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Block bots on Twitter and why they should be against ToS

One thing that really surprises me about Twitter is how ignorant they behave regarding block bots. There are block bots spawning left and right and Twitter is just moving forward with blindfolds on, pretending nothing is happening.

Why do I think block bots should be against ToS (Terms of Service) of Twitter? Sure one has to personally decide to use them, so it’s not like all users of Twitter are instantly affected by them, but if you happen to use them, there is NO real authority which decides who is rightfully on the block list and who isn’t. And the way these bots work is even worse. Block bots perpetuate “Guilt by association”. If you happen to follow the wrong person, you’ll get blocked by god knows how many people. You may not even agree entirely or partially with the person you’re following and who is the reason you get blocked, following that person alone is enough to get you entirely silenced from a certain group of people.

And when it was just a block bot that was blocking GamerGate members, fine, who gives a damn. But now we are seeing bots that are for blacklisting developers. Something that can potentially affect jobs and real lives of people who just happen to follow the wrong person. And that’s not cool at all. It should not be happening!

Twitter constantly brags how they are for freedom of speech and anti-harassment. But they don’t seem to mind certain people to conduct mass censorship and terrorizing people to get blocklisted if they dare to follow someone who disagrees with the authors of the blocklist. That is harassment by itself! Threatening and silencing people, holding them in fear of getting blocklisted.

Twitter, get off your ass and practice what you preach. If one disagrees with a certain person, Block button is still there and anyone can use it freely. But mass blocking people using bots because of wrong followings, that should never ever be permitted. EVER. That is mass censorship in a world that is supposedly open to everyone’s opinions. Or is it?