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Samsung, fix broken Magician SSD software SATA detection!


I don’t know when it happened, I’ve spotted it few days ago when I made a Windows 10 refresh and had to reinstall software, including Samsung Magician. And spotted this nonsense where it fails to detect SATA interface as well as its mode (AHCI). I have no clue if this affects anything (like RAPID Mode), but it sure is silly. And from the looks of it, it has been around for a while after Googling about it. Apparently since Anniversary update, I just somehow haven’t noticed this.

Seriously Samsung, if it’s really since Anniversary update for Windows 10, that’s several months already. Don’t be lazy and fix this crap!

Twitter, your notifications bar is broken!


I don’t know what happened, but since yesterday evening (or this morning), notifications count just keeps increasing on Twitter and even when I read them, they stay the same and increasing further. Guys in #GamerGate, I think you broke Twitter with the #OpSKYNET lol. Either this or a conspiracy and sabotage from the Anti-GamerGate nutters.

Twitter, get this fixed!

Repair Windows Search function

If you have a problem with Windows Search function, either not working properly or not working at all, there is one method that will most probably solve the issue.

Just follow these steps:
Go to Control Panel -> Programs -> Turn Windows features on or off

Look for Windows Search on the list and remove check mark in front of it.
Restart the system.

Go back to the same menu and add check mark in front of it this time.
Restart system again.

Voila, on this boot, Windows Search will most likely function properly again.
There are also many other features that can/might be repaired this way if you ever encounter issues for components listed there.

I have to verify Windows Vista as well, but I think it has the same control panel for internal components. Should also work for Win 8 as well…


Repairing broken Windows Update

If you are having problems with Windows Update component like error messages when opening Windows Update, fails to check for updates when you click “Check for updates”, is complaining that Windows Service isn’t running even though it is, Windows Update component not responding or hanging, missing updates even though they should be visible etc, there is a way to fix that.

First stop should always be this tool:

It’s Microsoft’s own tool to repair Windows Update. In very simple so I don’t expect any problems here.
Go to Windows Update and check if it’s working properly after repair attempt.

If Windows Update is still not working after using the above tool, do the following:

Go to Run command and type in “services.msc” (without quotes) or in other words just get to Services control panel. Look for “Windows Update” service and stop it.

Go to folder:

And delete all its content (just the content of the folder SoftwareDistribution, not the folder itself). Now go back to the services panel and start Windows Update service again.
Restarting the system is highly recommended in which case Windows Update service will auto-restart by itself.
Go to Windows Update and check if it’s working properly after repair attempt.

If things still don’t function properly, try using this tool:

It’s called “Fix WU Utility” and it will re-register all important components of the Windows Update.
After repair attempt, go to Windows Update and check if it’s working properly.

If you ever had a Windows Update problem and you resolved it in some other way, let me know and I’ll add it to the list so others will be able to fix it as well.