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Fix DisplayPort not working (No Signal)

I keep on randomly experiencing this, either after changes I do to system or just when restarting the system and it all of a sudden decides to fuck itself up for no real reason and based on Google, it seems to be a very common thing with NVIDIA graphic cards and high end ASUS monitors like my ASUS VG248QE (144Hz gaming monitor). Though I’ve seen reports with other brands as well.

It’s a really annoying one because you often don’t think it’s “just this” and you try to exclude countless other things, wasting time when solution for the issue takes just 1 minute of sitting still. Yeah…

When I was experiencing this issue, I’ve disassembled half of my system, tested with backup graphic card (which only happens to have HDMI output, not DisplayPort so I was basically just testing if the rest of the system is working), reinstalled my ASUS Strix GTX 980 and the damn thing wouldn’t output image through DisplayPort to my ASUS VG248QE. When it was connected through HDMI, image was there. Connected through DisplayPort, “No Signal”. I was going mad WTF is going on. Was testing different DisplayPort ports on graphic card, turning monitor on and off using Power button, changing input on monitor, nothing. But nothing changed because one variable in the problem wasn’t really getting changed or “reset”…

Then I figured out yet another dumbest solution to seemingly complex issue…

Unplug monitor from power for 1 minute and then plug it in again. Voila, DisplayPort magically starts working again! How retarded is that eh?

It seems like there is some electronic in monitor that goes haywire here and there and only way to get it unstuck is to cut power to the monitor till all capacitors in it fully discharge. This apparently resets the “problematic” state and it then manages to sync with a graphic card correctly and starts outputting the image again through DisplayPort.

Hope this helps. Just try to remember this as the first “go to” solution when it happens again so you won’t waste time testing everything else… Try this first since it only takes a minute.

SAMSUNG LCD monitor driver messes up photo colors

If Windows Update offers you a Samsung driver for your monitor, don’t even try to install it. I also don’t recommend installing any of the SAMSUNG garbage that comes with their LCD monitors. This piece of crap always fucked up my color space. All the images viewed in Windows Photo Gallery looked like someone pasted a yellow filter over them. White was not white anymore but some ugly mix of pink and yellow. Awful. Skin tone also looked like someone run a bad sepia filter over.

How to get normal colors back?
It’s quite simple. Go to folder:

Look for file named smXXXx.icm. Since I’m using SAMSUNG SyncMaster 931c, the file is named “sm931c.icm” (without quotes). If you have some other monitor model, just fit in your model number instead those XXXx. Once you locate the file, delete it. Here you go. White should again look as white in Windows Photo Gallery. Colors should also be vibrant and natural again.

This crap took me a while to fix, so I hope this guide will help all the users with SAMSUNG LCD monitors that are having the same problem.