically higher for men for the same crimes, rape laws where men can’t even be raped by a legal definition (to my surprise USA has changed that in 2012 I believe, but other countries still haven’t done that), very high suicide rates among men compared to women, work related deaths, high rates of homelessness among men and so on. Here are just few examples to get a taste of it, you can read more of them here:

Men’s Rights Movement Wiki

Now, if you look at the list, these aren’t some childish moronic issues like manspreading. They also aren’t about male supremacy, they not even level them with women in many cases, they just present them as stand alone issues that need resolving because they are affecting men exclusively or predominantly in a negative way. These are real struggles and issues men face and while I might not yet been affected by some of them or may never be affected by them in my life time, I’ve seen them happening around me, especially those around child custody among few others and that by itself is the reason why everyone should be open-minded when it comes to messages spoken by the MRA’s..

Don’t be one of those bigots and haters who attack MRA’s just because they are MRA’s. If you’re a feminist preaching about equality and then you decide and go and protest in front of one of the only two MRA centers in the USA (I think this is the right number), please stop and rethink your life values. Because you’ve fucked them up entirely. If you expect equality feminists demand, be a decent human being and allow MRA’s to present their observations, findings and other things related to male gender.

Why is there always this need for hostility towards MRA’s and the need to treat anyone who even slightly agrees with MRA’s like shit? Sure there are lunatics on both sides of the spectrum, but why don’t women present their issues and men present their issues and then we try to resolve them in relation to each other in a respectable way? I mean, isn’t that how you achieve closest equivalent to what equality should be?

Game protagonists and self-identification with them…

I’ve been reading tweets, reading blog posts, reading news articles and there is this thing that I can’t understand at all regarding game protagonists.

There is this constant uproar by the crazy SJW’s (Social Justice Warriors) lately over portrayal of protagonists in the games. If the game features a white male protagonist, that is somehow very reall crazy bad. If the game offers no gender or skin color selection, that is also very bad. They are also constantly obsessed with identification of protagonist under a certain sexual orientation banner. If the game doesn’t allow transgender as a gender, the world will collapse into itself. If itg only has a male character, baaaaad again. If it’s Jewish, it’s a problem, if it isn’t Jewish, it’s again a problem, portray someone under certain religion and I assure you, you’ll offend someone, somehow. And if you again decide to ignore it, you’ll be bad one again. There are just so many variables for which you cannot ever satisfy everyone. Ever. These SJW’s are particularly obsessed by this notion that you cannot self-identify with the game protagonist, if it’s of different gender or skin color than you are in real life. Which is in my personal opinion as a gamer with 20+ years of gaming history, a load of drivel.

What happens when game developers incorporate a protagonist that is NEITHER of those things? It’s not male or female, it’s not gay, lesbian or transgender, it has no skin color known to humans.

How do these nutters react or self identify with the protagonist when the ONLY protagonist available is a…



I’ve taken this screenshot from one of my favorite games. G-Force. As a player, I can self identify with any character easily. If the character is female, so be it. I don’t demand male protagonists just because I’m a man. In fact, up until now, it has NEVER EVER even crossed my mind to even be bothered by it. I bought the game and accepted whatever protagonist was in it, as myself. If the game delivers a guinea pig as a protagonist, I’ll self identify with it, “pretending” I’m a guinea pig doing all this crazy shit with jetpack, electric whip and a remote-controlled fly sidekick.

I can’t self identify with them directly because I’m not a guinea pig, obviously, but I let my imagination flow with the game content and so far the experience has always been amazing. I can be all these things I can’t possibly be in real life. I don’t demand or even want a copy of myself inside the game. There is no need for it in the first place. I have to be “me” all my life. That’s why I love games so much.

Why do we normal gamers have no problems self identifying with whatever character we get with the game and these angry SJW’s constantly bitch over everything, because there is not a protagonist of their very strictly specified characteristics (or a mirror image of them)?

I understand that not all gamers self identify with the protagonist and relive the protagonist’s experience in a more personal way, but they aren’t complaining over protagonist characteristics or personality either. They just play the games and enjoy them in whatever form or shape they get delivered to them for as long as it provides quality content.

Why can’t these angry SJW’s as well? Why? Is it because they aren’t really gamers, they don’t really play the games, they just want to unleash their anger and crazy ideologies onto someone?

Mental patients, coming through!


This post wasn’t planned, but holy shit Ezra’s article stunned me with idiocy on so many levels, I had to write about it immediately. Men are accused of being rapists and misogynists on daily basis these days for no real reason and when you think that wasn’t enough, you find a gem like this…

Let me quote Ezra Klein again:

“Men need to feel a cold spike of fear when they begin sexual encounter.”

