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For fucks sake NVIDIA, fix your Fast V-Sync shit with Opera/Chrome browser videos

I haven’t ranted for a while and this seems like a perfect opportunity to do so. This time it’s for “always absolutely perfect” NVIDIA’s ForceWare drivers that everyone praises so much…

Quite some time ago, I’ve switched to Opera browser because everything else is quite frankly shit because of various things, but especially because of dumb ass GPU blacklisting which makes my AMD E-450 APU useless. But Opera allows disabling of this GPU blacklist and I get my HW acceleration back on that old but still perfectly capable APU. So I use Opera on all my systems now. And I’ve noticed that if you have Fast V-Sync or Adaptive V-Sync enabled globally, ALL videos in Opera browser will be all fucked up, stuttering, video shifting inside itself, flickering, annoying as fuck. I didn’t notice this before, because I was using Firefox where even with Fast V-Sync enabled, videos play fine. Just not on anything Chrome based, be it actual Chrome or Opera (and even Vivaldi). So, I’ve filled a bug report to NVIDIA. That was months ago and they still haven’t fixed their shit. I’ve tried as far back as drivers from January 2017 and they all have this fucking bug that for some reason no one else seems to have spotted. Apparently 90% of people don’t have a clue how cool Fast V-Sync is otherwise so they don’t even experience this shit. I use Fast V-Sync for all games because it removes tearing and has no input lag unlike normal V-Sync.

Here’s a kicker though. Windows 10, even though I’ve installed ancient drivers to try and solve an issue, it auto installed newer drivers on its own (Microsoft, stop fucking up with drivers without my fucking permission you utter twats). However, while I’m pissed at Microsoft for doing that, the drivers from May 1st 2017 version 382.05 that get auto installed by Win10 DON’T have this bug for some fucked up reason. It’s especially more fucked up because all the drivers after it from NVIDIA again have this retarded bug. So, why do ALL the drivers before and after ForceWare 382.05 have this stupid bug, but this one doesn’t? And more importantly, why the fuck NVIDIA hasn’t fixed it yet for months?

This shit is pissing me off so much I’m seriously considering just going to AMD with the RX Vega because NVIDIA apparently just doesn’t give a fuck if this crap can’t get fixed for months. Especially now that AMD has Enhanced Sync which is the same as Fast V-Sync. And hopefully with no such retarded issue… What good is all this awesome framerate and shit from NVIDIA if they fuck up basic shit like video playback in most widely used browser engine (Chrome) in connection with one of their most useful features for games? Aaargh

Web browsers are sexist

I’m not gonna go full attack rant on this one like feminists do it for every little shit out there, it’s just an interesting observation while I was writing responses on this topic in my browser and decided to go and test all the other major browsers as well…

When talking gender equality issues, words like “misogyny” and “misandry” often come up. “Misogyny” means hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women, or prejudice against women, where “misandry” means hatred of men (funny how definition is a lot shorter for men). Definitions taken from dictionary.com

Now, here is the interesting observation that web browsers or shall I say dictionaries in them are sexist. They acknowledge the word “misogyny”, but they don’t do the same for “misandry”. They underline it with red and offer you correction. I’m using US English dictionaries. Lets see what they’ll offer me as correction for my “misspelling”…

Firefox 34.0.5
Nice job Firefox, offering me what is essentially a female name as correction for a word that defines hatred of men. Bravo you sexist bastards. 😀

Chrome 39/Iron 39 and possibly every other Chrome based browser
Yup Chrome, you clearly did misaddress the spelling error…

Opera 12.17 (Presto engine)
Opera, in a Scandinavian tradition went brave. So many things to choose from. Too bad they are all incorrect…

Opera 26 (WebKit engine)
The latest Opera was a bit more conservative, omitting the “syndrome” option.

Yup, patriarchy is clearly working /sarcasm, if none of the browser dictionaries even acknowledges the word “misandry” as a correctly spelled word. And to take things further, not even WordPress dictionary acknowledges this word…

What a misery…


Feminism conspiracy I tell you that!

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Why are browser storing synced passwords locally?