…so that search engines will be able to index this brilliance. Not that he yet again cites the massively flawed 1 in 5 rape statistic, he even goes so far to actually and publicly say the above quote. I’m just calling to nearby psychiatric institution, asking them if they are missing any mental patients. Because I’ve just seen one writing for Vox and the patients name is Ezra Klein. And don’t forget to bring those nice white jackets with you, the ones with the funny sleeves and straps…

I honestly didn’t think there are people actually this broken in their weak minds. I just didn’t… Where are people running around screaming misandry now? No? No one? No one challenging his claim and demanding an apology because of disgusting sexism, hate speech and straight out crazy radical ideas? Well fuck all that. Just because woman feminist said it, then it’s all fine…

Yes, this is how modern feminism looks like. Still want to be a part of this loony group? And please, do wear your stupid feminist T-shirts, so I’ll know which women to avoid in a massive arc…

Correction update:

I’ve mistakenly posted as if Ezra was a woman using “she” and “her”. I apologize for that fail. Should have done more research on the author… Lecture for the future.


While this hashtag has been specifically dedicated to everyone in minority within the gaming community who disagree with radicals attacking gamers and using them as some sort of example. It is dedicated to all the proud female gamers, to all the gamers whose physical gender doesn’t align with their mental one, to all the gamers of different race than caucasian, basically for everyone who aren’t straight white male gamers, who also represent gaming community and don’t want to be used as a shield for all the angry radical feminists and social justice warriors (SJW) who are currently on a crusade attacking gamers as a culture.

By using #NotYourShield tag, they specifically express their opinion that they are not being oppressed and rejected within the gaming community and that they are proud to be gamers.

But I’ve been thinking a bit and realized I’m not their shield either. They constantly portray us white male gamers as some sort of superior race, someone above the rest, the privileged bunch, the oppressors. I’m a white male gamer, but I don’t feel privileged even the slightest in the society as a whole.

Firstly, because I’ve been bullied large portion of my childhood just for having some freckles and slightly brighter hair. Something people often call others as “gingers”. I wasn’t even a definition of a “ginger” and yet people were bullying me over it. I could just feel the white privilege all over the place…

And secondly, I’ve been made fun of the fact that I’m a gamer, being called a “geek”, “nerd” and looked upon as if I’m something less of a human, constantly being stigmatized just because I’m a gamer and constantly receiving weird looks whenever I’ve mentioned that I still play games while approaching my 30’s. I had to take all the crap and I still do just because I play games. How does that make me privileged in any way? Things are so far up the shits that I often have to bite my tongue not to reveal I’m a gamer, because you quickly get that weird look in the eyes of the others. Be it within broad family, at work or elsewhere. Only place where I felt safe to express myself and talk about games was among friends who were also gamers and some of them still are passionate gamers. Maybe gamers aren’t so stigmatized in the USA, but here in my country, it’s better to not talk too much around that you’re a gamer. Because it has a very negative connotation to it. Apparently we still live far behind the moon as a country when it comes to games…

To me, it looks more like general public is attacking and stigmatizing ENTIRE gaming culture as some sort of social rejects, something less of a human just because we play games. You SJW’s are pushing me into shit just because I’m a gamer (of whatever gender or race).

You won’t use my skin color, gender or sexual orientation as an example to attack other gamers, because I’m #NotYourShield either. If I’ve somehow misunderstood the whole point of “NotYourShield”, then so be it, but being a straight white male gamer is at least in my case no privilege at all.

Female protagonists in games and their sexualization

I was watching TL;DR’s video and I got an idea on topic to write about (you can also find my comment there which will be expanded here). I’m not gonna go into the numbers argument, what I was more interested in was the end of the video where this girl mentioned the changes that were applied to Lara Croft in the latest 2013 reboot of the series… Lara Croft was converted from old exaggerated female characteristics into a more “normal” one with the latest 2013 title. And behold, she herself stated that people still liked Lara Croft regardless. Doesn’t that tell us that people still love Lara because she is a kick ass character and not because she had massive boobs and thin waist in the past? Oh, yeah, that sneaky little detail… Gamers don’t mind sexy or over-sexualized women, but if they aren’t portrayed in that way, you’ll never ever find anyone complaining over: “Oh, that chick in game should totally be less dressed/more nude and her tits should be larger”. You just won’t. Faith Connors in Mirror’s Edge had very much average body features if not on the “flat” side. Have you ever seen anyone complaining over her sexual appeal or the lack of her exaggerated physical feminine attributes? No.

faith_connors__mirrors_edge_game_1-wallpaper-1280x720 faith_connors__mirrors_edge_game_2-wallpaper-1280x720

Besides, not all of us gamers are attracted by gigantic breasts and massive buttocks. In Faith’s case, I found her eyes, cool eye tattoo and haircut sexy. And in Lara’s case, from physical aspect, her face as well. I might sound totally gay right now, but I don’t really care as that is my preference with women and I see no reason to be ashamed of it. While I didn’t mind her gravity defying breasts, what made her appealing to me was her beautiful face (at least in “The Legend” and later titles because they got a lot more graphically advanced).

LaraCroft1 LaraCroft2

The above two pictures are actual in-game captures from 2006 that I found in my wallpapers folder. I loved her face so much I used these as desktop wallpapers for a while. Notice how my focus was on the shoulders and up and not her breasts and thin waist? Second photo includes some of her cleavage, because I was capturing these while idle camera was rotating around Lara and she was wearing an evening dress that was simply more revealing. Something you totally never see anywhere in real life, right? I don’t know, I just like it how her face looks and how strains of hair fall down her face…


And even that wasn’t primarily the reason why I loved Lara and Faith. They are just kick ass badass characters. I mean, just look at what they both do. Insane agility and acrobatics paired with awesome weapon and hand to hand combat control. Be it a male or female character, it’s just cool to play as one of these two female protagonists and you know it. So stop grasping at the physical aspect of them. Of course it does fire up certain emotions when you see a women with slightly larger breasts (it’s a normal response for a straight man), but it can be very different for different people. For me, size is not the factor but the shape of breasts. For someone else, it’s just the size. To ones shock, people like somewhat flat chested girls as well. Who says they can’t be sexy? Stop generalizing like everyone strictly want or demand women in games to be barely dressed and with massive breasts. If developers design them that way, it’s nothing we can do about it and it was their artistic decision. But if they decide to make women in games more average and life-like, then that is again their artistic decision as well and no one has anywhere demanded otherwise. So, why the hell are these so-called feminists attacking games!? If you don’t like it, play something else that doesn’t have protagonists at all, like Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2010 or Bejeweled 3. Both are awesome games that have no male or female protagonist. You just drive cars and destroy gems. Or countless strategy games. Hell, you have games like Mirror’s Edge and latest Tomb Raider that have women presented as an average looking human. The option is already there, you just have to pick them up. But no, it’s easier to demand everyone else to change to YOUR exact preference with zero tolerance for exceptions. Being a bit dictator-ish, eh?

The other part that I continuously get annoyed by is the portrayal of male protagonists. Feminists just go on and on how women have unrealistic body proportions, oversized breasts and so on, but they totally ignore male protagonists who have biceps and abs made of Stonehenge blocks. I could be in the gym 24/7 and I could never be anything like that. Examples? Duke Nukem, Jim Raynor (Starcraft II) and Marcus (Gears of War)…

DukeNukemForever jim-raynor-starcraft-iimarcus_in_gears_of_war_3-wide

I mean, just look at their insane muscled arms and how buffed up they all are. Why I don’t see anyone running around, screaming how unrealistic and disproportional that is and how that places unrealistic expectations on male players? Just a display on how biased feminist claims are and how they only see what they want and disregard everything else. Games are art and art has never been about realism. It was always abstract, disproportional, twisted, exaggerated, filled with nudity and tits with moon gravity or arms with muscles of an elephant. So let the art be art and stop harassing developers (and gamers) for just expressing THEIR artistic views or preferences in games they are making or playing. If you don’t like it, you can always pick something else that you do like or simply make your own and put your skills to the test and not just judge others on something you might not have any clue about. Making games and successfully sell them is not an easy task as there is a broad range of gamers with very different preferences. If you think throwing in a pair of large breasts will magically solve all your sales problems, you are greatly mistaken… And there are many games out there that were a commercial disaster despite the inclusion of large breasts and thin waistlines. And yes, even Tomb Raider is in there…

This is what equality looks like…

I think the video doesn’t require much further explaining other than to clarify that the two involved into a fight are actors who play both roles, as attacker and the victim, just to portray the reaction from random nearby people in both situations.

Frankly, I find it disgusting and disturbing to see how everyone jumped the bandwagon on helping the woman in distress, but when a man was being attacked in the exact same way, everyone just laughed. I imagine, if that man slapped her back after she pushed him away, everyone would jump on him yet again… but that’s just my speculation based on the reaction of bystanders…

That’s how far these radical feminists have pushed the mentality of western world society and they don’t seem to show any interest in stopping their crusade…

Do you still want to support these radical modern feminists and their version of “equality”?

Please spread the word by sharing this post on your favorite social networks and raise the awareness. That’s all I’m asking for.