The thing is, this is a massive security issue and I thought someone like Google would do it by now. After all, they have the server power to utilize password fetching on request every time user needs to login somewhere. But they still keep on insisting on idiotic local password storage. Why!?

I’ve had a security breach ages ago with Firefox where malware that I executed by mistake during testing pretty much just copied the local password storage file and submitted it to god knows where. And then I had to change passwords of every single service I was using at that time. Then I checked other browsers and they ALL do this stupid thing. So I was forced to move to LastPass.

And here is where I got the idea. LastPass offers 100% remote password storage if you enable it in its settings. Granted, you have to be connected to the internet in order to access and use your passwords, but then again, what good are all those passwords without internet connection if you can’t access the service in the first place? There are really very rare cases where you need to lookup password for a device that isn’t the one on which you’re looking up the passwords. I’ve had like 3 such scenarios in last 2 years or so where I needed passwords to be used on a smartphone.

So, this is how Lastpass always connected password storage and syncing works:

Visit webpage with login -> LastPass detects it -> sends query to their servers and returns the password for that page -> browser extension inserts the password into webpage -> You just have to click Log in button

Why is this a smarter method?

If you happen to have a security breach, all you have to do is to change the LastPass master password and all the remote passwords will be safe again. Because there is no way someone on the other end will manually check every single password one by one and abuse it the very moment it’s submitted to a remote location. And since LastPass also offers 2-step authentication (which is highly recommended!), it’s nearly impossible to steal your passwords. Someone would actually have to hack your computer (or rely on you installing RAT (Remote Access Tool) yourself via malware), install RAT and use your local browser to steal your passwords from within the browser LastPass extension by hand. A scenario which requires way too much work for anyone to bother with, knowing there might not even be any profitable “loot” when they do it.

Syncing is an integral part of every browser these days and if you use more than one device, you’re most likely using browser syncing. So you have same bookmarks, passwords and settings on all systems. If you use sync, passwords should be strictly remote. If you don’t use syncing, then browser should store passwords locally like they used to for the last 2 decades or so.

I know you can set a master password for local password storage, but it’s really annoying and if they steal your local password storage file and a crypt key, they can do the decryption locally using brute force. And then you again have to manually change all the passwords. It’s just pointless and stupid.

But remote storage and instant fetching of passwords would greatly boost security and make password stealing a massive pain in the ass for the criminals. Google can do it easier since they have all the resources, servers and 2-step authentication already in place, but I’m expecting Mozilla to do it as well. Because seeing how great it works in LastPass, I just can’t accept any excuses for not using such system.

For the time being, I highly recommend ditching all the existing browser password managers and usage of LastPass instead. It’s convenient, secure and after using it for several years, it works amazingly well with just 1 few hours long downtime when LastPass was experiencing some issues (that was like few months ago). 1 downtime incident in several years. It’s hardly inconvenient considering all the benefits. But when Google and Mozilla will do it, now that will be awesome.

Stupid Chrome browser extension blocking

Just when I thought about switching to Chrome (again), I’ve noticed Google blocked 3rd party extension installing. Ok, so I can’t install them anymore directly from webpages, I have to download them and drag them manually to Extensions page. Makes sense. Great, that worked! Except, it hasn’t. After browser restart, it has kindly notified me that it has (permanently and with no chance of exclusion!) disabled my 3rd party extension. Well piss off Google, I know you want to protect users, but stop fuckin dicking around with stuff THAT I install and approve myself. Every other god damn browser gives at least option to manually exclude stuff from being blocked, but no, they go full block whether you like it or not. Apparently this has been enforced since Chrome version 35.

So, I’ve found myself a good old EXE based alternative and fucked off the damn Chrome browser and returned to trusty Firefox. It might not be the fastest, but at least isn’t fuckin the most irritating one to use. What good is all the speed if you’re not allowed to do anything with it. Stupid Google.

Opera 15 released!

Brand new Opera 15 has been officially released. This build is based on the Chrome core, but with familiar Opera looks. I think it looks good, but bookmarking system is idiotic and again touch screen centered. Why are everyone so obsessed with damn touch screens…

Either way, i’ll give it some time so they can fix things but i just hope it won’t take too long as this version looks very basic compared to older Opera versions…